Over the last with a lurlong left to run, these are the leading chaser: as picked out by our trained ohservers’ binoculars.

I The Frigidaire: promise us lost In Space . . . not in those coetunes they don’t. lost In Space (Fringe) The Frigidairee, Gilded Balloon (Venue 38) 226 2151, until 4 Sept

not 31 , 11. , Magi). 3°”

I John Cooper Clarke Forget Margi. this is the Clarke who’ll set you chuckling and thinking. The Northern amphetamine rhymester returns with an unpredictable show at Fools Paradise.

I The Woman In A Tree (in The Hill Theatreworks Singapore at The Mad Abbot explore the age-old battle of the sexes using traditional Chinese theatre and a sense of humour.

I Bitch! liylte! Faghag! Whore! Radical theatre encompassing comedy,

characterisation, music and video to address t0pics like sex, intolerance, AlDS, feminism and freedom at the

I Lite’s lost a howl oi . . . Assembly Rooms.

for the bride in The Plaza

Suite, Aaartiiadtts .

mum" of m I.“ I Revolver Emily Woof, fractured Simon film-pan", Plan ankle and all. ventures into a 60s world Suite (Fringe) of celebrity killing, Valerie Solanas and Aaatiiaakts, lllll St The Beatles at the Assembly Rooms. Theatre (Venue 41) 226

6522, until 4 Sept,

7.55pm, £6 (£4). I Bill T. Jones The American dancer and choreographer showcases disparate and innovative new work at the King’s Theatre.

I ilaked Mike Leigh moves on from the lighter tone of Life Is Sweet to direct a hard-hitting depiction of the young homeless in London. The Film Festival‘s closing gala.

I That treshly-out-ot- the-shower [an routine

courtesy oi Storm In a I Accion Mutante A late-night Cameo Teacup (Fringe), The Film Festival screening for a Spanish Pleasaunxl 93:: $555 schlocker about a gang of handicapped “555056 (£3.50). v v revolutionanes taking on a futunstic :

designer world.

I iiancl Sritlith Nanci rocks. swings and gently serenades the Castle in what should be a warm exercise in audience bonding to a country beat. John Martyn


I Phil Key The stmgeg-haired loon wraps up a sublime spell on the Fringe with his Gilded Balloon show, a riveting display of inventive manic ad- libbing. 3

I The Amazing Johnathan Joining fellow sick Yanks the Jim Rose Circus I up on Calton Hill is grungy illusionist

and comic Johnathan (Amazing to his i mates). Like Paul Daniels never lived. '

The List 27 August-9 September 1393 5