locations won't stall the diminishing returns as kid‘s fadish attentions have turned elsewhere. In a straight reptile vs reptile battle in the summer cinemas. those turtles are going to squashed under the dinosaurs feet. ninja skills or not. General release.

I Terminator 2: Mgeaont llay (15) (James Cameron. US. 1991) Arnold Swarzenegger. Linda Hamilton. Edward Furlong. Robert Patrick. 136 mins. The most expensive film ever made. In a reprogrammed role that says much about his changed image since the first movie. Arnie becomes the underdog fighting to protect mother and child from another more advanced cyborg. With an element of uncontrived human compassion lurking throughout the gloriously expensive action sequences. as Swanenegger's cyborg develops human feelings. this is more than just a $100 million fairground ride. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Thelma & louise (15) (Ridley Sc0tt. US. 1991 ) Susan Sarandon. Geena Davis. Harvey Keitcl. Michael Madscn. 129 mins. The buddy/road movie genres are tumed on their heads as Sarandon and Davis grasp the steering wheel and head off leaving a trail of murder and mayhem in their wake. On one level. the film is the critical catalyst that had the feminists cheering and put the stars on the cover of Time magazine; just as importantly. it's an accessible piece of entertainment with excellent central performances. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I This Boy's Life (15) (Michael CatonJones. US. 1993) Robert De Niro. Ellen Barkin. Leonardo DiCaprio. 115 mins. The boy from Broxbum directs Hollywood superstars in Tobias Wolff's autobiographical tale of growing up in 50s America with a violent stepfather. Young DiCaprio virtually acts De Niro off screen in this enjoyable. if a little predictable. coming-of-age tale. See feature. Glasgow: Grosvenor. MGMs. Edinburgh: Dominion. Strathclyde: UCIs.

I Thunderbird Sir (David Lane. UK. 1968) 90 mins. Scott. Virgil. Lady Penelope er a]. Calling lntemational Rescue! Black Phantom back shock horror! Only Gerry and Sylvia Anderson can save us now! Just as well they can spin a decent yam. Shame they treat the actors like puppets though . . . Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Total Recall (18) (Paul Verhoeven. US. 1990) Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sharon Stone. Michael lronside. 109 mins. ln Verhoeven‘s hugely expensive rollercoaster of violence. Arnie plays a construction worker whose vacational fantasy

(implanted by Rekall Incorporated) is to pitch him into a netherworld of assassins and femmes fora/es before unleashing the full truth about his nightmares of life on Mars. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Tous les Hatins (hr Honda (12) (Alain Comeau. France. 1992) Gerard Depardieu. Guillaume Depardieu. Anne Brochet. 114 mins. The story of 17th century viol de gamba virtuoso Marin Marais (told in flashback using Depardicu per etfils) acts as a background for conflicts between music and musician. art and artiste. Hugely successful on home territory. it marks an impressive debut for young Guillaume. who's likely to set hearts racing from Toulouse to Tollcross. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I The Trip (18) (Roger Comtan. US. 1967) Peter Fonda. Susan Strasberg. Bruce Dem. Dennis Hopper. 85 mins. Fonda tunes in. turns on. drops acid and has a very merry time of it in Comran‘s pro LSD freak-out scenario scripted by Jack Nicholson. Like. wow. man. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Unforgiven (15) (Clint Eastwood. US. 1992) Clint Eastwood. Gene Hackman. Morgan Freeman. 123 mins. Clint returns to the saddle as a former killer. tamed by his late wife. but pressed into joining a bounty hunt which takes him to the town of Big Whiskey and into the presence of its sadistic sheriff (Hackman). A darkly disturbing western which destroys the genre's traditional notions of clear-cut good and evil. instead presenting violent acts as physically and psychologically painful for victim and perpetrator alike. Strathclyde: UCI East Kilbride. I Untamed Heart (15) (Tony Bill. US. 1993) Christian Slater. Marisa Tomei. Rosie Perez. 102 mins. Tomei and Perez were the finds of 1992. stealing My Cousin Villll)‘ and White Men Can 'r Jump from under the noses of the stars. with Tomei going on to win an Oscar. Here. she is a waitress who falls for the dishwasher who suffers from a dodgy ticker. You'll laugh. you'll cry. you'll snuggle up together. Fife: Adam Smith.

I Wild At Heart ( 18) (David Lynch. US. 1990) Nicholas Cage. Laura Dem. Diane Ladd. Willem Dafoe. 127 mins. Lynch‘s much-hyped Cannes prize-winner turns out to be weird and wondrous in its own way. if not quite as cohesive as the earlier Blue Velvet. Cage and Dern are the energetic young lovers on the run. pursued by ultrastrange hitman Dafoe on a sometimes comic. sometimes disturbing. trail towards the ultimate rendezvous with Elvis and the Wizard of 07.. Edinburgh: Cameo.



RADIO TO IT ! Po Box 96 Paisley Pm 2N8 Tel: 041-887 9630



WEEK ONE Friday 27-Thursday 2

Readers are advised that programmes may be subject to late change at any time. [1)] indicates that wheelchair access is available, though prior notification is advisable. [E] indicates the availability or an induction loop, for the convenience of hearing aid users. Film Listings compiled by Thom llibdin.


I CANNON Clarkston Road. Muirend. 637 2641. £2 (Child/OAP £1.50; before 6pm all seats £1.50).

1. Made In America (12) 3.15pm (Sat only). 5.45pm. 8.35pm.

2. Jurassic Park (PG) 2.50pm (Sat only). 5.35pm. 8.25pm.

I CITY CENTRE DDEDN Renfreld Street. 332 3413/8701. Bar. [D] screens 2. 3 and 4. Adults £3.80. £4, £4.50 (£3. £4. £4.50 before 6pm) Child/OAP £2.50; Student/U840 £3 (£3.80 after 6pm Fri/Sat) Advance booking available from box office (11am-7pm). Same day credit card bookin : 333 9551 Ham—6.30pm. In The line in Fire (15) 2.15pm. 5.30pm. 8.30pm & late.

The Snapper ( 15) 2.15pm. 4.30pm. 6.45pm. 9pm & late.

Much Ado About llothlng (PG) 1pm. 3.45 m. 6.15pm. 8.45pm.

Clmiianger (15) 12.30pm (not Sat). 3.15pm (not Sat). 6pm. 8.45pm.

Bambi (U) Sat only. 12.15pm. 2.15pm. 4.15pm.

ilot Shots! Part Door (12) 1.15pm. 3.45pm. 6.15pm. 9pm & late.

last Action Hero (15) 2pm (not Sat/Sun). 5.30pm (not Sun). 8.30pm.

Teenage Mutant lllnja Turtles 3 (PG) Sat only. 1.15pm. 3.30pm.

Back To The Future Trilogy (PG) Sun 29 only. 2pm (finishes 8pm). Tickets £5. See also Glasgow Lates.

' I GRDSVENOR Ashton Lane. Hillhead.

339 4298. £3.20 (Student/U840 £2.50; Child/OAP £1.60; lates. all £3.20). Shows

- commencing before 5.30pm £2 (all concs £1.60). Seats can now be booked for last

evening and late screenings: the box office is open 2—7pm.

; 1. last Action Hero (15) 1.50pm. 4.50pm. 3 7.50pm. 2. Jurassic Park (PG) 2pm. 5pm (not

Wed), 8pm (not Wed).

f See also Glasgow Lates.

P I WM FILMCENTRE Sauchiehall Street. 332 l592/9513. Two bars. £3.80 (Child

3 £2.20; OAP [before 6pm Mon-Fri]

£2.20). All tickets for shows in brackets

3 £2.20(not Sat. Sun). ; Jurassic Park (PG) (1.10pm). 5.30pm.


Baralta (PG) 1.30pm (5.40pm). 8.30pm.

Made In America ( 12) 1.05pm (3.30pm). 5.55pm. 8.25pm.

Dennis (PG) 1.10pm. (3.25pm). 5.45pm. Falling Down (18) 8.20pm.

Benny :1 Jean (12) 1.05pm (3.25pm). 5.50pm. 8.35pm.

I MM PARKREAD The Forge. Parkhead. 556 4282/4343. [D]. [E](screens l. 3 and 5). Shows commencing before 5.30pm £2.10; after 5.30pm £3.30 (Child £2.10). In The line or Fire (15) 12.30pm. 3.30pm. 6.30pm. 9.20pm & late.

Much Ado About llothing (PG) 1.20pm. 4pm. 7pm. 9.40pm.

llot Shots! Part con: (12) 12.20pm (not Sat/Sun). 2.35pm. 4.50pm. 7pm. 9.35pm 8; late.

Jurassic Park (PG) 1pm. 3.50pm. 6.40pm. 9.30pm & late.

Made In America (12) 1pm, 3.45pm, 6.50M. 9.35M! & late.

Dennis (PG) 12.15pm. 2.30pm. 4.40pm. 6.50pm.

Cliffhanger (15) 7.15pm. 9.45pm. Teenage Mutant llinia Turtles 3 (PG) 1.30pm. 3.45pm.

Bambi (U) Sat/Sun only. 12.50pm.

Last Action llero (15) 9pm.

See also Glasgow Lates.


Rose Street. 332 8128. Cafe/bar open

2—1 1pm (Sun: 5-1 1pm). All performances bookable. [D]. [E]. Matinees £2.80 (not Sat) (concessions £1.80). Evening shows and Sat matinee £3.70 (concessions £2.80 except Sat evening). All double bills evening prices apply. Wed rnatinees. all seats £1.


1. Scent of A Woman (15) 2.30pm. Apres L’Amour (15) 6pm. 8.30pm. 2. As An Eilean (PG) 6.30pm. 8.45pm. SATURDAY 28

1. Scent of A Woman (15) 2.30pm. Apres L’Amour ( 15) 6pm. 8.30pm.

2. As An Eiln (PG) 3.30pm. 6.30pm. 8.45pm.


1. Apres L’Amour (15) 6pm. 8.30pm. 2. As An Eilean (PG) 6.30pm. 8.45pm. MONDAY 30

1. Apres L’Amour (15) 6pm. 8.30pm. 2. The llavigator (15) 3.30pm.

AS An Eilean (PG) 6.30pm. 8.45pm. TUESDAY 31

1. Apris L’Amour (15) 6pm. 8.30pm.

2. As An Eilean (PG) 3.30pm.

The llavigator (15) 6.30pm.

Jamt'rn .lamr'rn ( 18) 8.45pm. WEDNESDAY 1

1. Apres L’Amour (15) 3.30pm. 6pm. 8.30pm.

2. Jamén Jamon (18) 2.30pm. 6.30pm. 8.45pm.


1. Apres L’Amour (15) 3.30pm. 6pm. 8.30pm.

2. Jamtin .lamén (18) 6.30pm. 8.45pm.


Fri 27/33! 28:

I GROSVENDR Ashton Lane, 339 4298. 1. Last Action llero (15) 10.40pm.

2. Ball Behaviour (15) 10.40pm.

I ODEON Renfreld Street, 332 3413

In The line Of Fire (15) Sat only. 11.30pm.

The Snopper(15) Sat only. 11.15pm. llot Shots! P81 lien (12) Sat only. 11.30pm.

I ABM PARKIIEAD The Forge. Parkhead 556 4282

In The Line or Fire (15) 12.15am.

llot Shots! Part Dec: (12) 11.40pm. Jurassic Park (PG) 12.20am.

Made In America (12) 12.10am.


I CAMEO Home Street. 228 4141. Bar. [D]. Cameo 1: £4.15 (Monday: £2.05); Cameo 2 and 3: £3.85 (Monday: £1.90);

72 The List 27 August-9 September 1993