AllllA KARElllllA

‘i have dismissed allthatstuiithat . Tolstoy wrote about the philosophy at the peasant and oi the Russian soil and concentrated rather on the love story between Anna, her husband and her lover.’ in true style, Andre Prohovslry, choreographer oi Anna Karenina ior The Scottish Ballet, llits the bit he lilies and nidres ballet tro- it.

liaving rnouutod this worir throughout the world - everywhere iron Russia to Norway - Prohovslry has been invited by one at his very own Annas, Galina Sarasova, Artistic Director oi The Scottish Ballot. An early dancer with that doyon oi modern classical ballet George Balanchine oi tho low York . . city Ballet, and then England’s own very ilusslan,’ so Act Two talres place Festival Ballot, Prokovsy is now a in tho country instead. (etsetting ireolance choreographer. The score consists oi beautiiul cries-crossing the globe at tho behest Tchaikovsky music, orchestrated and oi a plethora oi classical companies. arranged by English-an Buy

Retailing tho tragic tale oi tho illicit Wolieuden. ilo chose a variety at love aitalr between a married ntother Tchaltovslry’s worlrs including The and au aristocrat, it is tho couple worlr Tempest and Tho hiald 0i Orleans, that tires Prohovslry’s imagination. ‘lt adding connecting passages at his is tho development oi tho love story - own. tho growth, consunrnation and dying ltot toot trorn St Potarsburg (now away at Anna and \lrondslry’s love - ronarned as it was in Anna’s tirne) the total happiness then boredom - to come two stars at tho Kirov Ballot, express all this in dance Is mum-a Olga Lllthovskaya and mm ration". Itind very exciting.’ Ila also employs They have been poriorliug Anna tho corps do ballot as those peasants Karenina in Russia and will no doubt oi tho Russian countryside where add tho required Slavic charm. (raisin Prohovsiry has tho lovers holiday. hi Graingor) tho novel they very spociilcally travel Anna Karenina, Scottish Ballot, Wed south to ltaiy, but Prohovsiry decided, ~ e-Sat 11 Sept, Theatre Royal, Glasgow

and on tour.

‘that we must have something that is

mat 2.15pm. See Dance.

Anna Kronlna Wed 8-Sat 11 Sept. Thurs mat 1.30pm. Sat mat 2.15pm. See Dance. I TRON TIEATRE 63 Trongate. 552 4267. Box Office Mon lOam—Spm; Tue—Sat 10am until performance commences; Sun 6pm until performance commences. No performances on Monday. [Accessz PPA, ST, R. L. Facilities: WC. WS, H. G, C. Help: AA]

Picnic in Ethiopia (Egg Tales) Fn‘ 27-Sun 29 Aug. 7.30pm. £7.50/£6 (£4/£3.50). Judy Pascoe calls into Glasgow on her way to the Edinburgh Fringe with a ‘sprawiing saga of tragedy and small miracles' based on her real experience of working with a British TV crew in Ethiopia.

True West Tue 31 Aug—Sat 4 Sept. 7.30pm. £7.50/£6 (£4/£3.50). Winged Horse in Sam Shepard‘s tale of a Hollywood screenwriter and his indolent petty-thief brother.

Orpheus IE Eurydico Tue 7 Sept. 7.30pm. £6 (£5). Gluck’s retelling of ancient myth is performed by Scottish Opera 60 Round.

The IIeg I. Wed 8—Sun 12 Sept. 7.30pm. £7.50/£6 (£4/£3.50). Canada’s One Yellow Rabbit calls in after a run on the Edinburgh Fringe with Brad Fraser's free adaptation of The Changeling. A menacing tale of beauty and desire from the author of Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love.


I KING’S THEATRE 2 Leven Street, 229 1201. Box Office Mon-Sat loam—8pm. Bar. (Access: R, L. Facilities: WC. WS, H. G. Helé): AA]

Relative aiues Mon 6—Sat 11 Sept Mon-Fri 7.30pm; Sat 5pm and 8pm. £5-£14.50. First up in a season of classic drama at the King's is Noel Coward’s stylish comedy of English manners. Susan Hampshire stars.


This section lists shows that are touring the W Bolt. There is a phone nuwber tor each company should you require more intonation. Unless otherwise speciiiod, the umber alter each venue listed is the telephone umber ior tlciret enquiries ior that particular evening (please note, this is not always the venue nuber). I The Enid Soldier Schwoik Carl MacDougall’s new adaptation of the knockabout wartime adventures of Schweik is produced by Borderline Theatre Company and stars Andy Cameron. Barrjields Pavilion, largs Mon 30 Aug. 7.30pm. 0475 674872. Dalbeattie High School. Dumfries Wed 1 Sept. 7.30pm. 0556 610445. Borderline Theatre, Ayr Thurs 2 Sept. 7.30pm. 0292 264639. The Village Theatre, East Kilbride Fri 3 Sept. 7.30pm. 03552 48669. King ’3 Theatre, Glasgow Tue 7-Sat 11 Sept. 7.30pm. Sat mat 3pm. 041 227 5511. Tour continues. I The Legend at St Julian Communicado's ambitious retelling of Gustave Fiaubert’s short story about a bloodthirsty man. fated to kill his own parents. Gerry Mulgrew directs a production inspired by the visual imagination of Keith Mclnytre. See review in Festival 3—6pm section. More details on 031 228 5465. Dundee Rep Mon 6-Sat 11 Sept. Tour continues. I Three Steps to lieavou First Base Theatre Company goes out on a post- Edinburgh Fringe tour with David Cosgrove's rock ’n’ roll musical celebrating the work of 50s legends Big Bopper. Buddy Holly, Roger Peterson and Richie Valens who died in‘the same plane


Mercat Theatre. Drumchapel Tue 7 Sept. 7.30pm.

Tour continues.

I Tlue Vest Winged Horse in Sam Shepard’s tale of a Hollywood screenwriter and his indolent petty-thief brother. Directed by Eve Jamieson. the show is going ahead despite having no SAC support. Paul Birchard, Mark Coleman. Robert Paterson and Sheena Penson are in the cast. More details on 041 332 5127.

Tron Theatre, Glasgow Tue 31 Aug-Sat 4 Sept 7.30pm. 041 552 4267.

Muir-house Festival Centre, Edinburgh Mon 6 Sept. 031552 2151.

Tour continues.



Dance periorruances and classes are listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Shows will be listed, provided that details reach our oiiices at least ten days beiore publication. Dance listings compiled by Mark Fisher.


Audition Fri 10 Sept. loam—6pm. Jonathan Burrows is looking for up to eight participants for an intensive five- week residency 15 Nov-18 Dec with the aim of coming up with new ideas that will feed into the next Jonathan Burrows Group show. Professional-level dancers. ideally with some improvisation experience. are invited to audition on Friday 10 Sept. Further details from Sarah Hill on 031 226 4676.

I GLASGOW ROYAL COME!" HALL 2 Sauchiehall Street. 227 5511. [Access: P. PPA. L. ST, R. Facilities: WC, WS, H, G. C]

Al Andalus Sun 29 Aug. 7.30pm. ilo—£7.50. Antonio Vargas Flamenco Dance Theatre draws on the influences of Spanish-gypsy and Moorish music. song and dance for an exquisite Flamenco display. You may remember Vargas from his role as Rico. the Flamenco dance maestro. in Strictly Ballroom and on his first visit to the UK he promises passion. grace and fire.

I PAlSLEY ARTS GEM New Street. Paisley, 887 1010. Box Office open Tue—Sun noon-8.30pm. [Accessz PPA, L. R. Facilities: WC. WS, H. G, C. Help: A. AA]

m“: Sat 4 Sept. 8pm. £5 (£3). Marisa Zanotti directs Anatomy Performance Company in this development of last year's Anatomy. a show which fuses dance. sculpture and live scratched sound score. The performance. which looks behind the facade of ballroom dancing. comes after a two-week residency in Paisley. Commissioned by Paisley Arts Centre and Scotch Hop and presented by New Moves.

I THEATRE ROYAL Hope Street, 332 9000. Box Office Mon-Sat 10am—6pm. (7.30pm on perf evgs). Bar. Buffet. [Accessz PPA. ST. R. Facilities: WC. WS, H, G, C. Help: AA]

Triple RIII Wed l-Sat 4 Sept. 7.15pm. Sat mat 2.15pm. The Scottish Ballet’s autumn season opens with three pieces from the repertoire: Othello and Troy Game have made several recent appearances. but the highlight is likely to be the Bruch Violin Conerto No I, first seen in 1987. featuring guest solo volinist Vanessa-Mae who is just fourteen-years old.

All! Karenina Wed 8-Sat 11 Sept. 7.15pm. Thurs mat 1.30pm. Sat mat 2.15pm. Scottish Ballet’s latest production

umbern uld


Fri 27 8. Sat 28 My First Blast Theatre D E0 it D E nc E by Stephen Bertrofl

Thurs 2 - Sat 4 Sept Prime Productions IIIIIISKY GAIORE by compton Mackenzie


Thurs!) Sept HIRY llllROlD


Sat 11 Sept callus Stage Productions TllE BEliliTli'lll

GE m llE by Raymond Ross

Wed 15 8. Thurs 16 Sept Winged Horse Theatre 00 TRlIE NE! T by Sam Shepard

Fri 17 8. Sat 18 Sept First Base Theatre THREE STEPS TO II E AVE it by David Cosgrove from an idea by Simon Hart

Tues 21 Sept New Stage Theatre ROMEO IIIID 11111" By William Shakespeare


Sat 25 Sept Bendrtours


Tues 28 Sept DOOGIE motenn

Thurs 30 Sept

16 R001 nr Comedy hypnotism 8 ESP

BOXOI’I’IGE 0256 732881

The List 27 August—9 Septembe;1~993 87