with early opening and specially cheap drinks till 11pm.

I Cleopatra’s 10.30pm—2am. £3.50.

I Club Xchange. 1 1.30pm—2am. £4. Gay club with upfront dance tunes from D] Roddy Stewart.

I Divine at the Art School. 11pm—1ate. £2.50.The very best in psychedelic/ garage/soul/60s in the Vic Bar.

I Dream Sequence at Rooftops (Secrets Lounge). 10.30pm—2am. £2.50. A good selection of indie-dance faves and a friendly vibe.

I Fury at Fury Murry’s. llpm—late. £4. lmaginatively-named and student-oriented night.

I Helter Skelter at The Mayfair. 10pm-2am. £2. Sad old bikers and youngsters who think that Jimbo Morrison is God.

I Mo’ Jan With Attitude at The 13th Note. 8pm-midnight. A rich and varied selection of soul and jazz courtesy of your host Steven Watt and his brother Paul! I Reds 10.30pm-2am. £6/£4 (£3 before midnight). Relaxed. friendly and popular club night with DJ Kevin mixing up the disco. house and funk.

I Revival Reggae! at The 13th Note. 8pm—midnight. £2. Treat yourself to an original Jamaican blues party the coolest club sounds of the 60s in a sweaty basement atmosphere.

I Strathclyde University Union 9pm—2am. £2.50. Students and guests only. Studenty feel to Level 8. very popular dance and techno in Reds.

I Atlantis at the Sub Club. llpm—2am. £6. Still attracting a good (and discerning) crowd. Atlantis is Slam’s longest-running and most successful regular night. Let yourself soak in the choicest. warmest house club in town.

I Tankin’ at the Art School. 11pm—late. £2.50. Take the upstairs option on an Art School Saturday night and receive a generous helping of hot funk. reggae and hip hop.

; I The Tunnel 10pm-late. £7 (£3.50). Exciting decor. Derek Wallace and Stevie McCready on the decks. plus Sir Kev and his groovy garage sounds in Room 2 - what more could you ask for?

I Under Ventura 8pm-midnight. Free.

I Soul, funk and garage with Kevin.

I The Volcano l 1pm—2.30 am. £5 (£4 with matric card). Mellow house. garage grooves and street soul with Graham Wilson and Alan.

I Wild at The Cotton Club. llpm—3.30am. £5 (£3 with matric card). Commercial dance and pop.


I Bar 10 9pm-1ate. Free. DJ Jean Honeymoon now in residence.

I Bennet’s llpm—2am. £1. All beers and spirits £1 !

I Bobby’s at The Volcano. “pm—2.30am. £4. Glasgow’s ‘Number One’ DJ continues to pack ’em in.

I Bubblellcioes at Reds. l 1pm—2am. £3 (£2). ‘Bombastic Boogie. Bubble Grooves’ and £1 Becks. wine and schnapps at Sauchiehall Street’s answer to That West End Club. A fine finale to your weekend.

I Cheapskate at The Cotton Club. llpm—2am. £2 (£1 with flyer or matric card). Becks and vodka £1 ! Get wrecked cheap to the ’cross-the-board sounds of DJ Brian Dickey.

I The Double backers at Fury Murry‘s. 11pm-2am. £2 (£1 with matric card or leaflet). Tam and Dave’s spanking mix of indie. dance. pop. soul and £1 Becks.

I Fuddrultlters at Cleopatra’s. lO.30pm—2.30am. £1.

I Gold Coast Club at The 13th Note. 8pm—midnight. Free. Nice selection of ‘global grooves’. especially African and Latin.

I Club Mouth at The 13th Note (downstairs). 8pm—midnight. Free. lndie and alternative tunes plus ‘excellent international bubblegums for early Mouthers’!

I Rock City at The Cathouse. 10pm—2am. £1.50. Rock from the 70s to the present. I R. G.’s 8pm—midnight. Free. Pre-club soul and rare groove with DJ Kevano.

I The Tomorrow People at Club Xchange. 11.30pm—2am. £2. An outrageous night featuring ‘jaunty’ tunes from the 70s and 80s.


I Planet X at the Volcano. lOpm—late. £2.50. New name. same excellent vibe and the hugest of huge tunes from DJ Kev.

I The Tunnel 1 1pm—2am. £2. Gay Mondays.

I ZFU at Fury Murry’s. llpm—2am. £2 (£1). Newcky Brown. Guinness and Diamond White all for £1 to the accompaniment of ‘classic tunes. bouncy dance and 90s indie’.


I Club Xchange 11.30pm—2am. £2.50. Positively jumping for one so early in the week! Dance and chart sounds from DJ Gavin.

I Fever at The 13th Note. 8pm—midnight. Free. A pre-Shimmy warm-up with suitably cheery dance and indie tunes. And it’s only about five yards’ stagger to Bennet‘s!

I Moist at The Cathouse. l 1pm—2am. £1.50. A mish-mash of poppy and studenty-type sounds. Plus all drinks for £1.20!

I Shimmy Club at Bennet’s. 10.30pm-2am. £2. Legendary. drunken. ‘mixed’ (or should that be ‘mixed-up’?). longest-running club night in town.


I Bennet‘s llpm—2am. £1. 60p vodka! I Buckaroo at The Cathouse. £1. Midweek Cathouse-disco experience (indescribable unless you’ve been. but worth checking out!). With all drinks for £1.20.

I Chopper at Club Xchange. 10.30pm-3am. £3 (£2). Garage. house. rap. funk. disco. pop. cheap booze. sweaty students and sexy DJs: what more could you desire?

I Go West at Cleopatra’s. 10.30pm—2am. £2 (£1 with ticket).

I Horizontal at The Volcano. 11pm-2.30am. £3 (£2). Topjazz ’n’ rare groove exponent ‘Nick’ Peacock doing his level best to spice up a Wednesday night in Partick.

I l-nation Sound System at The 13th Note (downstairs). 8pm—midnight. £1. From dub to hip hop with Jaf ’n' Alex. I love Train at Cafe Cini. Renfteld Street. 9pm—midnight. Free. Selected beers for £1. Joe Deacon playing the best in classic soul. funk and piano house.

I Under Venture 8pm—midnight. Free. Reggae of the highest order with Joseph of Babylon.

I Wednesday Night Fever at The Cotton Club. llpm—2am. £2 (£1 with matric card). 705 night with drinks promotions.


I Bloomers at Cleopatra’s.

10.30pm-2am. £2 (£1 for students).

I Club Virunga at The Volcano. 11pm—2.30am. £3 (£2). DJ Tchico plays African. reggae and similar groovy sounds.

I Contamination at The Cathouse. Studio 3. lOpm—Zam. £2. Glasgow’s premier Goth club. still going strong.

I D.I.S.C.0. Inferno at Reds. l 1pm—2am. Students £3. 70s disco. pop and glam plus Coors and wine for £1 (all drinks £1 before midnight).

I Hullabaloo at The Mayfair. 10.30pm—2am. £2.50. ‘Toe-tapping fun for tip-top people’. ie house. garage and disco for a mighty horde of students.

I Jain at The Cotton Club. llpm-2am. £2. ‘Garage. house. classics and rare grooves’ with DJs John and Michael.

I Join at October Cafe (top floor. Princes Square). 7pm—midnight. Free. Still packing in the ‘clubbier‘ studes on a

Thursday evening. DJs Steve and Derek offer up a cool and current selection of dance tunes. Perfect as a pre-Tunnel warm-up and with £1 beers to ease you into the mood.

I The Men’s Room at Club Xchange. 11.30pm—2am. £2.50 (£2 with flyer). ‘Raunchy’ night with infamous live act Caged Muscle and Rolling Rock for £1. I Shatt at The C athouse. 10pm—2am. £2. A shameless 70s disco funfest. with the added attraction of regular drinks promos. I Shooosh at R. G's. 8pm—midnight. Free. DJ Christian urging you to ‘hear no evil' and offering up a rather good housey selection instead.

I The Slow Club at The 13th Note. 8pm—midnight. Smooth. mellow and a bit off the wall. The Slow Club offers the ultimate in pre-club ‘ambient’ relaxation. I Strathciyde University Union 9pm—2am. Free.

I The Tunnel llpm—2am. £4 (£2 with matric card). Well-mixed indie and dance tunes for the assembled student throng.


All clubs listed above take place at one or the tollovting venues, which can be contacted tor turther details.

I The Arches Midland Street (off Jamaica Street). 221 9736.

I Bennet’s 80-90 Glassford Street. 552 $76!.

I The Cathouse 9 Brown Street. 248 6606.

I Clrca Custom House Quay. 221 0865. I Cleopatra’s. 508 Great Western Road. Kelvinbridge. 334 0560.

I Club Xchange 23 Royal Exchange Square. 204 4599.

I Cotton Club 5 Scott Street. 332 0712. I Follies 193 Pitt Street. 332 7322/7522. I Fury Murry's 96 Maxwell Street. 221 651 l.

I Glasgow School of Art 167 Renfrew Street. 332 9797.

I Mayfair 490 Sauchiehall Street. 332 3872.

I Beds Upstairs at Nico's. 379 Sauchiehall Street. 331 1635.

I Rooftops 92 Sauchiehall Street. 332 5883.

I Sub Club 22 Jamaica Street. 248 4600. I The 13th llote 80 Glassford Street. 553 1638.

I The Tunnel 84 Mitchell Street. 204 1000.

I Under Venture 50—60 King Street. 552 1388.

I The Venue 474 Sauchiehall Street. 332 3872.

I The Volcano 15 Benalder Street. 337

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