I There’s an R in the month so it must be time

_ tor tribute bands once w more. All Mod Cons provide a heartfelt revamp of that liray = Brothers (surely Jam - Ed) heat at Glasgow Cathouse. See iiocli

I It you can’t think at a chat-up line, there’s always the overt display of armpit technique, as modelled by Alicia Silverstone in The Crush.

I I See Film review.

I Corporate corruption can he a bummer when you’re an Ivy league graduate with a strong

resemblance to Tom Cruise. The Hollywood

I I hunk essays another clean-cut righteous

crusader role in Sidney

Pollack’s The Firm. See

Film preview.



‘The golden rule that we broke at the start of our career and suffered for ever since was this: never give a more intelligent justification of your own music than the critic is able to do. By doing so. you remove their whole raison d’étre.‘

Hue and Cry 's Pat Kane lapses into

French to demonstrate his intellectual

superiority over his béte noire. the music journalist.

‘I haven‘t gained weight, We just got a lot of clothes.’

Country belle Nanci Grtfiith experiences Edinburgh is chill east wind during her concert on the Castle Esplanade.

‘North-east people have a very tight upper lip; we needed softer tones and we chose actors to achieve that.‘ Lance O'Connor; producer of Trawler. on why the characters in his short film about the fishermen of Peter/lead talk with west coast accents.

‘There are no truths without paradox. When is a glass halfempty. half full? They talk about the journey to outerspacc. l talk about the journey to innerspace.‘

Britain is most famous living painter David Hockney ponders some of life ’s deeper questions. including ‘is it my round? '

‘What is important, I think. is when the day comes that I can‘t pay my debts that I should still be thinking this way. although 1 hope that it‘s a long way off.‘

Actress and Lloyd 's Name Susan Hampshire keeps her chin up in the face of financial ruin.

The List 10—23 September 1993 3