I Assith - The Republic Of 01 (BBC2) 7.40—8.30pm. Former Australian Premier Bob Hawke examines his successor Paul Keating‘s plans to ditch the monarchy and sever Australia‘s constitutional ties with the UK. including a gloves-off interview between the two politicians.

I I’ll Fly Away (Channel 4) l0-lO.55pm. The 50s American drama continues. Forrest (Sam Waterston) recovers from election defeat and confronts public disdain for his views.

I Film 93 (BBCI) ll—l I.30pm. Michael Winner speaks to Barry Norman about his controversial new film Dirty Weekend. based on the Helen Zuhavi novel about a woman taking revenge on males who harass her.


I The Fiery Angel (BBC2) 7—9.30pm. Prokofiev’s opera is broadcast live from the Maryinsky Theatre in St Petersburg. David Freeman‘s Royal Opera production makes imaginative use of Russian gymnasts in a raunchy tale of love and demonic possession.

I Whicker's Miss World (Scottish) 10.40—1 l.40pm. Alan Whickerjoins sad celebs Joan Collins. lvana Trutnp. Gary Player. Sidney Sheldon and the other judges at the fading Miss World competition in Bophuthatswana.

I The Funny Farm (Scottish) ll.40pm-—l2.l0am. Fred MacAulay hosts music and comedy from John Thomson. Draylon Underground and Mickey Hutton.


I The Benson Mission (BBC2) 6.50—7.20pm. Jon Ronson takes a look at crime and instigates a wicked spoof charity record with Maria Whittaker. Peter Purves, Rusty Lee and Wincey Willis. See preview.

I Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (BBC1)7—8.50pm. Harrison Ford heads off to India where he discovers a revival of the ancient Thuggee cult and plenty of baddies to bump off. A superior Spielberg action thriller.

I Inspector Morse (Channel 4) 8.30—l0.35pm. Morsey investigates the murder of Harry Field. a rascally artist. raconteur and drinker.

i‘ v I f t

I love And Reason (BBC2) 9.25—10.25pm. Phyllis Logan stars as Lou Larson MP in the last episode of the crude political satire. Conspiracies are piling up against her as she makes her Shadow Front Bench maiden speech and prepares to film a party political broadcast.

I ntr den and tnr george (Channel 4) 10.35—11.05pm. Moray Hunter and Jack Docherty of Absolutely fame build themselves a business out of comflake packets.

I Big Boy’s Tale - Peter Mcoougall (BBC2) ll.lS-l 1.55pm. A revealing profile of the writer who deals uncompromisingly with bigotry. violence and crime. in anticipation of his new TV play Down Among The Big Boys. See feature.


I Gamesmaster (Channel 4) 6.30—7pm. Dexter Fletcher hosts the computer games programme. offering EastEnder Sean McGuire an opportunity to try his hand at Striker.

I The New Scots (Scottish) 7—7.3Upm. The series looking at ethnic minorities in Scotland profiles Ghanaian single parent Eva Asante who lives and works in Glasgow.

I Crime limited (BBCI) 8.30—9pm. Broadcasting stool-pigeon Nick Ross presents another batch of crime reconstructions.

I The Music Game (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. Innuendo prince Tony Slattery returns with a new series of the music quiz. with guests Marti Webb. Helen Lederer and Chris Warren-Green.

I The Travel Show (BBC2) 8.30—9pm. Penny Junor presents the consumers’ holiday programme with reports from Penelope Keith in the Ribble Valley and Carol Smillie in the Greek Peloponnese. I Die Hard II (Scottish) 9—lOpm.

l0.40—l l.55pm. Unlucky old Bruce Willis just happens to be waiting for his wife at the airport when terrorists intervene. Loads of ridiculously expensive action sequences ensue. with the violence quota well up to scratch.

I One Foot In The Brave (BBCl) 9.30—10pm. Richard Wilson returns in a repeat run as the codger who has become Britain‘s most popular comedy character. I Absolutely Fabulous (BBCI) 10-10.30pm. A repeat run of the smash- hit comedy starring Jennifer Saunders as the scatty New Age fashion PR Edina. Joanna Lumley as her dipso pal Patsy and Julia Sawalha as swotty daughter Saffron. A new series begins in the autumn.


I Chm (Channel 4) 9.30—10pm. Sam invites Frasier to join the boys on a fishing trip.

I The Untouchables (BBCI) 9.30—ll.25pm. Brian De Palma’s spectacular Capone tale has a mighty cast Kevin Costner. Al Pacino. Sean Connery and Andy Garcia and it zips along at a cracking pace. Costner is upright Agent Eliot Ness determined to nail bootlegger gangster (and no mean baseball bat swinger) Capone (Pacino).

Connery is the grizzled veteran with the ropey Lothian Irish accent who teaches Ness a few tough lessons. Suits by Armani. music by Monicone.

I KYTV (BBC2) l0—l0.30pm. The parody satellite station resumes broadcasting with a new series. presented by the usual suspects. Angus Deayton. Michael Fenton Stevens. Helen Atkinson Wood and Philip Pope. Expect plenty of pointed snipes at Rupert Murdoch's new eighteen channel Sky network.

I Nurses (Channel 4) I0—l0.30pm. Gina risks her career by acting as her neighbourhoods resident doctor.

I Paul Merton - The Series (Channel 4) 10.30—1 1.05pm. Paul travels to the Hollywood of the 30s. 18th century Ruritania and Stansted Airport. in another collection of bizarre sketches.

I 1993 MTV Video Music Awards (Channel 4) ll.05pm—12.05am. Peter Gabriel. Sharon Stone and irritating overgrown transvestite RuPaul present the annual music awards beano.

I Dr Terror's Vault 0t Ilorror: The Guardian/From llell It Came (BBCI) ll.25pm-2.20am. Another gory double- bill opening with The Guardian. a kind of supernatural Hand That Rocks The Cradle stariing Jenny Seagrove as a satanic nanny. From Hell It Came is a daft tale of witch-doctors. South Sea island chiefs and swamps.


I Shoot The Video (Channel 4) 6.30—7pm. Chris Serle shows how to get the best from your camcorder.

I name Edna’s Neighbourhood Watch (Scottish) 8.35—9.05pm. Dame Edna resumes her gleefully offensive voyeuristic peak into other people’s homes.

I Video Diaries: Grope - The Movie (BBC2) 9.30—lO.30pm. The trials of Michelle and Jane who write a TV sitcom. turn it into a stage play and attempt to get it staged. Dismissed by theatres claiming the show is too vulgar. they persist until a theatre in Bradford takes them on. and they begin to lose control of their baby.

I Danny Balter After All (BBC 1) lI.20pm—midnight. The chirpy king of easy-going Cockney banter begins a new late-night chat show series. Baker promises to bring a fresh approach to the genre. and an assumption that his audience are a reasonably sophisticated bunch familiar with rock and TV culture. I Cat‘s Eye (BBCI) Midnight—1.30am. Three tales from Stephen King. linked by a stray moggy who is attempting to rescue Drew Barrymore from a nasty-looking troll creature. En route our feline chum encounters a company who use novel methods to help clients give up smoking (featuring the excellent James Woods) and a mobster dealing with his wife‘s lover.


I Dead Poet‘s Society (Scottish) 7.30—9.50pm. Robin Williams stars in Peter Weir's tale of an inspirational schoolteacher whose maverick teaching methods change the lives of the boys in his care.

I Hollywood UK (BBC2) 9.50—10.40pm. Continuing the series looking at the British film industry in its 60s heyday. I Screen One: Down Among The Big Boys (BBCI ) 9.05-10.40pm. Billy Connolly stars as professional gangster Jojo Donnelly in Peter McDougall's tale of Glasgow hard men and uneasy marital alliances. See feature.

I The South Bank Show (Scottish) I0.35—l 1.35pm. A profile of playwright and screenwriter Willy Russell. of Educating Rita fame.

I Blue (Channel 4) li).45pm—12.05am. Derek Jartnan's audacious ('0qu de cinema features an unchanging blue screen. the blank canvas for a soundtrack that uses music and commentary in a personal exploration of the issues of death. AIDS and his own fight against blindness. Broadcast simultaneously with BBC Radio 3.


I look Vlho’s Talking (Scottish) 8—10pm. The first in a Hollywood handful of cutesy kiddie comedies stars John Travolta and Kirstie Alley in the zippy tale of a single mother who finds that her sprog has the snappy personality and voice of Bruce Willis. and he's taken a shine to the taxi driver who ferried them to the maternity hospital.

I Ileurrnan And Baddiel In Pieces (BBC2) 10—1030an The Marv White/rouse Experience pair go duo. promising 'emptiness. insomnia. sexual despair . . . and pushing old men down the stairs.‘ All the old comedy favourites then. See preview.

I I'll Fly Away (Channel 4) lO—lO.55pm. The 50s American drama continues.

I The Good Sex Guide (Scottish) 10.35—11.05pm. Edinburgh Fringe sensation (heh. heh) Margi Clarke hosts another half-hour of smutty innuendo masquerading as information.


I Brighton Belles (Scottish) 8.30-9pm. A comedy series using American sitcom The Golden Girls as its basis. but relocating the action to Britain's equivalent of Miami. Brighton. With Jean Boht. Wendy Craig and Sheila Gish.

I Pacific Station (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. Robert Guillaume of Benson fame stars in the so-so police sitcom about a veteran by-the-book cop and his way-out New Age partner.

I Soldier Soldier (Scottish) 9—l0pm. More military mishaps in the oddly- disjointed drama series.

I The Smell (It Beetles And Mortimer (BBC2) 9—9.30pm. Vic and Bob are back. still weird as custard. but funnier than ever. Look out for the increasingly legendary Charlie Chuck as Uncle Peter.


I Inspector Morse (Channel 4) 8.30—10.35pm. More repeated shenanigans with the Thames Valley copper and his expensive location shoots. I mr don and mr george (Channel 4) l0.35—l 1.05pm. Moray Hunter and Jack Docherty play the lower-case heroes in another selection of slightly disturbed comedy.


I The In Scots (Scottish) 7—7.30pm.

The series on ethnic minorities in

Scotland profiles the Chilean Bernardo Alhucema

I The Dog’s Tale (BBC2) 9.30—l0pm. A new series looking at the hound's relationship with man across the centuries I and the continents. from canine superstars like Lassie. to the ingredients ofa Korean l curry. The series is accompanied by a I book written by initable vowel specialist Loyd Grossman.

The List 10—23 September I993 DD