IN THE WRONG JOB? Have you significantly diongedyouriobortoreer THEATRE COMPANY plan? Iom looking into requires a h f k. . GENERAL MANAGER I e e eds 0 war "‘9 In ‘1 Communicado requires a General Manager with a o proven track record in arts administration and lab "ml does "OI meal preferably with some knowledge of touring theatre. The General Manager will work closely with the Artistic your needs as an Director in leading the company through an exciting - o - - and challengin phase in its development. lndmduul: Please wme Please phoneg for Job Description and Company in confidence to: “aims “1 _ _ . . Communicado. 308 Gnndlay Street. Ellie Richardson, (5V EDINBURGH. EH3 9AX. Tel. 031 228 5465. . . Closing date for applications: 20th September 1993. MEIIIII ACIIOII, 3 SI IIIII'IGS l gammunicado is revenue funded by the Scottish Arts . ! ouncil and Edinburgh District Council and is an Equal Plate, EdIIIIIUI'gII l Opportunities Employer.

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Sound City I994 is a collaborative music event involvin Radio I FM, the BPI, the Musicians’ Union and the Glasgow Music Industry. ll: prime objective is to establish a focus for the music industry in a different British city outside London each year.

Glasgow has now secured the Sound City title for I994. This one week musical extrava anza aims to feature ni htly live radio broadcasts from top venues around t e city, live daily musicaT events, music seminars, conferences,.music workshops, music film week plus a host of local events throughout the city.

In order to maximise the potential benefits of this event for the City of Glasgow we wish to appoint an events co-ordinator to put together (in consultation with the sponsors) a week long programme of exciting and worthwhile events and other relevant proiects throughout the year.

This high profile role demands managerial and promotional skills and a raven track record in or anising large musical events and performances. In a dition, an in depth ’worlging’ knowledge of the music industry in Scotland would be highly advantageous.

The ability to profiramme and manage music events should be balanced by tenacity and exce ent communication and diplomatic skills.

The contract will be with Glasgow City Council, with direct responsibility to the Department of Performing Arts, who will be working closely with a steering group made up of representatives of the Glasgow usic Scene.

Applications will be considered from individuals, small teams and/or a combination. The enga ement may be on a part-time or full-time basis. The fee will be negotiable epending on the nature of the agreed contract.

If you feel that you can combine the quite outstanding qualities and abilities that we’re looking for then please write, to the address below, by Friday I7 September I993.

Director of Performin Arts 8. Venues, Glasgow City Council, Candleriggs, Glasgow 31 'INQ.

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Magic Lantern Van

Magic Lantern Van in collaboration with Craigmillar Festival Society is developing a multimedia tapeslide project to coincide with the 30th Anniversary of the Craigmiliar Festival in June 94. We are looking for a


You will have proven skills and experience in 0 group work/community development 0 arts/media making 0 script development/devising O coordinating various strands of creative activity into a harmonious whole

Contract in tirst instance 37.5 days Sept - Dec 93. Fee £2,625

For informal chat and further details phone: Lee Reid or Rosie Gibson on 031 554 8524.

Closing date for applications: 24th September. Interviews 28m September. 1.1 St Mary's Workshop, Giles Street, Edinburgh EH6 GDD


Lothian Drugs initiative is a major new voluntary agency which is currently developing a short-stay centre for drug users in Edinburgh. The Links Project will offer a stay of between 3 days and 4 weeks for up to 12 residents at any one time. We now require the following staff:

DEPUTY PROJECT MANAGER SALARY : £17,217 - £18,633 (Under Review)

The Deputy Project Manager will assist in the latter stages of the project’s deveIOpment. and subsequently help to provide leadership within a team of 23 staff. We are looking for someone who has experience in the drugs field along with previous supervisory experience.

ADMINISTRATOR SALARY : £13,238 - £18,710 (Under Review)

The Administrator will have responsibility for the efficient management of the financial and administrative systems of the Links Project. We are looking for someone with appropriate experience and positive attitudes towards people with addiction problems.

For application forms and further information please contact:

Lothlan Drugs initiative Scottish Drugs Forum 40 Shandwlck Place Edinburgh Etiz 4RT Tel: (031) 225 8472 (Answerphone)

Closing date: Monday 27th September


74 The List 10-23 September I993