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- - . . - , least you have this pearl of witty is an unnecessar luxur . so I'd better BrltlSh letier‘s or Just d repartee to peruse. Wouldn‘t it be an stock tip on strorig alcoliol; how about a character In a Martin ironic turn-up for the books if for once bottle of Jose Cuervo to start with? Amis Story? Strike a pose The luwie couple (yjou award the‘prize to the most Pauline Davidson

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That's it! I've heard enough! Margi For this year‘s Well Known and Clarke is fabulous, wonderful. funny. Respected Fringe Personality with a true to life and very enjoyable. I have Dubious Artistic Past Record award. 1

Glasgow Gl 212 Of

now watched her Show three times and Fesuva' flattery would like to nominate Steven Berkoff {Ii/3m ([0: 0.3: $57-$20! HM“ 0r she is brilliant. How dare all of you rip Congratulations to the Lost Soul Band for his r016 33 2nd anbasc "m; n::::df:,rru;)u':(:i:u‘ ,:m:,(,~(m.llui(k, her apart because ignorant people walk for great gigs at the Venue. and to lmefccptm PUG! in Gerry Anderson's imfm De“ mm, is. I'm, “may mime out. make noises as she is singing; it’s a Southside for great gigs at the Subway ‘970 30”] series UFO mbmm-U; Keg} {mm M"). m. disgrace. (and the Waverley Market). I think he deserves to Win' 1‘“ settle iiverlon I letters inav [Willi ' The best

I was there the first night and was Also to the Doug Anthony Allstars for a tecllan- [8,,” "(if mu‘e my, Wm Au 50mg 0,: helpless with laughter. l was also in the and to Ben Moor for It Takes Forever If NiCk ROIhWC“ J0“, Cua_y;;,fl m1” and a "VF/WIN“. audience, a full house, where no one. I You Go By Inertia, for reducing me to Forrest Hi” 74,11.” { I" ' repeat no one. walked out. The problem tears of laughter, and to the Red Hot Edinburgh '


'Iit/es ()l'flte (Viv: Armistead .Vlaupin‘s saga comes to Channel 4. with Olympia Dukakis as Anna Madrigal.

Sleepless In Seattle: Meg Ryan (left) has a long-distance romance with Tom Hanks. The Fugitive: Harrison Ford in a Hollywood update of a TV classic.

Ive/t (‘tttn/i/rellz llippy liringe innovator turns Brookside eccentric.

PLUS: littll listings. previews and reviews for Glasgow and Edinburgh.


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