FILM REVIEW BACA R Dl-é. Premium Black rum _ I partner is on their trail. Unknown to _ both lied and .linuny, their lives have BO'LING PomT such similarities that they could be CHILDREN 0F running round the same track.

Allowing Snipes and llopper to mirror each other’s lives, their obasslons iuelllng their inner anger, was a pretty good idea. it should have lead to an


intriguing and thrilling character- _ 5*. driven movie. 0n the taco oi the _. .x‘s - ~ . synopsis you would be iorgiven tor 3' i , _ x y if ~ thinking it worth seeing. no not be ' a}; 15"“, " tooled: it ilzzles iroln one hackneyed 3’1 . i

plot development to the next, passing ~ * an embarrassment oi cliched lines on the way. Sometimes so cliched that you can practically hear Snipes I thinking, ‘Am I really saying this?’ I ; Besides wasting the potential oi all ; the leading actors, Boiling Point can ; be deemed a ‘suspense thriller’ only I because all thrills are suspended tor ' the duration oi the iilm. Moments of

From England in the 14th century to Spain in the let century, ! The List reviews all the films opening in Scotland over the next two weeks.

Boiling Point: ‘an

1 real killer. But hot on his m,

l :43“ i: l13§putyGUS d h or cliched any potential seat-edge excitement are p .

l 3'5 a 3'“ 6"" WV 0 com Ietel blown. Even when Jimm ’s " ‘r'; ' is equally obsessed with A mm“ bust 9°93 "0"th, "0"“ m mailisquegae, Vikki (lolita y sublim: i:

l hunting his well- The "s W” 89"“ '""“'" "m" Davidovich), is dancing with lied, as ion could wish W

(Wesley Snipes) when his partner is killed by the villain he was supposed to be buying torged notes trom. - Unknown to Jimmy, he had been pm“ mm“ "mm, standing next to the culprits lust iive 30"“‘9 POM (15) (James 3- Harris. minutes betore the killing. Unknown to ' US. 1993) Wesley Snipes, Dennis m [malts fled (Dennis flopmy) and llopper, lolita liavidovich. 93 mins. Bonnie (Vlggo Hortense") they have From Fl’i 24. Glasgow: MGM Film killed a cop, not a criminal, and his ceflm- Edinburgh: 0‘90"-


performances by Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones are the highlights: : they play two characters 3 who begin at opposite

5 poles. gradually coming closer in terms of mutual . respect as the film

T develops (interestingly. the shape of their relationship is not unlike that of the Douglas/Duvall characters in Falling Down, also produced by Arnold Kopelson). What could have been one of the best thrillers in years lacks edge-of—the-seat appeal. as director Andrew Davis fails to light the fuse on a dynamite plot.

. there is no hint of jeopardy, it is lust

You can count the number | another aimless development in the

of lcelandic feature films on one hand. but Fridrik Fridriksson‘s moody 3 offering deserves a place in the first rank of European cinema. ( Through its sweeping camera. Chilth Of Nature manages to exploit lceland‘s unique landscape imagery. as well as provide some sort of insight into the lives of a once-isolated local population in fact, the significance of land as an etcmally-present shaping force in people's lives is the film‘s central theme. it‘s this that is the discovery of 79-year-old E Thorgeir, who leaves his 3 farm in the far north to ; live with his daughter in

I The Fugitive (15) Wrongly accused of murdering his wife, Dr Richard Kimble escapes from a certain death sentence and spends a year on the run. trying to track down the one-armed man he knows to be the

more like documentary footage of another planet . than anything that could

I Anchoress (15) England in the 14th century, and power

struggles between the local landowner and the

exist on Earth. No actors. no narrative. but plenty of fish and dolphins. Jacques

. Reykjavik. When the family has him transferred

to an old folks‘ home

village priest encourage the latter to seal up a devout teenage girl in the walls of his church. She. however, becomes less sure of the ends to which her visions of the Virgin Mary are being put, and so contributes to the turmoil that leads to her mother (Toyah Wilcox‘s best screen performance) being accused of witchcraft. Unlike Greenaway's Baby of Macon, Anchoress finds emotional resonance in its depiction of organised religion’s abuse of

. because his presence becomes inconvenient. he encounters fellow refugee Stella. a former

acquaintance who hangs

fiercely onto her memories of their former life.

When the pair engineer a break-out and head north in a stolen jeep. the stage is set for the unwinding of as sublime an emotional parable as you could wish for.

Although the film is paced

' as slowly as Thorgeir's dulled reflexes.

Cousteau meets

K ovaanisqaarsi .

I Sleepless ln’Seattle (PG) Restless after the death of his wife, architect Sam Baldwin (Tom Hanks) and his young son Jonah move to Seattle. where he is persuaded one night to take part in a phone-in radio show.

3 Meanwhile. on the other

: side of the country.

Hensonge: ‘usestheAlliSvirusasiustanother means oi creating crisis in a bourgeois housebold’ her husband, Charles) act well enough, but their characters are a little too . sell-absorbed to be sympathetic: sure, 5 we ieel tor them and the sudden discovery oi their mortality, but what : oi their elght-year-old son, already

j Periect iamin lite is shattered when A - . - ! French ioumalist Emma (llathalie

z Joumallst Annie Reed

(Meg Ryan) tunes into the 33") discovers My “0‘ only is She show and is struck by the ; pregnant, the results oi a routine I'iIV sweet, sad humour of this ! test have also proved positive. As a

5 man. Despite being i seli-coniessed ‘tease who doesn’t go

children. particularly as engaged. she knows that if to but, Emma muses mat the swam“ and “sumo to become an _ the film also works 0" a" She does" [meet sam‘ ? "WM ‘0 Whom 3"! has been orphan all too soon? While clearly I pk), ,‘zvisls‘ magical

, she’ll wonder for the rest

I of her life ifhe was the

' man for her. A wonderfully wann-

: hearted romantic comedy

from Nora Ephron (who

wrote When Harry Met

allegorical level concerning the awakening of female sexuality. Filmed in beautiful black- and-white detail by Chris Newby, this is a British art movie with life in its soul.

3 happily married tor years must have

; been uniaithiul on one ot his ioreign

2 trips. However, the lie he has been

; living proves more barbed when she

I discovers that he is in tact bisexual and a known irequenter oi Paris’s gay

showing that AIDS is very much now a threat to the heterosexual community, the iilm nevertheless relniorces the ballet that the disease can only enter into a ‘norinal’ domestic setting through contact with homosexuals or

vanishings and a cameo

5 by Bruno Ganz as a kind

; of mysterious healing

' spirit - to create a positively majestic piece

; ofcinema. (Andrew

See preview. Sally) that charms the has and public gardens junkies m. m i Pulver)

. . . . - . piorward two steps . - '3""'"“PG-’ The” iid‘ilcecié‘fei‘il’lii‘cd°f ! WW9 u” P°W°'Sms° "am back. (Alan Morrison) ' ?fliflflk‘fifii‘éfn‘PG) “" WWW“ “’m p" y éMonsontle steers "so" Instead Mensonge (The lie) (15) (Francois ; Iceland, ,992)G‘,-,1,-'

witty dialogue and engaging performances. The perfect date movie: cuddle up as the nights draw in. (AM)

Luc Besson. director of Nikita and The Big Blue. Here, he and his small

: towards melodrama and uses the AIDS ! virus as lust another means oi l creating crisis in a bourgeois I household. Baye and Didier Sandro (as

Margolin, France, 1993) liathalle 3818, Halldorssmt, Sigridur llidler Sandro, llelene laplower. 89 Hagalin, Bruno Ganz. 85 crew capture a subaquatic mins. From Still 3: Edinburgh ""715- F”"’" Friday 24- world that at times looks Fllmhouso. l 010380“? OFT

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