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_ i brother; and their half-Anglo cousin _ Miklo who, labouring under an A LA T ( oppressiver Caucasian appearance, BLOOD my Bum” our i needs to prove he’s twice as macho as Accgufi¥msr s 5 his homies and pays for it with a At a shade over three hours, Taylor ; (mum. in San moan", (Officer And A Gentleman) flacktord’s ( The epic scale and attention to detail Slil’flliflfl Chicano 8P“: l5. 0' course. of the prison scenes - where Miklo i8! ion long; still, the complicated learns loyalty, stuvival and ethnic storyline is handled with enough skill 2 solidarity - make them by far the '0 New“ 19min?“ “"0”le movie’s best, convincingly portraying setting in 38 "'9 muffle!" 8398 f a world of shifting rivalries as a hurries to its close- And. ii Milli"! i microcosm of American society. But also. it’s 8 8m" indicaflon “‘3' E for all that, the style is unremittineg "OIIWOOd l8 “fling outside its front scan, and “Ives on" to Dates to “‘9 aim 3"" communmes in I how far the bad-ass attitude of street to: Anseles and the “S as a whole culture has been absorbed into the that it so often ignores. American mainstream. (Andrew lt centres on three Latin hoods with Pulvef) helpfully divergent life-paths: Paco is

Bill Doug

Cruz falls from grace after his smack T Damian Chaim 181 mins. From Fri 1. finds its way into the veins oi his kid , Glasgow: Odeon.

. V , i his homeland. in the case Blond h' "MM Minimum I of the late Bill Douglas. several factors increase ' British and particularly Scottish antipathy to his work: its searingly honest

the ghetto warrior who turns i Blood In, 3'0“ 0|" (13) (Tall!!! . , _ , gamekeeper when he joins the lAPD Hackintd. 03. 1993) Jesse Barrage. ‘i a “2'19" C3"‘lr’":gr‘e . ;ia anarlslsnvel narc squad, his artist step-brother . Benlafliili 3'8“. Eniiiille Castillo. w - i a % undempprccimcd than in l

for the aforementioned bouncing ,. w . , . . _ blonde to variously have her lips or

Staliled "93".": be flagged by h" falnil relationshi s: ‘the hair across deserts in a barely static.yforlnalised p Everything can happen in this email, clinging wedding dress and witness approach he brings to mutant-decapitation gore-fest - and it open heart torture with salt, vinegar Céch Scene of the Trilogy: probably will. Mutant Action are a and a razor. his refusal ‘0 bend ‘0 the gang of physically challenged persons Reminiscent oi stories in the glossy wmigcgc'g' dimmds 0f

, intent on wreaking havoc on the fit, French fantasy cartoon book Metal : “5mg; "Si. .

. . pu lcaUOn beautiful and happy members of Hurlant. it’s nothing more than low of mu Dollgltls‘.’ A society. their bungled efforts are “38h art not"! will! With too much ' Latiternisl 's At't'oun! watch nightly on a 21st Century budget. Politically Correct this is not: provides a welcome version of Sky TV by their leader from it is wonderful, funny, sick and reassessment of this his prison cell. completely and utterly gratuitous. inspired and inspiratifmal

The plot, such as it is, concerns the (Thom Dibdln) j am“- Thc Fm“ Con-“S‘s return of the head mutant to the fold, Accion Mutante (1 3) (Alex dc la - gi figflfi‘gfl’kfifcffifi the subsequent kidnapping of a lglesia, Spain, 1993) Frederique Feder, ' wfi,,kc;fw,m Douglas.

pneumatic young thing at her wedding Antonio lieslnes, Alex Angulo. 94 mins. with (he scrim, or (he and transportation to a distant mining From Fri 24. Glasgow: CFT. Edinburgh: Trilogy and abundant

planet where Mutant Action hope to Fllmhouse. quotations from the pick up a stonking ransom from her _- director himself allowing rather rich daddy. Of course, this calls his uniquely paSSIonate

voice to emerge from the text. Detailed accounts of the production processes of both the Trilogy and Comrades reveal him as a warm personality but a

3 stubborn filmmaker, who ' had to relive the torments


After years of plugging away, .lohn . Sayles finally got an Oscar nomination 1 (Best Original Screenplay) for this

wise and witty tale of regenerative female friendship, and justifiany so

as it’s probably the finest movie he’s . made to date. The trouble with talking { about it is that it sounds a bit like i * Driving Miss Daisy with wheelchairs, but as soap opera star Mary McDonnell retires to her backwater bayou home town to recover from a crippling car accident under the watchful eye of edgy nurse Altre Woodard, the action remains l commendany free of trite feelgood- I ness. David Strathalrn contributes another fine performance as an unexpectedly romance-struck local odd-lob man, confirming the writer- dlrector’s reputation for creating the best real people in the business. Dettly observed, touching and incisive, it’s an American classic. (TJ)

\/€s was”, i i V Passion Fish (15) (John Sayles, us, Duncan Pelrie (BI-‘1 1992) M3” MCDODDB", Alfre Woodard, Publish[rig/Scottish Film

David Shathaim, 130 mins. me fl] Passion Fish: ‘touchlng all lncislve’ Council [30 hurt/hack. 24. Glasgow: Ddeon. Edinburgh: Cameo. {11-95 Paperhm k).

of his early life in order to render them truthfully on film. while coping with the practical traumas of

shooting and editing on

1 ridiculously low budgets. It would have been easy , for the book to fall into

_ the trap of mourning a ‘lost genius' and leaving it ; at that; but A lunlernisr's

' Account goes further. as

indicated by this quote [from John Caughie‘s I contribution ‘The i ~ questions which Douglas's career raises 1 are material ones as well as aesthetic ones. infrastructural as well as cultural.‘ (Alan Morrison) Bill Douglas: A Lumernisl 3' Account, edited by Eddie Dit‘k. Andrew Noble and

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