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mighty Spin Doctors,

Christopher, Aaron, Eric

and Mark to be precise,

playing Glasgow

Barrowlanrls. See Book ~


_ I ‘The record seems to imply I haven’t I only much rock ,n, A. written anything since 1978. I looked it w" is inst pan 0' me W ( up the other day. I ve actually written cheerful” named «mess it ,1, Six short plays . . . I ve also written Been mm“. [‘3 HM? seven film scnpts which were production by » important to me, including The French Netherlands troupe De I - . , Lieutenant's Woman. so that's seven Helical!“ "00‘ at and six. I make thirteen. To say that G'asgw’s Rama” see l‘ve been doing fuck-all for fifteen

Theatre preview.

3 years is a slight exaggeration.‘

! Harold Pinter invokes the ‘never mind the quality. feel the width' defence of his artistic output.

‘l’ve been rather hurt by some rather explicit articles that say I always sleep with all my leading men. Which is very far from the truth. I always fall in love with the qualities of the people I work with.‘

Laura Dern on Jurassic Park co-star Jeff Goldblum. or was it the velociraptor that was seen lurking outside her trailer?

‘ln the last five years journalistically and publicly there have been thousands of examples of child abuse and exploitation. whether sexual. or for power or money. The Home Alone phenomenon, where a child star has a

_ businessman father. is an example. However the child benefits, the father

I Tommy lee Jones is exploiting him.‘

:3“ a higlptiqrflhhand I“ Peter Greenaway contrasts pre-teen "ms" 0 9 star Macaulay Culkin with his own

Fugitive Harrison Ford. '

3” Film pmiew progeny. The Baby of Macon.

‘Josephine brought back this English phrase to the States: “she‘s gagging for it." I guess you guys are used to that phrase. but in America that‘s really obscene. '

The easily-shocked Kim Deal of The Breeders on why she had to wash out the bassist is mouth with soap.


The List 24 September-7 October l993 3