It was this kind of attitude that was so impressive amongst all the restaurateurs that l spoke to on lslay. They work like crazy because they are perfectionists; they love food and they love feeding people. and they want the whole experience to be the best. That is where their satisfaction comes from. Nonetheless. if awards like the Smnish Field/Bowmore help to convince them that they are appreciated. long may Catherine Brown roam the country with glasses on nose and pen in hand.

The Vintners Rooms: reasonably priced bar lunches

lfthis hasn‘t been persuasion enough.

soon readers of The List will have an


extra incentive tojudge the winners for

: themselves: both Atrium and The Vintners Rooms are offering a l() per cent discount to anyone holding the voucher which will appear in the next issue of The List. The Vintners Rooms. The Vaults. 87

; Giles Street, Leif/i. 03/ 554 6767.

; Atrium, Traverse Theatre foyer:

Cambridge Street. Edinburgh. ()3! 228


I Annie Millers 39—45 Ropework Lane. off Howard Street. 552 8087. The story goes that Rab Ha. a skinny little man from Stirling. happened upon Annie Miller in her Glasgow restaurant. She fed him up. and he enjoyed the experience so much that he ate and ate. gained enormous dimensions. and became known as the Glasgow Glutton. This newly opened bistro above the eponymous pub promises something more than filling fare. since the chef/manager duo behind it have some impressive culinary experience behind them. Amongst a string of other places they have worked at is the award winning Turnberry Hotel in Airds. Despite these credentials though. they are concentrating on serving good quality pub type food steak pie. lemon sole. apple pie and cream and they are selling it ridiculously cheap. Don‘t ask me how they can offer a three course lunch at £2.95. but they do. There is also an a la carte menu at lunchtime and in the evening with more elaborate dishes. bargain pre-theatre menus and on Thursdays a special half price pasta menu.

I Bon Parisien 184 Dumbarton Road. 337 1416. The former Cafe West End has had a French face lift. Everything from the

smoked glass windows and burgundy canopy to the stained glass lampshades has been designed to evoke the atmosphere of a traditional brasserie and ifyou don‘t think it looks authentic. say that to monsieur hun I’arisien Garbi. Before arriving in Glasgow he ran a genuine brasserie in Paris‘s Banlieu ()uest. Bon Parisien is open from l().30am onwards and serves such Gallic delights as croque jambon (baguette with melted cheese and ham) and an all day breakfast of croissants. jam. orange juice and cappucino. More substantial meals are also available: for £4.45 you can have the table d‘hote two course lunch. pate de Bruxelles followed by coq au vin et pommes frites. for example; the evening fixed price menu is even more reasonable. at £7.95 for three courses. Sunday brunch is a particular speciality. and for £2.95 you can have crepes with maple syrup and bacon and cappucino.


I Che: Jules Gillespie Place. 226 6080. Yet another one. but we are not complaining. This Bruntsfteld brother of the even cheaper. more spit and polish Pierre Victoire relations in Cockburn Street and Frederick Street. opens Sept 24 for lunch and dinner. Mon-Sat. it will feature the small. sure fire menu that keeps its precursors

F cent ltalians. Pepe Vittorio

brim full the big bowls of salad. mussels. pasta with smoked salmon though more variations are promised. and of course. like the others. its main selling point is that it can give you food and wine for less than a tenner

I Pepe Vittorio Victoria Street. 226 7267.


l I l l


4 tbsps vanilla sugar 5 3 tbsps ground almonds 3 tbsps orange flower water

' and sprinkle with cassis. Make a

cover with batter. Bake tor approximately 40 minutes at gas mark

= The Vintners Rooms, The Vaults, 87 Giles Street, Edinburgh, 554 6767.

Something a little familiar

about that name is there? A Frenchman in ltalian clothing perchance'?

There's no stopping him it

seems. Pierre Levicky is

half ltalian apparently. but .

bills this new concept as a fresh pasta restaurant in case there should be any quibhling from 100 per

1 is actually run as a

franchise. but all the staff are P. V. faithfuls. The food is based on ‘authentic' Italian cooking. not the British version. and all the sauces and the pasta varieties are made on the premises. These are written up on a board. so after you have nibbled on the grissini sticks and olives provided you can mix and match spaghetti con vongole. tagliatelle con bolognese etc. The room itself is a bit of a departure park yourself somewhere along one of the long communal tables and you are likely to find yourselfsitting below somebody‘s knickers. Well. the back streets of Naples are always full of washing lines. so why not a restaurant too? Open every evening and Fri. Sat and Sun lunch.

'Alb sweet pastry

T‘Albs brambles

: cassis

5 tbsps double cream


A simple pudding using a widely available (it you pick them yourself) Scottish fruit.


2 whole eggs

1 oz melted butter

Line a ilan case with pastry, prick bottom and refrigerate. Prepare truit

batter by whisking together all the

other ingredients, then add the melted butter. Put fruit in the ilan case and

7 (425 F). Serves six-eight people.


Cafe - Bar - Restaurant Call

041 - 552 8587

for enquiries or reservations

63 Trongate Chisholm Street Glasgow

£83 £81;

.l ° ' "173a / :1.

Highly recommended by major food guides. Restaurant of the year The Independent.

2-3 St. Patrick's Square,

Edinburgh EH8 9E2 Tel: 031-667 9890

Le Sept

7 Old F ishmarhet Close Edinburgh,

lunch and dinner Monday to Thursday all day Friday and Saturday Sundays dinner only

telephone 031 225 5428

HWLJiUi Ujltzifliiilifl




ii Uri."

iii 'u‘ e?

tons C Di; i


TEL: 041-334 5007

' l

The List 24 September—7 October [993 81