The following otters are open to Clyde

Card holders only. GLASGOW

CITY WALKS Two hall price tickets tor Morrison Bowmore Glasgow Walks (Moo-Fri at 5pm and Sun at 10.30am until 30 Sept) and Cathedral Walk (Wed and Sun at 2.15pm until

29 Sept). Both walks leave from Tourist lntonnation Centre, St Vincent Place, on George Square. lntonnatlon on 041 558 9011.


Two tickets tor the price of one for J. M. Synge’s two short plays,

Riders To The Sea and The Tinker’s Wedding at the Citizens Theatre from

Ticket Centre, 041 227 5511 and all


tor the world premiere at Me Edwards’s Wittgenstein's Daughter at the Citizens Theatre trorn 27-29 Sept at 7.30pm. Tickets from Ticket Centre, 041 227 5511 and all Tlcketllnk outlets.


Two tickets for The Mexican

29 Sept at 0pm. Tickets from Ticket Centre, 041 227 5511 and all Ticketlink outlets.


The tickets for the price of one for the Strathclyde University Tuesday Lunchtime Recitals at Hutcheson’s llall from 5 Oct-14 Dec at 1.15pm. Tickets available at the door.

To take up one of these offers present your Clyde Card to the venue box office. All otters subject to

t availability.





listen to Clyde 1 and Clyde 2 tor further details.


27-29 Sept at 7.30pm. Tickets iron 1 Ticketlink outlets.

DAUGHTER , Two tickets for the price ot one .


llound’s production of Katie llas . Been Drowned at the Tramway on

Come on, feel the boys

3 Talk about beefcake -— this

lot are prime Aberdeen

Angus. Caroline Ednie ? found herself succumbing ' to their charms

Q ‘I suppose when you're lying on top of someone and you're covered in

whipped cream with handcuffs on it‘s

difficult for some people to understand

that you're only doing yourjob.‘

Deck. the eloquent one. is the spokesman, and he‘s ‘into the airline

_ pilot cum sailor cum leather look‘. Cory. the sexy one. has a different

more into the ‘fantasy of builder cum mechanic‘, and Johnny M, the silent , one, ‘comes on in a business suit‘. This

style: ‘My kinda thing is more to do With comedy‘. Rebel, the macho one. is

- isn‘t, as you might expect, a Village

People reunion or a Take That fan‘s

eclectic ones are now about to embark ' on their national tour of ‘pubs, clubs.

fantasy. but The Highlanders, Scotland‘s answer to The Chippendales.

Having ‘conquered‘ Glasgow, the

bingo halls, we're not fussy,’ from the Shetland Isles to Reading. After that. it

without even a hint of irony.

dancers.‘ ‘Everyone has fantasies . when they come to our shows.’ continues Deck, ‘and our main aim is to

7 we perform as individual scenarios and dance routines. But we leave a great

. deal to the imagination, we don‘t just

3 get in there. get our kit off and that's it. y We like to keep things as tasteful as


‘We want a show that entertains all age seems America is their next destination. I

This apparently is the third phase of The Highlanders, an idea which started out as an ad in Glasgow's [Evening 'limes and has become the most talked about thing in a kilt since Harry Lauder. : Phase one. it seems. ‘just failed to capture the imagination and in phase two were just too muscley. This is the third generation of The Highlanders and we now feel that we have the right package.‘ explains manager Mark Reid

So, what are third generation Highlanders then? ‘Professional entertainers.‘ comes Rebel's glib reply. You mean like Frank Sinatra? ‘Well I suppose I'd say we were more like erotic dancers, no. in fact, exotic

highlight these fantasies, so we have

bikers, workmen. air force pilots which

Billed as the Ultimate Ladies Night, The Highlanders clearly aim to please.

groups from teenagers to frustrated

The Highlanders on the job

housewives. You name it we're basically there to satisfy it.‘ explains Deck. Sometimes though. the boys have set pulses racing a little too high. ‘You won‘t believe what some of the women get up to during the shows. There was one show where we were

I badly scratched (by “frustrated housewives“ I presume) and one of us 3 even had a pair of dungarees stolen.‘

They now have a posse of bodyguards

. to protect their ‘interests‘. Groupies? : ‘Yes. they have groupies too. Four of ' them,‘ concedes their manager.

As if four groupies, whipped cream,

I fur lined manacles and ‘lOO‘7c pure

adrenalin‘ weren‘t enough. The Highlanders plan to take comedian Gary Moir on tour with them ‘to put a wee bit more entertainment in the show so that women can have a laugh as well as a giggle.‘ Moir (no relation to Jim aka Vic Reeves) describes himself as a ‘modem mainstream comedian‘ and aims to ‘reach the all female audience by putting across how difficult it is to be a sensitive guy in the 90s‘. Expect lots of jokes about vasectomies and house-husbandry which combined with pouts, packets and pectorals must result in quite a heady cocktail. Coming soon, as they say. at a pub, club or bingo hall near you.

82 The List 24 September—7 October 1993