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THE YOUNG AMERICANS one that exists by playing mutual THE MAN IN THE The darker side oi londoll’s nightclub MIN“ 89"“ “MOM lelatlon. WHITE sun. llie seeps onto the big screen in this “vital hrlhos an edge to scene: diet violent, admirably stylish thriller irom would have dressed In lesser lands; debut director Danny Cannon. After a “"1 M03 3 “0mm! “but and

. series or gangland “who”, us can gives the material an emotional ioclls. John hauls (ham, “he” .3 gm“ Elsewhere, the solitary iemale role is in to advise on the drugs m.“ or m, underwritten. the plot occasionally case, But “artists (“human 90,, takes liberties with credibility and deeper: he is on the trail oi a modern- “"9 '3 3 “WW Miami day Fagin, who work; h, when” eh. surrounding the men oi honour local youngsters with the promise oi Pom" 0‘ "l0 0"" OOMI‘atlon


big money as a contract killer. ilaflflmn- cannon mum "l "‘9 ; _

Oistancing himseli irom this and. however. with a movie that is g; j.“ dangerous game is barman Christian SUCK and confident. ton” and 2»! h h -'d . f r . oug t e state am 0

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Although Christian ultimater iinds ‘I’he Young Americans (18) (llanny himseli orphaned, and long-distance Cannon. UK. 1993) “SM! Khltttlr 0m! character. Alexander phono cans show ham; to he lleily, lain Olen. 101 mins. From Fri 8. m Ym Mm we“ and madam, Mackendricks output alienated irom his who and iamily, Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: Ohon-Ilcts-- shows a blackness, an

acidity and a sense of

l‘ cruelty that marks it off : - ~ _ u” from more comfortable

_ ; '. animals have characteristics which fare. This 1951 feature ? HOMEWABD Bouun' THE would put Canth to shame. Oi course

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" INCREDIBLE JOURNEY they learn to love their historical apex of Eating's

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,5: Since the mu m u,” mm”, “can”, to work mom" m defeat achievement (that honour. _ Hollywood has conspired to make danger. the loans to appreciate the figs”?! 31mg" ‘0 ’“S - increasingly hart-inducing pap tor the "Mom 0' tho 0”. and the old to [advkmem but it is

malt“. has [08ch a "8‘" appnch” m "30"" anal” 0' nonetheless a reminder of with this ClltO-llCtOl’ tOll remake of Youngo mn’s a “waning sub‘l’l"t how great a loss his 1h. ihcndihh, yum", who the about nuclear iamllies and adversity withdrawal from voices of "(chad J. Fox, 33", no” bringing people together. There are filmmaking was to be. On and Don Ameche tor the voices oi the “MIMI 'lotm’ and "Windmill! “‘9 me“ Of his British (hm animals who cm (h. moments oi danger. Yes, the under "‘UmPhSt MaCke",d“°k'S camomlah mg. to Mum sixes will love it, but are there enough 2"“ €911y‘goo‘219'C‘ure (0 (hair family, shah“ (mm) .3 (h. laughs ior their minders? Sadly ior "3 "m "'8 of

Success (as finel crafted excitable young pup, given a second Pawns. the 808W! ‘8 Ito- Takh 1' 900d 3 mm the 1950S y

Chane. m' u” Pound ‘0 bow' produced) had him _ with a (may, say, mm) the, WM Homeward Bound: The Incredible seemingly destined for a V g . time“ at h. (on ymh hgr cm" Journey (U) (Ouwayne Ounham, US, successful future. but by V comiorts, and Shadow (Ben) the wise 1993) 300. Battlo'. “kl; With the ‘h‘? We 605 the Scot'i": * ' ? old hound who is ialthiul as, well, voices of Don Amoeba. Michael J. Fox. We °Pted ‘0' academia = Mr, 3,... mm, sally Field. 85 mins. From Fri 15. mm“ than Pmduc‘m- _ , t I .3 mo” M mm Gnu,” mm. The character on the Homeward Round. the Mi” will love it . Th 8 recemng end m The Man

In The White Suit is the well-tailored gent of the title a maverick research chemist played by Alec Guinness who conducts unofficial experiments to perfect an ideal fabric which never gets dirty or worn out. Guinness is spectacular in the role. exploiting his trademark quiet smarrniness to great effect as he fends off advances from all sections of society.

The pay off comes when


Fast on the iluiiy tail oi FernCully’s coo-animation, Once Upon A Forest aims itseii more directly at a younger audience. The Hanna-Barbara style is

most obviously not imbued with Disney lushness, nor is it unsophisticated

television material, but rather recalls classic storybook illustration. Kids will iall tor the cute young animals who all have a cartoonish coming-oi-

age experience when toxic waste Guinness is hounded and threatens the liie Oi one of their eventually broken by an lllOllllS. unholy alliance of bosses

and workers, both of whose livelihoods are threatened by his invention. In a superbly controlled finale. Mackendrick has Guinness literally engulfed by darkness, with only his shining suit acting as some kind of fatal beacon for his pursuers. What is so unsettling about the film, though. is the glimpse it gives of a vanished world

Uniortunately, the songs aren’t up to ; the standard oi composer James liorner and animator David Klrschner’s previous outing, An American 'l’ail. But, hey, it’s Britain’s Michael Clawiord swapping his Frank Spencer beret and Phantom oi the Opera cloak tor the vocal role oi the youngsters’ mentor, Cornelius the badger - a career move to rival Condornlan. All in all, it’s unlikely to enter the upper realms oi children's animation, but it will keep a pre-schooi audience quiet tor a while

at 'M- (W) (AndrCWPulver)

Once Upon A Forest (O) (Charles The Man In The White Crosvenor, US, 1993) With the voices Suit (PG) (Alexander

oi Michael Crawiord, Ben Vereen, Mac’fmdrickv UK. 1951) Ellen Blain. From Fri 15. Glasgow: . _ g ,_ . e . ~ 85 {mm Ffvn} Sun 10- "a" mm. A" W's. . .. r , on“ m u a... Edinburgh. Filmhouse.

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