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thriller. But instead. topical conflicts about Japanese business practises. a perverser erotic murder and some hi-tech complexities leave the sketchin drawn characters drifting like ghosts in the machine. See review. General release.

I A River Rune Mil it (PG) (Robert Redford. US. 1992) Craig Sheffer. Brad Pitt. Tom Skerritt. 124 mins. A fine. lyrical piece by director Redford describing the love and loyalty of two contrasting brothers in Montana early this century. Based on Norman Maclean‘s semi- autobiographical novel. it fuses the Scots Presbyterian lifestyle of American settlers with an true understanding of nature. Wonderful performances. beautiful photography: altogether a perfectly crafted film about human relationships. Central: MacRobert.

I llolrin flood (U) (Wolfgang Reitherman. US. I973) Brian Bedford. Peter Ustinov. Terry- Thomas. 83 mins. Okay. so you think you can jigsaw the whole movie together from assorted Disney holiday specials. but it‘s still worth checking out. even if the legend does seem somewhat Americanised. The archery scene stands out. and Terry-Thomas's Sir Hiss ssssssteals the show. Strathclyde: Paisley Ans Centre.

I Ruble Fish (18) (Francis Ford Coppola. US. 1983) Mickey Rourke. Dennis Hopper. Matt Dillon. 94 mins. Electrifying expressionist visuals grace this rites of passage parable about the need to forge one‘s own identity and the alienation it can bring. intense and stylish. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I The Secret Garden (U) (Agnieszka Holland. US. 1993) Kate Maberly. Maggie Smith. John Lynch. 102 mins. The unusual combination of the director of Europa Europa and the writer of Edward Seissorhonds conspires to create an authentic and affecting version of the children‘s classic novel. Shipped back from India. lonely orphan Mary makes friends with a local lad and her sickly cousin. exerting a magical recuperative process on the latter and a hidden walled garden. Touching and uncontrived. See review. Glasgow: MGM Parkhead. Edinburgh: Dominion. MGM. A11 UCls.

I She M Be Seeing Things ( I 8) (Sheila McLaughlin. US. 1987) Sheila Dabney. Lois Weaver. Kyle DiCamp. 9| mins. Agatha (Dabney). a successful lawyer is tormented by suspicion that her film-maker lover Jo (Weaver)


is being unfaithful with a male partner while shooting her latest production. a low-budget historical picture about a cross-dressing nun. Intriguing study of a woman who falls victim to her own sexual vulnerability. augmented by interesting material about gender role-reversal and sexual stereotypes. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Singlee(12) (Cameron Crowe. US. 1992) Bridget Fonda. Campbell Scott. Kyra Sedgwick. Matt Dillon. 90 mins. The way it's been sold you‘d think it was some total guitar hardcore odyssey vibe. but in fact it‘s a honey-coated romance that just happens to take place in Seattle. There's a high recognition factor for twentysomethings in the audience as they watch the ensemble cast find its way around misdirected crushes. parties from hell and crap gigs. Watch your life flash before you. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I Sleepless II Seattle (PG) (Nora Ephron. US. 1993) Meg Ryan. Tom Hanks. 105 mins. One of the most warm-hearted romantic comedies to emerge from Hollywood in years. again proving the talent of Nora Ephron. who wrote When Harry Met Sally. Newspaper reporter Ryan hears a radio talk show which features recently widowed architect Hanks. She's sure they are made for each other. but the whole of the United States lies between them. Date movie of the year. General release.

I Sliver (18) (Philip Noyce. US. 1993) Sharon Stone. William Baldwin. Tom Berenger. 100 mins. Shazza moves into a modern New York appartment block. which has been the site of several murders. the perpetrator of which has been captured -— along with several other indiscretions - by the in-house surveillance system. Self-censorship has pretty much done

for the much-touted sex scenes in this supremely

empty pile of old poo passing itself off as a ‘psychosexual mystery'. Glasgow: MGM Film Centre. Edinburgh: MGM. All UCls.

I The SW05) (Stephen Frears. UK. 1993) Colm Meaney. Tina Kellegher. Ruth McCabe. 90 mins. Don't expect the plusher production values of The Commitments with the latest screen version of Roddy Doyle's novels; instead. enjoy

; a hilarious comedy that never loses sight of its 5 human heart. Sharon Curley announces her


pregnancy but not the name of the father. setting the small Barrytown community into uproar. but bringing her family closer together. A gem. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I Star Wars (PG) (Gorge Lucas. US. 1977) Mark Hamill. Carrie Fisher. Harrison Ford. Alec Guinness. 121 mins. A long time ago in a galaxy far away. a band of young heroes fight to rescue a princess and save her planet from destruction. Hugely influential and successful space epic: a modern fairytale with laser swords. Edinburgh: MGM.

I Strlctly Ballreou (PG) (Baz Luhrmann. Australia. 1991) Paul Mercurio. Tara Morice. Bill Hunter. 94 mins. Dancefloor hopeful Scott Hastings incurs the wrath of the Australian Dance Federation by using his own steps in competition. loses his panner and his friends. but finds love and artistic integrity-with the local wallflower. The ultimate feelgood movie. it is crammed with colour. glitter. music and spectacle. Strathclyde: UCI East Kilbride.

I Strike (U) (Sergei Eisenstein. USSR. 1924) Maxim Straukh. Grigori Alexandrov. Mikhail Gomorov. 70 mins. The Russian master‘s debut feature is a searing. epic account of the eternal struggle between proletariat and bourgeoisie. in which the hero is the masses: a potent symbol of collectivism. The editing is superb and the imagery. though crude (the slaughter of innocent workers cut with footage from an abattoir). has a stark beauty which transcends the ugliness it depicts. A rousing celebration of human strength and Russian stoicism. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I T8190 (15) (Patrice Leconte. France. 1993) Richard Bohringer. Philippe Noiret. Thierry Lhermitte. 88 mins. The wife of a pilot is having an affair. so the advice from his judge uncle is to enlist the services of a professional hitrnan. A provocative. breezy jest of a film that is unlike the tautly controlled. intimate drama of Monsieur Hire and The Hairdresser 's Husband. Fife: Adam Smith.

I Taxi 21. [lo ( 18) (Frank Ripploh. Germany. 1980) Frank Ripploh. Bernd Broaderup. Orpha Termin. 94 mins. The lifestyles of an ill-matched gay couple - one house-proud. the other happier out on the scene are shown as ‘different' but in no way perverse. While it reveals its low-budget and autobiographical roots. it still manages to dispel a few myths with its irony and wit. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Teenage Mutant lflnla Turtles 3 (PG) (Stuart Gillard. US. 1992) Elias Koteas. Paige Turco. Stuart Wilson. Another Turtles movie! A prOSpect as appealing as a pizza slice reheated for the third time. This they're back in 17th


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century Japan in order to save April. Fresh locations won't stall the diminishing returns as kid's fadish attentions have turned elsewhere. in a straight reptile vs reptile battle in the summer cinemas. those turtles are going to squashed under the dinosaurs feet. ninja skills or not. General release.

I The ten-m (18) (James Cameron. US. 1984) Arnold Schwarzenegger. Michael Biehn. Linda Hamilton. 107 mins. In 2029 machines have all but conquered the planet but a saviour is at hand in the form of a new human leader. The machines respond by sending Schwarzenegger‘s cyborg back in time to 1984 on a mission to kill the future leader's mother. Inventive. excitingly- paced science-fiction adventure with a notable performance from Amie in his first villainous role. Glasgow: MGM Film Centre.

I Terminator 2: w Day (15) (James Cameron. US. 1991) Arnold Swarzenegger. Linda Hamilton. Edward Furlong. Robert Patrick. 136 mins. The most expensive film ever made. In a reprogrammed role that says much about his changed image since the first movie. Arnie becomes the underdog fighting to protect mother and child from another more advanced cyborg. With an element of uncontrived human compassion lurking throughout the gloriously expensive action sequences. Glasgow: MGM Film Centre.

I Three lllnla Kid: (U) (Jon Turteltaub. US. 1993) Victor Wong. Michael Treanor. Chad Power. 84 mins. Three mini-martial artists use their grandfather's training to help their FBI agent dad nail a baddie. Sort of Home Alone meets the Turtles (minus the suits) as the youngsters in the audience cheer their on-screen heroes as they kick the poo-poo out of a startlingly inept adult world. Central: Allanpark. I to. and Jerry: The Merle (U) (Phil Roman. US. 1992) With the voices of Richard Kind. Dana Hill. Charlotte Rae. 84 mins. That's right: ‘with the voices of‘. The world‘s greatest cat and mouse act not only talk. but sing and dance their way through their first feature. as they cope with leaving home and being out on the streets. It will divert the kids. certainly. but life-long fans will be disappointed to see (and hear) these cultural icons expand beyond sublime five-minute burst of mayhem. Glasgow: Odeon. MGM Parkhead. Fife: Robins.

I Total lleeall (18) (Paul Verhoeven. US. 1990) Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sharon Stone. Michael


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