Wei at W ’s Sweet little may

I Getting a boost to their

careers (arf!) are Wet Wet

Wet, who are being

sponsored by Cadbury for

a giant gig at Alton l

Towers on 2 July 1994.

The 25,000 tickets will

only be available to those

who collect 3O wrappers

from a total of 60 million

(yes, 60 million) bars of

Crunchie. Wispa. Boost.

etc. The Wets release their

greatest hits so far album

on 8 November and

follow that up with a gig

in the SECC on 8

December, for which

tickets are available in the

more conventional


I New live music club Positive Thinking. upstairs at The Phoenix in Edinburgh on Friday nights, is seeking local up-and-coming bands of the more alternative persuasion to play there in the near future. Demos and stuff should be directed to Alec Hay. 47 Viewforth, Edinburgh

EH 10 4LA. Bands who play. he promises. will get paid.

I Iiot only that, but Radio 5‘s Earshot is continuing its commitment to Scottish i music in its regular l sessions. and they‘re on

the lookout for demos too. Demos should be sent to

the producer. Alan De Pellette. Earshot. Radio Scotland. Queen Margaret l Drive, Glasgow 612. 3

Bolt Gehlhaar

: The description oi something as an

‘interactive computer-controlled music environment’ may well leave you ilummoxed. And no wonder. ‘Sound = Space’, the computer music project which is the subject oi that description Is a recent development, is exciting and is about to visit

. Scotland ior the iirst time. Thanks to

ECAT - Edinburgh Contemporary Art Trust - the general public and lothian lleglon schoolchildren will be able to discover ior themselves just what it’s all about. For three afternoons, the installation, which has been developed by ex-Stockhausen assistant and composer lloli Gehlhaar, will be at Edinburgh’s Theatre

Music and motion

Workshop, with iree and open entry to 15. 2-5pm. WWI "I0 Nflomaflco 8‘ all who are interested, iollowed by a

perionnance at Edinburgh College oi Art. Introduced by ECAT Artistic Director Peter Nelson as slightly odd- ball, but a very interesting concept’, ‘Sound a Space’ Is a computer installation where the user creates sound by moving in space. ‘Gehlhaar has developed a sort oi radar system ior computer which plot where people are,’ explains lielson, ‘so that the computer can choreograph your movement.’

The idea originated irom Gehlhaar’s experiments with computer generated music in the 70s, leading to a desire to, as he says, ‘give people control without touching, where they could be tree without the intimidation oi a joystick or keyboard.’ So movements such as dancing, hopping, standing still or waving your arms about are all to be encouraged. ‘Sound a Space’ is a brilliantly typical example oi ECAT’s ilair in bringing to Scotland the latest outstanding developments in contemporary music in Europe and beyond. Their season, which is launched this month with ‘Sound a Space’, continues with a perionnance in Edinburgh each month through to April oi next year. Full details irom ECAT on 031 539 8877. (Carol Main) Sound - Space is at the Theatre Workshop, Edinburgh irom Wed 13-Erl |

Edinburgh College oi Art on Sat 16.

, Double reed

Mainstream clarinet tans are well served this issue, with two v distinguished American players irom

diiierent generations on the scene. The younger man, Ken Peplowskl, doubles on tenor saxophone, and ior my money is one oi the great

instrumentalist currently playing jazz , in a mainstream mode, although his work is flavoured with all kinds at

more contemporary nuances. Ii Peplowski is doing more than his

share to revitalise the ionn, Peanut

Ilucko was one oi the men who helped

to lay down the ioundations oi the

music in the iirst place. lie had

already accumulated a iair bit oi big

hand experience when he joined the

I Returning to Nico‘s in Glasgow for the

remaining Sundays in October, Expresso Bongo 1 - ‘Glasgow’s finest weekly mini-arts festival‘ - punting cabaret, jammed music. poetry and comedy to the populace. At the pre-club club time of 5-9pm, Expresso Bongo draws on a pool of talent I that includes Elias, The Nightcrawlers, The Fred i Quimby Quartet. Family 3 Love, Flex and Morph. The Colour Wheel, Big Dez, Brian Keliock and Sylvia Rae. But you'll have to turn up to see who's going to be doing their thing each night. Entry. happily. is free.

. Glenn Miller Army Air Force Band

during the war, a stint which made his name in swing circles. In quick succession, he played with

. Benny Goodman, Ray McKinley and

4 Eddie Condon, and later ieatured in Ali-Star outilt led by Goodman and

louis Armstrong In the late 50s. In the

ensuing years, he mainly led his own groups or played in the seli-eiiaclngly

. named World’s Greatest Jazz Band, as

well as occasionalstlnt with the 3 Glenn Miller Orchestra.

lie is more old iashloned in his

f approach than Peplowski, and his

playing has remained iirme rooted in 3 traditional jazz and swing, which in

turn ionned the basis oi the smaller

group ionn generally known as

j mainstream. Peplowski may be taking the music to newer pieces while

remaining aware oi the tradition, but Peanut llucko knows at iirst hand exactly where it has been.

For this tour, Ilucko will lead a stellar band which brings together some oi the best mainstream players around, including Australian trumpeter Bob Bernard, pianist Mark Shane, Canny Moss on saxophone, and Iloy Williams on trombone. The rhythm section ieatures guitarist James Cirillo, Phil Flanlgan on bass, and drummer Mark Manlatt. (Kenny Methleson)

The Peanut Ilucko Angle-American All-Stars play at The Queen’s Hell in Edinburgh on Fri 15, and the City ilall in Glasgow on Sun 17. lien Peplowekl is at the Society oi Musicians In Glasgow on Wed 13.

.‘v-mbuu ,Rw ~. ._ s a

:N . i .

No kidding

Craig McLean pierces the soft white underbilly of multi-functional, omni- directional rappers The Goats.

Chaos theory has it that a shrew scratching its armpit in Tasmania will set offa chain reaction that will culminate in all rap bands being duff on 5 stage. Ranting braggadocio. skulking functionaries, a really funky backing tape. Dullsville. An old saw but a true one. still. But maybe that shrewjust scratched its belly—button by mistake. Maybe eight guys on stage. bouncing, l n'ffmg,jamming. feeding off each other, pumping devilishly funny ; diatn'bes. is the end-result of controlled 3 chaos. Maybe The Goats are a new spin-off off-shoot of rap‘s explosion of ideas. Maybe there’s something to this ‘hiphopera’ after all. Maybe that shrew was wearing a baseball cap.

Maybe The Goats are asleep in a van in a car park somewhere in darkest , Wales. Such is the weary lot ofthe ' traveller on the trans-Europe express. J

30 The List 8—21 October 1993