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The Goats. a multi-functional, omni- directional rap group from Philadelphia, are midway through a tour with Fishbone and Bad Brains. It was Paris two days ago, Lampeter tonight. Present at neither was/is OaTie, one of The Goats‘ three lightning rappers. ‘He, uh. he couldn‘t make the tour right now.‘ fudges Pierce Temay. ‘He‘s going through some stuff back home. We‘re filling in for him right now. There‘s a little more room on stage.‘

Maybe eight guys on stage, bouncing, rifting, jamming, feeding off each other,

§ makes speaking to a key instrumentalist - that bit more palatable. But only a bit.

, Maybe one of the rappers. one of those ; responsible for the acre-wide

political/economic/social/humorous scope of The Goats‘ Tricks Of The Shade album could come up with more

3 than ho-hum truisms along the lines of the US government (‘They‘re all

fascists‘), Clinton (‘The lesser oftwo evils'), The Goats (‘They don‘t shove

any ideals down anyone's throats').

Maybe not. No matter. Tricks Of The

Shade will suffice, since its 70 minutes contain enough polemics and dynamics

to entirely excuse the in-interview pat

platitudes. Tricks Of The Shade is an

epic narrative. an odyssey featuring two

agenda-setting, barrier-rushing bands

' (‘anything goes’ is the watchword in , this new. come-all-ye musical

; movement funk meets rap meets

metal meets funk again, all talk the

same language), The Goats return to

Philadelphia to begin recording their second album. Joe ‘The Butcher' Nicolo. of Philly's Ruff House

Records, is again in the producer‘s seat.

He's recently worked with Cypress Hill and DiSposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy. Rage Against The Machine are next in line after The Goats. In one studio

alone the new political undercurrent. the new street-level agenda. is being set. America‘s and the world's

decaying economic/social/political


I Carol Laula is out and about, promoting her new LP, Precious Little Victories. On Monday ll she plays an acoustic set at HMV, Princes Street, Edinburgh followed by the autographing of copies. Turn up at 4pm for the whole thing.

I Postponement: Deacon Blue's autumn tour has been rescheduled for April next year. The Scottish dates are: Magnum Centre, lrvine on 21 April. Playhouse, Edinburgh on 22 April, Capitol, Aberdeen on 23 April and Caird Hall, Dundee on l8 May.

I Broadcast news: If you're snuggling down in front of the telly with your freshly-bought copy of The List, turn to BBCZ quick and you might just catch The Lost Soul Band going through their paces on The Late Show

(1 1.15pm). Their appearance on the show, though shunted back to November by poetry slots,

2 young brothers, Chicken Little and

Hangerhead, and their search for their mother in the maze of ‘Uncle Scam’s : Federally Funded Welfare Freak 5 ; Show‘. This is America by any other suffice, slncg Its 70 minutes 1 name, it's a Loony Tunes cartoon caper

contain enough polemics and in the hands of The Goats. the sketchy ' ‘, skits between tracks there to provide dynamics to ontlmly excuse 2 light relief and throw into sharp relief the ln'lnterflaw Plat"wa. ; the trenchancy of the message. ‘RU

order better brace itself. has been moved forward

again, at short notice. of course, to Thursday 7.

pumping devilishly tunny diatribes, is the end-result of controlled chaos.

Tricks 0! The Shade will , I All so we bid farewell

to TLn, the once-mighty editorially independent organ of the Tennents Live! sponsorship scheme. The final issue appeared at the end of AugusL Details are sketchy. and the

Pierce Temay is guitarist with The Goats. He is not Madd, Swayzack or OaTie (who, it would appear. has decided to stay home to continue his

day job as a lawyer in San Franciso). Now, ordinarily being offered the guitarist in a rap group as an interviewee would fall some way short of what is required in the way of interest. intrigue and relevance. The fact that The Goats are a loose stew of funk. rock. jazz and pneumatic rhythms

' down wit da Coats, and we're here to

i cut throats,‘ they catcall (confusingly). 1 ‘l‘m not your typical Amen'kkkan,‘

E they fulminate. ‘lt's not not bad for a

l nigger, it's not not bad for a dago,‘ they l sneer, taking the mickey out of their

i own lineage.

I Straight after this triple-bill tour of

Now who's spouting the pious

i platitudes? Forget the chit chat. Get wit da Goats.

The Goats play with F ishbane and Bad

i Brains a! The Barrawland. Glasgow on I Wed I3.

decision-makers hard to track down, but rumours suggest that the magazine was shelved after Tennents Live decided to redirect their funds towards a large music event to take place next year.

The List 8—21 October 1993 31