l ‘00 you looking at?’ Tattoos, racist violence and intimidatory action sequences. No it’s not another South London council election, but the video release of the controversial Romper Stomper. See Video listings.

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I Hardcore with dreads, who says American bands are scared to genre hop? Bad Brains support the equally rad Fishbone at Glasgow Barrowland. See Rock listings.

l Former Brookside star Ricky Tomlinson (left) turns woollyback in Ken loach’s acclaimed new lilm Raining Stones. See Film preview.

' ‘I vote Labour. To me voting Labour is : like wiping your bottom. I can‘t say 1

1 like doing it but you've got to because 5 you‘ll be in a worse mess if you don't.‘

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‘l went to do an interview with Elvis Costello wearing cowboy boots and a green velvet jacket. and his manager threatened to murder me. So I went home and cut my hair and threw away thejacket‘

How former Q magazine editor Mark Ellen lived to launch Mojo, the rock mag for fortysomethings.

Comedian Jeremy Hardy explains why anal fixation is a political issue.

‘It is not technically possible to produce teams containing players of different pigmentations according to the production processes Subbuteo uses}

A spokesman for games manufacturer Waddington responding to complaints that its table football league teams

‘I don‘t pretend to know how young people think. i do know that. generally speaking. ifyou give them something that looks like it's going somewhere and meaning something. that they will be attracted to it. Now this happened in

Germany.’ Septuagenarian writer William S. Burroughs on the youth of today.

‘To me the greatest recommendation for living on this planet is that Amanda

Word presenter Mark Lamarr puts professirmalism above personalities.

rile List 8—21 October I993 3'