I lanes (Channel 4) lO—iO.30pm. When Gina’s sister comes to town. Hank offers to show her around the hospital. and she seems over-eager to test the beds.

I Olive Anderson Talks Back (Channel 4) 10.30—1 1.10pm. The naked-bonced smugster returns with a new series of chat and gags. The trouble with the ceaselessly self-satisfied Clive is that his guests are usually treated as foils for the Anderson ‘wit‘. viz continuous banal interruptions. Tonight’s victims are Sir David Frost and Gore Vidal.

I Dr Terror’s Vault 0t Horror: Thins 0t Evil/Terror From The Year 5000 (BBC 1) ll. lSpm—i.55am. lt’s Ladies Night in the vault. with a double-bill of female terror. opening with a tale of identical twins. one of whom is a vampire. The trick is guessing which. Terror F mm The Year 5000 features a time-machine arriving from the future beating a hideously- disftgured woman with a vital mission.


I Casualty (BBCI) 8—8.50pm. Dipso receptionist Norma receives a date for her disciplinary hearing. and a plea for attention by a teenage girl goes tragically wron .

I Dame Edna’s Neighbourhood Watch (Scottish) 8.35—9.05pm. Dame Edna continues her gleefully offensive voyeuristic peak into other people’s homes.

I Video Diaries: Rebel Without A Pause (BBC2) ll.lOpm—l2.10am. 77-year-old Irishman Bob Doyle lives in Neasden where he struggles to keep alive the memory of the lntemational Brigade. with whom he fought Fascism in the Spanish Civil War.

I nanny Baker Atter All (BBC 1) ll.20—midnight. The cockney chirpster

struggles through another mélange of

; chat. music and gaggery.

I Out There: Capercaillle (Scottish)

5 l2.05—12.35am. A profile of the

increasingly popular Highland folk-

I rockers with footage shot in the recording

i studio and at last year‘s Edinburgh Festival. Look out for a catneo appearance

1 by our hirsute controversialist Craig McLean.

SUNDAY17 ~ -

I Heartbeat (Scottish) 7.30—8.3(lpm. 9 Nick Berry stars in the soft-centred ' Yorkshire cop series set in the 60s. I Here’s One I Made Earlier (BBC2) 7.40—8.20pm. To mark the 35th anniversary of Blue Peter. this is a compilation of glorious moments. memories and appraisals of the ground- breakineg twee kids‘ show. See preview. I Screen One: Wall 0t Silence (BBC I) 9.05—10.35pm. Bill Paterson stars as PC Howard Mullen in a drama from comedy duo Marks and Gran. When a body is discovered stabbed through the eyes. Mullen believes it is a ritual execution according to ancient Hasidic Jewish law. I Drugstore Cowboy (Channel 4) lO—l 1.55pm. Matt Dillon and Kelly Lynch star in Gus Van Sant's tale of 70s junkies attempting to clean up their act. A reasonably convincing stab at depicting the dope-fiend underclass. with a fine central performance from Dillon. I The South Bank Show (Scottish) 10.45—l l.45pm. A profile of legendary bluesman John Lee Hooker. looking at the enduring influence of his music.


I Cracker (Scottish) 9—l()pm. The second part of the three-part drama ’12) Say I Love

You. stoning Robbie Coltrane as

temperamental psychologist Fitz. called in

to deal with a young couple on the


! I Newman And Baddiel In Pieces

(BBC2) iO—iO.30pm. The Mary

Whitehouse Experience pair continue their

indie-rock parodies and personal

3 inadequacy (plenty of material there lads)- related gags.

l I The Good Sex Guide (Scottish)

l0.35——l 1.05pm. Margi Clarke hosts

another half-hour of smutty innuendo

masquerading as information.


E I Tales Of The City (Channel 4) 9-lOpm. The Armistead Maupin 70s San Francisco

saga continues. Mary Ann and Norman celebrate his birthday. while Jon meets

Beauchamp at the bath-house.

j I The Smell 0t Reeves And Mortimer

, (BBC2) 9-9.30pm. Vic and Bob continue

2 to sing paeans to their favourite aromas

and introduce us to a host of new characters.

I Between The lines (BBC!) 9.25—l0.25pm. Neil Pearson stars as Det

. Supt Tony Clark in the acclaimed drama about the Police Complaints Investigation

Bureau. Tough. witty and imaginative. it's several cuts above most police series. I Omnibus: The Russian Striptease (BBCl) l0.30—l 1.30pm. A report on Russian women who have found well- paid jobs as strippers is tacked on to an appraisal of Russian artists in a rather blatant attempt to give an arts documentary a titillatory aspect.


I King Solomon’s Mines (Scottish) 8—l0pm. A dire attempt at turning Rider , Haggard‘s classic adventure into an

lndiana Jones-style blockbuster. Richard Chamberlain is wimpishiy ineffectual as hero Allan Quarterrnain. and Sharon Stone under-used as a daft female who needs rescuing all the time. A bunch of comic Germans naturally show up with spiked helmets and guttural accents to the fore.

I Screenplay: Not Even God is Wise Enough (BBC2) 9—l0pm. An anarchic romp through a day in the life of a black Londoner. Busi (Paterson Joseph) ecapes from police custody and sets out to find his estranged father. En route Busi is sidelined by fantasy and harsh reality. The first screenplay from Nigerian-bom writer Biyi Bandele-Thomas.


I Focal Point (BBCI) 8.30—9pm. A topical investigative report from the award-winning BBC Scotland team, tonight investigating the treatment of breast cancer.

I I8 Special (Scottish) 7-7.30pm. A repeat of the Sporran Aflairs show looking at the Highland Games phenomenon and asking whether they are a genuine part of Scottish heritage.

I All In The Game (Scottish) 9-lOpm. The first in a six-part series written by Stan Hey from an original idea by Gary Lineker. It follows the exploits of an English footballer who is tranferred to Barcelona. See preview.

I Film 0n Four: ilear My Song (Channel 4) lOpm-midnight. Peter Cheisom‘s engaging musical comedy takes as its basis the search for tenor Joseph Locke, who is on the run from the taxman. Locke is the only man who can save Adrian Dunbar’s job as a music-hail manager, and. by extension. his romance with Tara Fitzgerald. A warm and witty tale with a forgivable sentimentality.



drinks will be served.


before the event.




7 pm. James Thin, 53-59 South Bridge, Edinburgh

Readings by three of the authors from the new collection of short stories, Three Kinds of Kissing: Scottish Short Stories. Wine and soft

(Contact: Patricia Britton - 031 556 6743.)

7 - 8 pm. Edinburgh Central Library, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh Meet the author. Alasdair Gray Will be reading from and talking about his new book Ten Tales Tall and True.

Free tickets available from Edinburgh Central Library from 15 minutes

(Contact: Stephen Morgans - 031 225 5584.)

7 8 pm. The Stockbridge Library, Hamilton Place, Edinburgh The author of Explorations in Wood will give a talk on Tim Stead’s sculpture and furniture, illustrating it with slides and sculpture. Free tickets from Stockbridge Library.

(Contact: Margaret Mortimer - (131 332 2173.)


8.30 pm. Mornin side Library, 184 Morningside Road, Edinburgh Author reading, rom his new short story collection In (1 Dark Room with a Stranger, and discussion. Refreshments available.

(Contact: Aileen McLachlan - 031 447 1180.)

For a free brochure and further information on the fortnight, please contact the Scottish Book Marketing Group, Scottish Book Centre, 137 Dundee Street, Edinburgh EH11 lBG Tel: 031 228 6866.

68 The List 8-21 October I993

David Gemmell

will read from and sign copies of

Druss the Legend £14.99

| Legend: A Graphic Novel £9.99

Waylander 11 £4.99


Friday, 15th

October 6pm

\\\ \\\‘s.\\\\\\\\\.l\\\\\ i\\\\\\\\\\\\\ '\\\\:'

James Thin, 53/59 South Bridge, I- Edinburgh, Tel. 031 556 6743