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The Gorbals initiative is using the £150 million regeneration of the Gorbals to pilot an innovative, environmentally based programme offering employ-

ment, training and personal development. An eXClllng Opporlunlly To rUn the This new approach to addressing the needs of ¢ Traverse cafe

unemployed individuals, local companies and the . . community offers exciting opportunities for the TO receive 0 COPY Oi: Tender documents The L1.“ need a

right People ' : contact. I driver to help with To ensure the success of this programme we need . ' i the distribution of

two committed, creative and experienced stall to worlt Tessa Rennie i [h . i e magazme every

in a strong team in a fast developing organisation. pRoJECT LEADER Traverse Theatre fortnight. Ideally

£|6,7|0 - {I 8,255 (pay award pending). Cambridge Street you Should be over Initial I2 month contract. Edinburgh 23, Glasgow-based MANAGER COMMUNITY EH] 2ED an? have? full clean DEVELOPMENT i drivmg licence. For “4,580 - mam (pay award pending) 03‘ 228 3223 i more information To work with organisations in the community call

and to develop economic projects. Knowledge of envi- ronmental, media and participatory processes needed. Post funded until July T995.

In addition to these we also need:

JOB CLUB LEADER 03,500 22 hours pro-rata

To help clients develop the

Scotland's award-winning international

orchestra seeks a Creative Colour Repro Ltd.


Production/Tm icController ReSponsible for print production on in-house DTP.

Experienced Production/Traffic Controller

skills required to succeed in secur-

ing employment. Further details from

Laurieston Job Centre on . . , , to com lement our eXisttng . , .

041-420 I303. Closing date teanEthaz-d working 1' Involvement Ill all other elements of the SCOs marketing

October 15th I993. m individuals in Edinburgh. " S I , h f £8 500 {I I 000 Being able to work to tight Strategy' aary 'n t 9 range 0 v o - deadlines on advertising and belowthglmepmjedsapea Please telephone 03| 557 6800

:;:::::::::;;:::::5§5§§EE:...........;::::::::::: Fri-pp for application details and description. ~ 3 Ifyou possessall these Closing date for applications Friday 22 October.

disciplines and more, please

:7“: r‘3P1)’i“ the 515* instance ‘01 , Interview date Monday | November. ' ' Stewart Ford, .4" .‘ ANT CCreatilvce (30101316 1125p“; Ltd.t _:_; 9mm our“ e” “‘99 ' T/Jr’ 8C0 is an equal opportzmitres employer. 1 C40 2P0 ' £10,854 pa. “58°”

_-- An energetic, enthusiastic and highly motivated . .'“. .. person is required to provide a wide range of i - secretarial and administrative support at our

.f. Lealthcare

_-'__ i You should have experience oi working with :7: spreadsheets as well as the ability to produce ,’ '_ ' _‘ accurate documentation and correspondence.

if: Excellent communication, administrative and l

-_:_- WP skills are essential as is the ability to work

: ' d rt l . .

- ;: on your own Tm 05 p0 ° 0 mm £12,149 - £17,291 (Dependent on experience)

_:-;_— We olier a Wide range ol benefits, including . . . .

__.___:_. 25 days, annual leave and ‘3 days, public The Graphics Section of Fife Healthcare Health Promotion Department :1“: ho'. . . . . . is continuing to develop and is looking for a skilled and imaginative person _. _ Iday. This post is suitable lor Iob sharing. . . . .

3:: _ . to support the Senior Graphic DeSIgner, based at Glenrothes, Fife.

-: Shelter Scotland aims to prowde equa/ity of . . . .

_.: : : ' [my] M 'h its work Wm, You Will be required to work to a high standard making full use of Core] .75 homeless people and in mifing 'he “a” who Draw, Ventura Publisher and Microsoft Word.

man-[burg no that work poop]. aim Your work will be varied, though essentially involving the production of :: Caribou: andAsian on'gh an cunmtiy a wide range of materials including leaflets, posters, static displays and W alibi; [an] a! M. training packs. You must be able to advise clients, develop a brief and work :53 Titanium, we pafiaflaiy W to a successful conclusion within the minimum of supervision. 1:; R?“ Relafions i A recognised graphic design qualification is essential along with a 3:; Act 7 976 exernphon 38 Mb) OPP’Ies. strong portfolio. Ref No: CC419/1'L

;,-E F“ 0" OPPllCOfiO" Pfid‘ Please lelepl‘OMI ; Closing date for applications is 18 October 1993. interviews will take _:‘_: 03] 3T 3 l5§0. Closing date: l3ll‘l October place on 26 October 1993,

E 123.1% Inml 'wn be held on wednesday For information packages for above posts please contact (0592) 714838, E_ answering service, quoting appropriate Ref No.

_—: Shelter, 8 Hampton Terrace, Edinburgh EH] 2 5.10. . .

_ Rog. Co. No. 1038133 Rog. Chem), No. 263710. Applications for the above posts by CV. to the Personnel

Department, Fife Healthcare Headquarters, Cameron House,

: 3 Cameron Bridge, Leven, Fife, KY8 SRG.


~ . . .- ......

The List 8—2l October 1993 73