Seven Songs For Malcolm X - Books and videos to be won

This film mixes recent interviews with Malcolm X‘s friends and family. archive material and dramatic reconstructions to produce an account of his rise from street hood to major figure of American black conciousness and finally to his assasination in 1965. The three winners of the competition will receive a copy of the Seven Songs for Malcolm X video and Malcolm X's autobiography (Penguin Books £5.99). Simply supply the answer to this question:

Who played Malcolm X in Spike Lee's film of his life?

Send answers. which must reach us by Monday 26 October. to MALCIIM X COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE, enclosing your name, address and daytime telephone number.

Win bottles of Snapple!

Apparently it's a big hit with the kids on the beaches of Miami and hip New Yorkers Snapple is a new fruit-flavoured ice tea dn'nk guaranteed free of colouring and preservatives. We are giving away a couple of bottles to the first twenty readers who correctly answer the following question:

New York is nicknamed after a common fruit. Which is it?

Send answers. which must reach us by Monday 26 October, to SHAPPLE COMP, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE, enclosing your

name. address and daytime telephone number.

Win a Rising Sun T- shirt and book!

Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes play two detectives investigating the murder of woman who is found dead in the midst of a party thrown by a huge Japanese corporation. The killing has been recorded on security cameras but the murder cannot be easily identified . . . Five people can win a liising Sun T-shirt and a copy of the original book by Michael Crichton by answering this question:

Another Michael Crichton book was recently turned into the blockbuster movie to end them all. What was the name of the film?

Send answers. which must reach us by Monday 26 October, to HISIHC SIIH COMP, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE, enclosing your name, address and daytime telephone number.

Corduroy - the T-shirt and OD

Hip record label Acid Jazz has just signed funky groovers Corduroy and premium cider brand Brody is sponsoring a club tour by the band. You stand to get a goody bag of Oomdroy gear including T- shirt and CD, plus a bottle of Brody’s to wash them down. Take a copy of The List to their Wilkie House gig in Edinburgh om 14 October; the first two get the prize and the next four get a consolation bottle of

' bottleofehupagoeJhowepafterosolnoa

ROMEO AflO JULIET The firstle cenpieswitb booked tlchefsferlioleeaeddelietaada oopyof The Listwbo arrive atthe citizeas’ win a

TuesdayIOOctoberaIdgetotheboxoiflceto collect your prize.



Two Edinburgh restaurants - The Atrium and the Vintners Rooms - are offering ten per cent off a meal to readers of The list who book a table between 7 October and 7 November. The offer covers food and house wine - mention The List when booking. The Atrium, Traverse Theatre foyer, Cambridge Street, 228 8882. Vintners liooms, The Vaults, St Giles Street, 554 6767.

EtllllO MAROHETTO Five pairs of tickets are available to . see Eealo " Marchetto at the Pavilion, Glasgow on 11 October at 7.30pm. Shply seed a copy of this voucher to sumo OFFER, The list, 14 illgh Street, Edinburgh Elli 1TE, together with your we, address and daythe phoae number. The first five out of the hat get the tickets.

RAININO STONES The Cameo, Edinburgh has organised a free screening of Ken loach’s black comedy Raining Stones about the recession- hit north of England. The showing is on 9 October at 10.30am - simply turn up with a copy of The list at the box office 15 minutes before the start. See Film listings for details.


HOME STREET 0 TOLlCROSS 0 TEL 031-22. 4141


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The List 8-21 October 1993 79