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Faced with the likelihood of unemployment once they had graduated from Cardonald College’s , , mm and w com,” this me" on, You can t mp down to the shop. You “new” Gram we» and Pam, can’t even make a quick call yourself. ornou'k. took tho rim do “i mth Because you’re waiting, waiting, trumpet“ by the Mules" waiting for the phone to ring With that independents and decided to shoot ali‘mpen‘m‘ message. A"? the lenget the" "m unplug“. pm", no you wait, the more your mind devises ocean, In Glasgow on "mac "dam :5 ndlculous scenarios concerning why he so .8 this going to be scm'an‘is Gran. Webb directs Jim Itcl’liee and or she hasn’t got round to dialing your ans”, m a “mm”? W 3'" number. Such a melee of paranoia and I As An Eileen: Mike Alexander‘s do“, w we had “my "claim mush“ product by mum, "hm. expectation is the heart of Probabilities Gaelic language film As An Eilean has we“. isaying that, n '0 mm u, so my um than N. am“ “I. festival Concerning Telephone Conversations been chosen to close the Raindance back and a“ up what was" spent, " “tantra”,an Mlonal Won”, Number 2, a ten-minute 16mm film to Film Festival in London, the UK's first would mommy come to a couple of and television companies [or be ShOi ill and around Edinburgh in independent film festival and market, thousand. we!" been you lucky somnlnos, It’s certalnly no mid'Novemberb)’ Dave MitChcu- All set up to promote new British, US and because we“ managed m Im" in 3 mm...” anal, as {at as an acting MSc Film student at the Scottish Film intemationai films. This showcase tot of {moms and mm magnum“ to, 13 “new”; the lad ml. 3 may“ School, Mitchell's Probabilities screening is particularly encouraging as [mama “embody was" spoken m by scam,“ “to, Jim “com, who Concerning Telephone Conversations _ the film was ‘disinvited' from the said it couldn’t be do”, but m am has nan small roles In nooln flood; Number 1 is currently in Post- London Film Festival when the a" pooplo who amfl actually doing Pllnc. of “my” and sun" production after having been shot by organisers discovered it had already anything about it themselves. it soderbergh’s Kafka, and the ViSiO" 0" Te'eVlSiO" in England- becn broadcast on Grampian Television nothing else, we’ve proved that it can supporting cast is made up of around Before Shooting Commencesv ‘he earlier this Women The Roindance be done. There seems to be a hard 30 professionals and newcomers. wmcr'dlmm‘ 5”” “eeds the PhYSiea' screening takes Place at the Prince l core of people coming up now who are ‘We figured we’d do a love story “dents or five Chippendale types for 3 Charles Cinema at 6.30pm on Friday fed up' with the lack of industry in this because we didn’t have a lot of money couple of scenes as We" as £1000 to 22 Octobet- country, and so people like ourselves to spend on big car chases and Cover 905‘ Production COSlS- The I email: Workshop Sessions. are lost going out and doing it, making effects,’ continues Webb, ‘and so we completed mole“ Wl” be entered “"0 intemationai features and shorts make low budget films, wanted something that would be Various festivals and lie)“ years 10 X up the moving image contribution to i The film - a love story that centres performance-led. Peter and l are first ’0 senes- Dave Mitchell can be Glasgow’s gay and lesbian festival. The .l on a teacher who begins a love affair and foremost filmmakers, so when we contacted at the 5Com“ Film Seheel Glasgow Film Theatre showcase with a brilliant but rebellious pupil - wrote this, we knew the limitations. on 03' 220 1382/4 (AM) includes first run screenings of Ang finishes shooting as this issue of The There was no way we were going to v Lee's US/Taiwan comedy The Wedding list hits the shelves. The filmmaking write Gone With The Wind, then _ Banquet. a welcome return of searing l duo, who operate under the name wonder how the hell we were going to French drama Savage Nights and the Catspaw Films, hope to have a make it. (AM)

first Glasgow cinema screening Derek M Jarman's Blue, which won the Michael _ Powell Award for Best British Feature '

at the 1993 Edinburgh intemationai The wealth of Scotland’s film and Film Festival. Blue, a moving, personal television talent will be celebrated at account of living with HIV and AIDS, , . _ I a _ the second BAFTA Scotland Awards, was recently broadcast simultaneously is" ‘53: ':';'".r!.:$' Tr r.“ . i' ' *9 which will take place on Thursday 4 on Channel 4 and Radio 3, but the true ‘33s - ' November at GlangW’s Moat House

Hotel. in the presence of HRH The Princess Royal, President of the Academy, seventeen awards will be presented as part of a ceremony that will be broadcast by BBC Scotland for transmission on Sunday 6 November. The film nominations are: Best Feature Film: As An Eilean, Blue Black Permanent and Soft Top, Hard

effect of the monochrome screen and stereo soundtrack can only be fully appreciated in a cinema sitting. Other screenings consist of L Is For The Way You Look, a programme of four lesbian shorts and a women‘s all-nighter, with the likes of Desert Hearts and Calamity Jane. More details can be found in the listings, index and feature.

I 1 Cinema ilear You: Scottish r- - Shoulder.

Television’s late night cinema The closure of m'mmlg ml catapufled us Into Ming Ghost Best Short Film: A Small Deposit, programme, hosted by Allan Campbell, works may have my. “my no" name.) Franz Kafka is It's A Wonderful Life and is back on air at the new time of blow for heavy industry north of the When their project was relented for Sealladlt The Vision, .

11.30pm on Saturdays. The show on 23 now", but it has induce“, been m. gunning, 5mm. and dmctoy mm, Best Film Actor: Peter Capaldr for Soft Oct will heavily feature the French [mtmlon my two scouts]. "tenant In“ that, comm” savings ' Top. Hard Shoulder, Robert Carlyle for Film Festival, and will include fllling hm, Itch and (and mcnamis student grant) to Rifl-Rafl, and Alan Cumming for interviews. shot at the Festival's Pans Graeme Campbell of Artemis Films. complete the film. Other obstacles had Prague-

launch, with the likes of Jean-Paul The" 25.nan gum" ghost nan“, to be outcome; mused misfit,“ to Best Film Actress: Elaine Collins for Rappeneau. Claude Sautet. Coline follows Curran, a redundant steel film at iiavenscraig, they shot at Clyde 50ft TOP- Hard Shoulder» Gerda Season and French critic Micth worker played by Andrew McCulloch, Shaw’s private steel plant; dismissed Stevenson for Blue Black Permanent Ciment. whose moral code is disturbed when by British iiail, they filmed the and Tilda Swmton for Orlando and

I EIFF Box Office: Now that all the he meets a political extremist with a gripping climax at the Bo’ness and Man To Man- . ,

sums are done, the 1993 Edinburgh violent solution for his predlomnt Klnngu Railway. A3 a Want to Other categories include Best Single International Film Festival has Proved ‘lt angered me that Scottish cinema their endeavours, however, Ghost Drama (Crime Story? The Brim” Aflain to be the most successful yet. with has so blatame ignored the liancer has since won the McTaggart The Bottle Man The long Roads}, Best admiSSions jumping by over 42 per cent catastrophic changes forced onto Film Award, and should attract funding Drama Seties 0" Senal (Doctor Finlay, and box emce returns UP 44 Per cent. Scotland over the last decade,’ for the brothers’ other projects. (AM) Taggart- Te” We Hear“) and awards This year 25,678 tickets were sold for it explains the film’s producer ammo for Best Documentary, Best Current healthy £87,862. EIFF Director Penny carnelian, inns, and the mm m... a Ghost cancer will be premiered at Affairs Programme. Best Ans Thomson, in her second year, was redundant steel worker that l as a Glasgow University’s liunterlan Art Programmer BeSi Light Entertainment particularly pleased to note that illnimdter could voice his anger and Gallery at 7.30m on Wednesday 3 Programme. Best TeleVlSiO“ Aeior and advance sales had increased by a an” of my“ In a way that "number, Tickets (£2) [m 041 357 Actress, The Herald Television staggering 95 per cent in just two years. petitions and marches never could, 1727. Journalist Awafd- (AM)

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