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Flt-s seraealeg thls tortalght are listed below with certificate, credits, brief review and sense details. Fell length mleeseteeutaleassscaebetoeal la the listings sectio- elel follows. Fllsi tales scanned by Alan Mom.

I I M Il’Elle (PG) (Jean-Loup Hubert. France. 1992) Antoine Hubert. Olivia Munoz. Therese Liotard. 108 mins. A semi- autobiographical movie set in the 605 from the director of Le Grand Chemin. this is story of adolescent love told with much feeling. When he is hospitalised with a broken leg. fourteen-year- old Antoine begins a romance with his classmate Olivia. who acts as a surrogate teacher. French Film Festival. Glasgow:GFI‘. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I hellish beefs-«08) (Claude Chabrol. France. 1988) Isabelle Huppert. Francois Cluzet. Nils Tavemier. 100 mins. Huppert is superb as the last woman to be guillotined in France. during the Second World War. for illegally procuring abortions. Chabrol widens out the subject matter to build an incisive psychological and social study of male intolerance and women's rights. Highly praised in France and in the US. this is its first UK screening. French Film Festival. Glasgow: GFI‘. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I "h (12) (Otorno Katsuhiro. Japan. 1989) Animated by Nakamura Takashi. with the voices of Iwata Mitsue. Sasaki Nozomu. Koyarna Marni. lshida Taro. 124 mins. Based on the multi-volume graphic novel by Otorno. Akira is a mythical. futuristic tale of post-holocaust Tokyo. where pill-popping biker kids begin to unearth a government project designed to exploit the psychic and telekinetic powers of a group of laboratory-bound children. Superbly animated. with a fantastic visual and narrative imagination. but you'd be well advised to know something of the plot before on see it. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I II M M Til. (PG) (Jane Carnpion. New Zealand. 1990) Keny Fox. Alexia Keogh. Karen Fergussson. 158 mins. Campion‘s follow- up to her remarkable debut Sweetie is a lengthy treatment of her compatriot Janet Frame's autobiographical trilogy of novels. originally made for television. Following Frame's life from awkward childhood and teenage years. through university (where she was diagnosed as schizonphrenic) and bohemian travels in Europe. to her adult achievements as a writer. the film offers a subtle depiction of mental illness and is superbly conceived and acted throughout. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I In“ I!” (15) (Diane Kurys. France. 1992) lsabelle Huppert. Bernard Giradeau. Hippolyte Giradot. 104 mins. A novelist shares her live-in lover with his previous partner until she meets a groovy guitarist. A neatly observed and emotionally tangled tale of screwed up thirtysornethings from the first name in intelligent slush. Central: MacRobert

I I.“ m (15) (Manuel Sanchez. , France. 1993) Simon de la Brosse. Dominique Pinon. Charles Schneider. 95 mins. Three daydreamers steal the statue ofSt Bernadette in Nevers and try to sell it as they go on picaresque adventures down the Loire valley. French Film Festival. Glasgow: GFT. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Any of hit-05) (Sam Raimi. US. 1992) Bnice Campbell. Embeth Davidtz. Marcus Gilbert. 109 mins. First the definitive video nasty. then the definite slapstick horror comedy. now the definitive disappointment. Picking up from where Evil Dead 2 left off. with Ash (Canmbell) and chainsaw arm in the Middle Ages. it all runs out of steam as it tries its best to please. Fife: Adam Smith. IMImm) (Pino Van Lamsweerde. France. 1986) With the voices of Jack Beaber. Bill Kearns. Graham Bushnell. 89 mins. The Romans have invaded Britain and only one village refuses to surrender. Their chief sends a message to his distant cousin Asterix the Gaul. who rushes to the rescue with his sizeable colleague Obelix and a bottle of secret potion. Along the way. he acquires a bag of special herbs said to have remarkable revivifying powers and this ‘tea’ proves immensely popular with the Brits. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Id um (18) (Abel Ferrara. US. 1992) Harvey Keitel. Frankie Thorne. Zoe Lund. 96 mins. Areturntourbansleaze by masterofthe genre Abel Ferrara. A NYPD cop (Keitel). in

debt due to drugs. alcohol and gambling addiction. is intrigued by a big money reward in the case of a raped nun. Harsh. powerful. but filled with a religious orthodoxy. this is a reminder of the director at his best (Angel of Vengeance. Driller Killer) and should be picked up by Reservoir Dogs fans. Edinburgh: Odeon. I H (U) (David D. Hand. US. 1942) 69 mins. Disney at his cutest. purest best. A baby fawn enjoys life in the forest with his friends (Thumper the rabbit is surely one of Disney's most memorable creations). grows up. has a run- in with Man. and becomes Great Prince of the Forest. Nice animation. with touches of extreme tweeness. and a massive hankie count when Bambi's mum dies. Edinburgh: UCl.

I III lee (15) (Christian Vincent. France. 1992) lsabelle Cane. Judith Remy. Elsa Zylberstein. 92 mins. Four young medical students hire a seaside villa prior to sitting some crucial exams. Improvised scenes shift this away slightly from Rohmer territory into a realm filled with quiet looks and wry smiles. French Film Festival. Glasgow: GFI‘. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I “my II Jean (12) (Jeremiah Chechick. US. 1993) Johnny Depp. Mary Stuart Masterson. Aidan Quinn. 98 mins. This off-centre romance between a mentally ill young woman and an eccentric who thinks he's wandered out of a silent comedy would have us believing that anyone with mental problems is a '1oveab1e Ioony'. At times the film seems little more than an excuse to show off Depp's mime versitility. but by stressing kookiness instead of genuine confusion. it's patronising and misleading.

Central: Allanpark. Strathclyde: Kelbume.

I Betty (15) (Claude Chabrol. France. 1992) Marie Trintignant. Stephane Audran. Jean- Francois Garreaud. 100 mins. Based on a book by Georges Simenon. this portrait of evil incarnate cenues on an alcoholic woman who has several affairs after being spurned by her husband’s family. Hailed as one of Chabrol's best films in years on its release in France. French Film Festival. Glasgow: GFT. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I line (15) (Derek Jannan. UK. 1993) With the voices of Nigel Terry. Tilda Swinton. Derek Jannan. 76 mins. When you say that this personal reflection on living with AIDS sets a soundtrack of diary extractions. readings and music by Simon Fisher Turner against a blue monochrome screen a film with no images - then the sceptics have a field day. But no one who saw it at its 1993 Edinburgh lntemational Film Festival screening. where it won the Powell

. Award for Best British Feature. failed to be

deeply moved. A brave. absorbing cinema experience. Trust us. Showing as part of Glasgayl. Glasgow: GFI‘. I lab M (15) (Tim Robbins. US. 1992) Tim Robbins. Alan Rickman. Giancarlo Esposito. Gore Vidal. 103 mins. Man-of-the- moment Robbins takes over as director. writer and star of this wonderfully sharp satire on contemporary American politics. The eponymous Roberts is a right-wing folk singer with senatorial ambitions. appearing here in a mocked-up Spinal Tap type documentary. Funny and pertinent. Edinburgh: Cameo. I W (18) (Peter Jackson. New Zealand. 1992) Timothy Balrne. Diana Penalver. Elizabeth Moody. 104 mins. You won't believe the fun that can be had with a rotary blade lawnmower. a cast of slobbering zombies and several hundred gallons of blood. Peter (Bad Taste) Jackson wrenches the King of Gore title away from Sam Raimi with this outrageous slapstick classic in which our nerdy heroes battles it out with the undead population of Wellington. Tremendous. Fife: Robins. I If. Sister’s m: (18) (Francis Ford Coppola. US. 1992) Gary Oldman. Winona Ryder. Anthony Hopkins. 128 mins. More gothic love story than out-and-out horror. Coppola‘s version is not the strict Stoker adaptation that many had hoped for. but is a visual feast nonetheless. Oldman taps his own dark. sexy. stormy self to create a powerful but sympathetic monster. while the rest of the cast range from the ineffectual to the overbearing. A rich and substantial vampire movie for our times. Strathclyde: Ma num. I IN C“! (18) (Andrew Birkin. UK/Germany/France. 1993) Charlotte Gainsbourg. Andrew Robertson. Sinead Cusack. 105 mins. Based on the acclaimed book by Ian McEwan. Birkin's award-winning film intertwines themes of incest and death with innocent insight. Not so much a coming-of-age movie as a regression into childhood. it is meticulously observed and contains flawless performances from its young cast. See preview. Glasgow: GFI‘. I LI 0th. (PG) (Coline Serreau. France. 1992) Vincent Lindon. Patrick Tunsit. Zabou. The director of Tmis Hammer et Un Couflin and

Romuauld er Juliette turns her hand to the story of a corporate lawyer who loses his wife and his job on the same day. A catalogue of catastrophes. carried off with wit and insight. French Film Festival. Glasgow: GFT. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I cyraee lle Bergerac (U) (Jean-Paul Rappeneau. France. 1990) Gerard Depardieu. Jacques Weber. Anne Brochet. Vincent Perez. 135 mins. A stirring adaptation of Rostand's classic. romantic tragi-comedy. Full of grandly mounted. bustling crowd scenes. it revolves around typically superb performance from Depardieu as the large-nosed hero. Although performed in rhyming verse throughout (with subtitles by Anthony Burgess). and a touch overlong. the film’s dramatic and cinematic qualities are outstanding. Glasgow: GFT. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Dances With Halves (12) (Kevin Costner. US. 1990) Kevin Costner. Mary McDonnell. Graham Greene. Rodney Grant. 179 mins. Costner‘s debut as director and co-producer. in which he also stars. was widely praised for its epic scale and its sympathetic depiction of Red Indian culture in the 18605. bringing it seven Oscars including Best Film and Best Director. Set at a remote outpost during the American Civil War. it offers a sensitive and intense analysis of both the Yankee and Sioux factions. and of a man caught between two different cultures. Strathclyde: UCl East Kilbride.

I Balm (15) (Jean-Pierre Jeunet/Marc Caro. France. 1991) Dominique Pinon. Marie- Laure Dougnac. Jean-Claude Dreyfus. 99 mins. In a sepia wasteland somewhere in the future. a butcher feeds his neighbours with the juicy joints of his lodgers. But when former clown Louison (Pinon) arrives and falls for his daughter. an underground vegetarian resistance group come to the rescue. Hilarious blend of bizarre characters. slapstick and comic tension makes for the first true cult item of the ‘90s. Fife: New Picture House.

I Duals (PG) (Nick Castle. US. 1993) Mason Gamble. Walter Matthau. Joan Plowtight. 98 mins. He's blond. he's cute. he's American. his dog isn't a fluffball with teeth. At least the suipey jumper remains the same. But. then again. the Dennis of the US cartoon strip never was related to The Beano's arch-menace. When Dennis's folks go off on business. the mischevious little brat is left in the hands of his

elderly neighbours: Home Alone scenario from

the John Hughes stable. Glasgow: MGM Parkhead. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr. WMR. All UCls.

I The Ilsle llldes M (18) (Terence Fisher. UK. 1967) Christopher lee. Charles Gray. Patrick Mower. 95 mins. Lee is the good Duc de Richleau: Gray the Satanist baddie; Richard Matheson the writer (from Dennis Wheatley's novel); Fisher the director who pulls it all off atrnospherically. One of Hammer‘s finest moments. with a fine use of colour. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I DH! MM (18) (Michael Winner. UK. 1993) Lia Williams. David McCallum. Miriam Kelly. 102 mins. Not a female Death Wish. but a feminist revenge fantasy taken to extremes. Winner captures the tone of Helen Zahavi's novel perfectly. but the film’s shoddy editing. lighting and dubbing is unforgivable. Technically inept. extrenrely offensive but of great social releveance. See feature. Glasgow: MGMs. Edinburgh: MGM. All UCls.

I Drape (15) (Rob Cohen. US. 1993) Jason Scott Lee. Lauren Holly. Robert Wagner. 119 mins. Exciting. intelligent biopic on the short life of martial arts star Bmce Lee will please action fans and provide some insight into the motivations that drove the man through his revolutionary fighting techniques. ground- breaking films and inter-racial marriage. Jason Scott Lee is excellent in the lead role. his sinewy physique a match for the master’s. See preview. General release.

I M M Illable (PG) (Ralph Nelson. US. 1965) James Garner. Sidney Poitier. Bibi Andersson. 102 mins. An action-packed western with racial overtones. as Garner goes out in revenge of his murdered Indian wife. Worth catching. Edinburgh: St Bride's.

I The E“. m M (U) (George Sidney. US. 1956) Tyrone Power. Kim Novak. Victoria Shaw. 123 mins. Predictably sentimental biopic on the pianist bandleader who died of leukemia. Edinburgh: St Bride's.

I II. Emit! (18) (William Friedkin. US. 1973) Linda Blair. Ellen Burstyn. Max Von Sydow. 110 mins. Earnest priest Von Sydow steps in to save poor little possessed girl in this hugely effective scarefest. Dead good. dead scarey. dead priest. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I TN FRI (15) (Sydney Pollack. US. 1993) Tom Cruise. Jeanne Tripplehorn. Gene Hackman. 155 mins. John Grisham’s best-selling

.\'/)()II.\’()I’(’(/ /).\‘ BACARDI- Premium Black rum

novel undergoes a few changes to become a star- studded. but somewhat overlong thriller. with Cruise well cast and convincing as the young graduate lawyer. seduced by a less-than-legal Memphis law firm. However. a uniformly excellent supporting cast can‘t hide the lapses in pace and implausible narrative jumps that are made in the name of compact plotting. General release.

I Friday 13th (18) (Sean S. Cunningham. US. 1980) Betsy Palmer. Adrienne King. Jeanine Taylor. 95 mins. Precursor of a whole spate of slice'n'dice extravaganzas. this at least has the saving grace of a few shock moments as mad. dead and dangerous-to-know Jason goes on a spam-in-a-cabin frenzy. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I The Feeltlve (15) (Andrew Davis. US. 1993) Harrison Ford. Tommy Lee Jones. Jeroen Krabbe. 130 mins. Wrongly accused of murdering his wife. Dr Richard Kimble (Ford) goes on the run. trying to track down the one- armed man who is the real killer while being hunted by a US Deputy Marshal himself. Great acting. but what could have been one of the best thrillers in recent years lacks edge-of-the-seat appeal as director Davis fails to light the fuse on a d narnite plot. General release.

I MI! COM(15)103 mins. In association with the Brest Short Film Festival. the FF screens early shorts by some of France's most prestigious filmmakers - Truffaut. Rochant. Jeunet. Jacques. Nauer. Klapisch and Sanchez. French Film Festival. Glasgow: GFT. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Getting Out On Screen A day-long (10am- 5pm) series of screenings. discussions and advice sessions for lesbians. gay men and bisexuals who want to work in film. video or TV. Themes include Production Options. Film Funding. Distribution and Broadcasting. and Scottish Queer Cinema. Sat 30 only. Tickets £2 (£1) from GFI‘. Part of Glasgayl. Glasgow: GFI'. I III! Dolled (18) (John Woo. Hong Kong. 1992) Chow Yun-Fat. Tony Leung. Teresa M0. 126 mins. A tough cop nicknamed Tequila is driven by obsession to nail a Triad gun-runner in John Woo‘s incomparable Hong Kong gangster movie. The action sequences - particularly the opening tea-house shoot-out and the climactic hospital finale show the action movie master at his best. as he takes moments of on-screen violence to levels of choreographed genius. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Helm 11110.1(18) (Clive Barker/Tony Randel/Anthony Hickox. UK/UK/US. 1987/88/92) Ashley Laurence. Doug Bradley. 92/93/93 mins. From the semi-lowly roots of Barker's directorial debut grew the tale of the Cenobites. and with it. the creation of Pinhead. one of horror cinemas’s most memorable icons. Watch him move up in importance as he and his sado-masochistic mates terrorise 1) an English suburban house. 2) a psychiatric hospital and the mindscape of a teenage girl. and 3) the streets of America.

I les JIM II’IIII PM Ital in m (15) (Anne Fontaine. France. 1993) Nora. Alain Fromager. Sami Bouajila. 85 mins. A Parisian theatre usherette. engaged to a law student. falls in love with an actor and begins to dream of life on the stage. Winning performances from a young cast in a directorial debut. French Film Festival. Glasgow: GFI‘. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I m Paces (PG) (Kenny Ortega. US. 1993) Bette Midler. Sarah Jessica Parker. Kathy Najimy. Omri Katz. 97 mins. Three 17th century witches are brought back to life in modem-day Salem. and go searching for young blood to keep them immortal. Katz is our hapless hero. helped out of one predicament to the next by resourceful heroine Vanessa Shaw. The story cracks along. the effects are moderate. the gags good. but it's for the younger end of the teen market. See review. Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: Odeon. All UCls.

I W M (U) (Duwayne Dunham. US. 1993) With the voices of Michael J. Fox. Sally Field. Don Ameche. 87 mins. Disney remake of The Incredible Journey. in which two dogs and a cat cross the Californian mountains to return to their family. More than mere anthropomorphism: the dratted animals have characteristics that would put Ghandi to shame. Under-sixes will love it. parents probably not. General release.

I Ihl M Part lien (12) (Jim Abrahams. US. 1993) Charlie Sheen. Lloyd Bridges. Valeria Golino. 87 mins. More cinema parody than Cinema Paradiso. this time it's boys’ own action movies that are in the sights. as Charlie Sheen tries to rescue the POWs from the Gulf. The jokes race past so quickly that if one stumbles and falls. another hurdles it immediately. If you're familiar with the targets. it's a satisfying enou h sitting. Borders: Pavilion. I 1K8..- M I'I 90h]! (U) (Michael Powell

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