I It’s a mystery - wh

does ‘l‘oyah look so like ' Cilla Black all ol a sudden? Find out when

she plays lting Tut's in a nostalgic come-back gig. See Bock listings.



‘Ooooh, I get tenible wind. I‘m a human balloon. Apparently the Wind- Relieving Position is lying on your back with one leg over your body: and if that doesn‘t work, you get down on all-fours and fart.’

Rochdale lass Lisa Stansfield outlines an idea for a new VlZ character.

I llature abhors a vacuum, they say, but then there’s nothing natural about Lily Savage she’s just a poor blonde girl trying to pay the rent. Catch this Scouse seductress when she plays Glasgow City Hall. See Theatre listings.


‘In the last few months I started to feel I shouldn’t go through all this weird denial. The Fay Fife character in me is even starting to resurface. she’s making the odd appearance at parties.’

After years of therapy. former Rezillo Sheilagh Hynd is coming to terms with her alter ego.

, ‘l'm happiest when I'm in love and I I d m” "and "mm" miserable when I’m not. if they’re

my kneepads,’ explains , contemporary dance, honest about it, most women feel the

Mehmet Sander, before same way;

completing a mummy Country Singer Tammy Wynette, who dangerous manoeuvre has had more experience than most of which on no account falling in and out of love.

should be attempted at

home. See Glasgay!

listings lor detalls ol his

show at The Arches. ‘ln some respects 1 am the father of

Take That. I'm thinking of calling a press conference and announcing that l fathered every single one of them. Then they’ll all have to call me Dad.’ Richard Fairbrass of Right Said Fred on the arousal of paternal instincts.

‘When I was working with Sean I would pick up little things here and there, how he does stuff with word phrases, how he gets away with certain phrasing which gives a ring, a regalness to what he‘s saying.’

Wesley Snipes an sitting at the feet of King Connery during thefilming of Rising Sun.

The List 22 October—4 November 1993 3