I RURRSIIIE GALLERY 190 Dukes Road, Street, 552 0704. Mon-Sat lOam—5.30pm. 613 3663. Mon-Sat (closed Tue) "mm an” 5"“ Until Sat 23 0C1- toam_5pm, Prints by Sandra Davie, Jo Ganter. Johnny Landscape Until 6 Nov. Work by J. D. McGuinness and Morcant Todd. Henderson. Richard Forsyth, James Orr I'm-“380w sellou- OF Am 167 Renfrew and others. Street. 332 9797. Mon—Fri 10am-5pm; LISTINGS I eunnm GOLLEGTIGR Pollokshaws gm warrangon. m w [k M “I _ - It"! 888: 0 0m” Exhibitions m M“ by city, we“ Road, 649 7151. Mon Sat 10am—5pm. olo _ Sun 11am—5pm. Cafe. [D]. Joshua Cooper Gallery l. Mackintosh alphabetically by venue. Show: will be . . b .1 d. U .l S 30 0c Ph h Im mm“ that “tans mach our The collection of Edwardian tycoon lit "‘8- "ll 1“ t- Ologmp Y own?“ In“ t." d won William Burrell, including furniture, and text of the sea. rocks and trees and mm” m d avian." "8“ paintings, ceramics and glass, housed in brush by this highly acclaimed artist. 2:“ "was" 388:3“ can” on "gs an elegant purpose-built gallery. Recorded I "0mm" WEI" UhlVetSlt)’ 0f 9 ' descriptions and thermoforms available Glasgow, 82 Hillhead Street, 339 8855 ext for the benefit of visually impaired 5431. Mon-Fri 9.30am—5pm; Sat visitors. 9-303m-5Pm- . I ART EXPOSURE GALLERY 38 Bath Bum" mu. Anniversary Umn gun 3| The Gentle Art Until Sat 30 Oct. Pastels. Street. 33l 26l7- Mon-Sill l0-3Oam—6Pm- Oct. To highlight the gallery‘s success, a Willis and waterCOlOtlrs b)’ the American Gallo” mde ahlbmon umll 3"" 31 celebration of the building’s unique artist. James McNeil Whistler, whlch OCI. A fourth Show work design places art in natural present an illuminated survey Of WSW" eXhlbltOTS “"31me Bryan Evans» surroundings. The exhibition comprises Cilieef- . Joe Urie and others. competition models and selected exhibits “NICO "MINI The Mackintosh House v I ART EXPOSURE IN CENTRAL STATION ' from various temporary exhibitions. Gallery. Uhtll 6 NOV. Baillie SCOtt’S um M W m ' 3 Unit 6. The Caledonia Centre. Mon—Sat I BURNSIIIE GALLERY 190 Dukes Road. Wlhhlhg deSlSPIOT the House'f‘” 0" A" put of 8 serves by the allot and l0.30am—6pm. Burnside. 6 l 3 3663. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm LUV.” competition 0f l 90L MilellltOSh's M in a m exhibition at the Glasgow Prht Painting by Regular Gallery Artists Until (closed Tue). deSIgn for the competition has been under Stillb- Sat 30 Oct. Featuring .10 Urie. Bryan Six Scottish Artists Until Mon 25 Oct. COHSWCUOU for ‘1 "umber 0f Yeats l" I SWAN MUNIIY FINE ART 48 West Evans and Tim Cockbum. ; Landscapes and still life. BellahOtlstOll Park. George Street, 33] 2406 Momsat I ART GALLERY a museum, I I came ron commoner ARTS I llllltTElllAll MUSEUM Glasgow lOam—5.30pm. KELVIIGBOVE 357 3929. Mon—Sat 346-354 Sauchiehall Street, 332 7521. University. University Avenue. 339 8855. 0am Sinclair Until Sat 30 Oct. Etchings 10am-5pm: Sun Ham-59m. Cafe. [D]. Tue—Sat Ham—5.30pm. Cafe. [D]. Mon-Sat 9.308m-59m and watercolours or Scottish and Italian Voluntary guides are available free of Cathy de Monchaux Sat 23 Oct—27 Nov. The b09095! 0f William Hunter. ‘1 SlUdem landscapes. charge to conduct parties or individuals Velvet encased by jointed metal features 0f Glasgow UanCFSllY in the W305. Who TIIE PEARCE INSTITUTE 840 Govan Road, round the main galleries. Ask at the in the first major solo show by one of left his substantial Collection of books, 445 1941. Mon_3m toam_6pm. enquiry desk. i Britain’s most innovative and interesting Prints. and Various other curiosities to the Mag. Um” wed 27 oer Renfrew An Impressions and Expressions: Wood : sculptors. university. Goes East group Show. Engraving Until 21 Nov. inspired by the I Anne Elliot Sat 23 Oct—27. Nov. An _ I INTERMECIA 65 Virginia Street, 552 I pumps pm“ ""35"" Glasgow theatre and botany work by June Crisfield ' Installatlon of ph0t0graphlc Work by thls 865 l. Tue-Sat noon—6pm. Green, 554 0223. Momsw 103W5pm; Chapman, otherwise known as the highly-acclaimed local artists Glasgow Group Developments Until Fri Sun Ham_5pm. [D]. Cafe. designer of the Keeping Glasgmt' in I I COLLINS mill-El" Unwersnty 0f 29 Oct. A group show by ten Glasgow Once a museum for me working class. Stitches project. i Strathclyde, 22 Richmond Street, 552 artist, now a repository for all sorts of ephemera Modern Art From the Collection New 4400 ext 2682. Mon-Fri 10am-5pm; Sat I LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road. connected with Guggowts history _ permanent display. David Hockney. "OOH—4pm lDl- Milngavie, 943 3247. Mon—Fri everything from old Cigarette packets [0 Bridget Riley, Alan Davie, Jasper Johns, I PCODIC Are Places Until 20 NOV. Nancy 10am-5pm; Sat—Sun 2-5pm. suffragettes' campaigning material. Bruce McLean and Eduardo Paolozzi are McFarlane‘s photographic documentation l Rivet Temple Until Sat 30 Oct. Inspired Fm "on to "gun", Um“ 9 ran. An featured in an exhibition of Pop Art and i of the people of Castlemilk which I by time spent working in the shipyards, exploration and celebration of the work inspired by the heady l960s. ; explores different aspects of their lives. l painting, sculpture and mixed-media experience of childbirth. pregnancy and Balm?“ light: U3“; l4lNgY' Stcugpwrc bsalgmosi House Um” fialNov‘ 11”“er amiss by .th: Very wonde'm Tom childcare are looked at from historical 0" O ill-"paren y e unc 0 ICC S y l y I e I t century nove ew .4! anti: C C" “C t . and contemporary perspectives with Stephen Skrynka. 3 artists Gordon Cookson and Rodger E . 270 Sauchlehall photography. objects and transcripts of “"1 Jonmon Until l4 NOV- Paintings 3 Moffet have created a range of remarkable ? Street. 331 1854- Mon-Sat mam-5pm; oral history, inspired by Aboriginal, Native American environmemg where fiction becomes Sun 11am-5pm. [D]. and BUddhlSI cultural traditions. reality and the senses are deceived. l The R.G.'. “final Until A I BARCLAY lENNIE FINE ART 203 Bath 5 I COMPASS GALLERY 178 west Regent 7 Nov. £1.50 (50p). The third largest show H E ART GALLEIEY Street. 226 5413. Mon-Fri 10am-5pm; street, 221 6370, Mon-s;n [oam_5.30pm, l of contemporary art of its kind in the UK, UNIVERSITY 0f GLASGOW Sun 10am—1pm. I Inward Rn Earth" Pole Unm Thurs 28 this is an eclectic mix of paintings and The Jessie M. King Archive provides 1 Oct, A series of owerfut oils b Donald sculpture picked from open submission. " information on all aspects of the popular Macleod, inspireej by [he Arcticycxplorer Last year David Mach was awarded the " Scottish artist. Plus l9th/20th century l Sir John Franklin's final ex edition top prize for his sculpture of a human face work from stock. I c\'R|L GERBER FIRE AR‘rp143 west made from coat hangers. This year the I RCCER BILLCUFFE FINE ART 134 l Regent Street, 22] 3095, Mon—sat £l2,000 prize was awarded to Alison Blythswood Street. 332 4027. Mon—Fri 3 9,30am_5.30 m. Watt. _ 9.30am-5.30pm. 5 Recent “n.2,”... Um” Sun 3. Oct I museum or museum Kelvin Hall, 4 septum)“ 30 90ml?“ leon Morrocco Until Tue 26 Oct. Vibrant i . nusnow tmgnmmom Am stance Dumbarton Road. 357 3929. Mon—Sat (closed 24-27 Sept. mclusnve) figurative painting, plus work by Gordon tmerdec Gallery, 24 Gairbmid Avenue. i lOam-Spm; Sun 11am-5pm. Devoted to H. Wyllie and recent Scottish Maryhm. 946 5912. Mon_pri the history of transport, a museum _ contemporary painters including Howson, 3 103m-5.30 m; Sm lOam_4 m. ; crammed with buses, trams, fire-engines. _ Bellany and Shanks. 2 Fund Ratstgi; Exhibition on?” Sm 30 Oct. ships and other transportation. Monday saturday Beasts and flowers Sat 30 Oct—23 Nov. I one hundred works inctuding sculpture. Holidays Until 28 Nov. From a souvenir Recent paintings by Christine lronside. ceramics, watercolours and batiks by a f of the Costa Bravo to the classical remains , , Also watercolours, carving, jewellery and l selection of Glasgowbwed mists l explored in the l8th century Grand Tour, a Adrmssron Free silversmlthing by recent graduates of ; including Alistair Gray. Kay Scott and look at the growth of the tourist industry Glasgow School of Art and Edlnburgh : Todd Gamer. [ in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and {.1me public mom “wound with couege Of An- I GLASGOW PRINT ST"qu 22 King : SCOlland. Fmd‘ fran Glaxo“, City Council f lf STRE ET 5 : LEVELPHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY &WORKSHOP 2 279-281 HIGH STREET GLASGOW G41TeI2041 552 2151 THE 3- it I RAFT OF E STREET LEVEL Jem southam PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY& WORKSHOP IS 23r - . . . . d OCtOber 20th November Subszdtsed by the ScottishArts Councul A Photographers' Gallery touring exhibition AND BY GLASGOW CITY COUNCIL

The List 22 October-4 November I993 31