. Scaring the ohfldren

Hallowe'en, complete with devils’ costumes and trick or treating, hasn’t seen much light of day in post-Jamie Bulger Britain. And the whiplash against Hallowe‘en means there are fewer than ever organised events.

A member of Edinburgh District Council’s Ans Outreach Team sees two main reasons for the decline of Hallowe'en traditions. ‘Many church organisations seem to tar Hallowe‘en with the same “cult” brush as Satanic rituals,‘ she says. ‘And trick or treating is unpopular not only among parents concerned for their kid’s safety. but also with other grown-ups who just hate being hassled.’

So, if adults are letting Hallowe'en traditions slide, will the festival just fade away? ‘Not if children have anything to do with it,‘ says Stephen Mitchell, museum assistant at Haggs Castle Museum. Haggs Castle was made for Hallowe‘en; built in 1585. its Victorian period rooms are simply bursting with stuffed birds, animals and

The down-home Walton family view of

secret compartments. ‘Basically. kids love a good scare,‘ he

says. ‘We have a statue of an axe-

wielding executioner which really

' freaks the kids out, but they love

putting their head on the block.‘ As Mitchell takes the children around they try to imagine life in the past. ‘1 explain how children then wouldn’t have gone to school. but would get animals from the trap, and have to break their necks. They go “Eeuch!” but they‘re loving every minute.’

So we come back to the fact that kids are just little ghouls at heart, which is why they empathise with Hallowe’en. I doubt if festive traditions are in danger of fading away. Methinks we'll be dooking for apples for a few years yet. (Gabe Stewart)

See listings for Hallowe 'en happenings.

Rain or shine, our at-a-glance guide will see you through. Event are listed under outdoors or indoors columns, and then divided by city. Itlds listings cornplled by Gabe Stewart.



Warp: Em—

Activities and Fun

I CRAIGTDN POND CLEAN-OP Pick-up at Bank of Scotland. George Square. Thurs 2l/Fri 22 Oct. 9.30am Glasgow Midweek Volunteers. Scottish Conservation Projects Trust. newcomers please ring Ewan Kane 429 2112.

I HALLOWE’EN FLORAL/CHILDREN’S ART COMPETITION Winter Gardens, Glasgow Green. Mon 25—Sun 31 Oct. l2.30—-4.30pm. Tel Norman Robb. 227 5065 for daily programme. This October Evergreen event includes flowers. competitions. Hallowe‘en displays and children‘s art, with three hours of Hallowe’en and traditional games on Sat 30 Oct. 1—4pm; and a fancy dress parade on Sun 31 Oct, l2.30—4.30pm.

I HALLOWE’EN HORRORS Pollok Country Park. Countryside Rangers. 632 9299. Sun 31 Oct. 2pm. Fancy dress essential - prizes for the best!


Remember, remember. . .

Well, you’re not likely to forget bonfire night are you, what with peppers and sparklers going off before the end of October. Snag is, by that time, ticket for Edinburgh’s one and only council-run fireworks display at Meadowbank Stadium will be long gone. So, remember, remember and buy your ticket now, available from Meadowbank, Royal Commonwealth Pool, Gracernount and Ainslie Park leisure Centres, and Cralglockhart and Jack Kane Sport Centres.

The Glasgow citizen can keep a cool head until the Fri 5, when Glasgow Green will be seeing red. In a

departure from good old-fashioned bonfire night, the council is this year hosting it Dinonight Event. No bonfire this, but a fire sculpture on the theme of dinosaurs. Debbie Murray from Glasgow District Council’s Marketing Department tried to explain the idea. ‘Thls sculpture is made of rope, which is then set fire to . . . yards and yards of rope. it really looks like a dinosaur, and a volcano with lava tumbling down. it’s very dramatic.’

The fire sculpture segment should last about ten or fifteen minutes, followed by a display of synchronised fireworks to the music of Jurassic Park. Throughout the evening, eight skytrackers (those huge searchlight) will be highlighting the effect. With the Radio Clyde Roadshow starting the entertainment off at 6.30pm; and the main event at 7.30pm, the evening finishes up at approximately 8.45pm. If you’ve been before, please note the change oi venue. ilead for The People’s Palace end of Glasgow Green, and not Fieshers’ iiaugh as in previous years. (Gabe Stewart)

A Dinonlght Event, Glasgow Green (near The People’s Palace), 221 5080. Fri 5 Nov. 15.3me for 7.30pm. Free. Meadowbank Firework Display, Meadowbank Stadium, 139 london Road, 661 5351. Fri 5 Nov. 6.15pm for 7.15pm. £1.50 stand; 75p ground (no concessions).

I NATURE TRAIL Haggs Castle Museum. 100 St Andrew’s Drive, 427 2725. Thurs 21 Oct. 10.15am and 2.15pm. Free. 7—12 years. Discover the creepier inhabitants of Haggs Castle.

I HAUNTED ARMOUR/MASK MAKING Haggs Castle Museum, 100 St Andrew’s Drive, 427 2725. Fri 22 Oct. 10.15am and 2.15pm. Free. 8-12 years. Try on the haunted armour and make your own


I SCARY ST ORYTELLINGIMASK MAKING Haggs Castle Museum, 100 St Andrew's Drive, 427 2725. Sat 23 Oct. 10.15am and 2.15pm. Free. 4—7 years.

I HALLOWE’EN DECORATION MAKINGISPOOKY STORYTELLING Sun 24 Oct. 2.15pm. Haggs Castle Museum. 100 St Andrew’s Drive, 427 2725, free, 4—7


yI HALLOWE’EN PARTY Dillons Bookshop, 174-176 Argle Street, 248 4814. Sat 30 Oct. 3pm. Free. Prizes for the best costume. monster glove puppets. colouring competitions and lots more.


I THE OILY CART COMPANY A Bit Missing on tour: Thurs 21 Oct. 10.30am. Castlemilk Community Centre. info from Drina Anderson 631 2267; Thurs 21 Oct.

2.30pm. Partick Burgh Hall (Lesser Hall).

info from Phyllis Steele 334 2000. Robomop. the domestic robot. goes off the rails. tidying up grocery labels and the farm animals’ voices.


Activities and Fun

I T-SHIRT DESIGNING AND A BRASS RUDDING Brass Rubbing Centre. Trinity Apse, Chalmers Close. High Street. 556 4364. Thurs 21 Oct. lOam-noon (5—8 years); 2—4pm (9—12 years). £2. Please bring your own 100 per cent cotton. unadomed T-shirt.

I PAINTING PERRLES Brass Rubbing Centre, Trinity Apse, Chalmers Close, High Street. 556 4364. Sat 23 Oct. £2. 5—12 ears.

I WATERCOLOUR PAINTING AND STORYTELLING Upper Gallery. Netherbow Theatre, High Street. 556 9579. Sat 30 Oct. 6 and 13 Nov. 18 Dec. 2.30—4pm. £3. 6-9 years. Listen to a story. then paint a watercolour based on the recurrent themes of changing seasons and folk tales from around the world.

I HARRY HORSE Moredun Park Library. Moredun Park Road, 664 8115. 2—3pm. Free. Momingside Library. 184 Momingside Road. Ham—noon. Free. Tue 26. Scotland on Sunday's political I cartoonist is now also a children's author. Hear Harry Horse read from his new book The Last Polar Bears then try your hand at drawing too. Refreshments will be served.

I DIWALI PARTY Nelson Hall, McDonald Road Library, 556 5630. Wed 3 Nov. 4.30—6pm. Free. 5-10 years. A party for primary school children to celebrate Hindi festival of Diwali. Entertainment will include games, painting and storytelling.


I MGM FILM CENTRE SATURDAY MATINEES Lothian Road. 228 1638. £1.50. Films start at 11am, doors open 10.30am. 23 Oct The Roeketeer (PG); 30 Oct The Lam! Before Time (U).

I PILMHOUSE SATURDAY MATINEES Lothian Road. 228 2688. £2. Films start at 2.30pm. 23 Oct Asterix in Britain (U); 30 Oct Jason and the Argonauts (PG).



AGE Museum of Childhood, 42 High Street. 529 4598. Until Sat 20 Nov. Mon—Sat. 10am—5pm. Free. A nostalgic look at cinema-going. Likely to appeal more to adults reliving their innocence, rather than their tougher offspring who are made of sterner stuff.

I HALLOWE’EN EVENT details to follow...at McDonald Road Library.


I EDINBURGH PUPPET COMPANY Theatre Workshop. 34 Hamilton Place, 226 5425. Sat 21-Mon 23 Oct. 3pm plus extra 7pm show on Sat 21 Oct. £3.50/£2.50. 6+ years. The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Having toured Poland, Czechoslovakia, Germany and London, EPC return home with a play based on the poignant fairy


I PUPPET WORKSHOP Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place, 226 5425. Sat 21—23 Oct. lOam—noon. £3 per child per session. Run by Edinburgh Puppet Company at Theatre Workshop. in conjunction with their show above.

I JONATHAN RICKARD CHILDREN’S THEATRE Stepping Stones. Grassmarket, 220 4349. Adults Sats £3.50. Weds £2.50; conc £2.50 all days. Kenneth Grahame’s The Reluctant Dragon: a traditional Japanese mime The Mirror and Amelia Young from Classic FM in The Cello 'n’ Chat Show Sats and Weds until Wed 27 Oct; Cello 'n' Chat Sats only. Sats 10.30am and 2.30pm; Weds 10.15am. Weds suitable for under 55.

74 The List 22 October—4 November 1993