I Also no stranger to a spot oi innovation, garment-wise is rambling raconteur Eddie lzzard, who brings his brand oi rambling raconteury to Edinburgh King’s Theatre. See Cabaret listings.

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I ‘Yo English dude, so you were in “Yes Minister”, but my threads are infinitely cooler . . .’ Wesley Snipes continues the clobber theme in Demolition Man. See Film review.

I ‘You know you look a right plonker in that get- up don’t you Bodders?’ Nicholas Lyndhurst indulges in a little sartorial and sexual time- travelling in the new 3801 comedy Goodnight Sweetheart. See 1V

. preview.

I Michael J Fox’s eamlng power in Hollywood takes a marked turn for the worse in the Concierge, but at least he gets the live dollars In cash ‘and the IRS need never know. See Film review.



‘Despite our ageing p0pulation. there's still a lot of rubbish talked about new blood and youth being the answer to all our problems. Look at what it‘s doing to TV and the media. We get terrible ‘yoof‘ programmes and a lot of young kids recycling tired old ideas because they never knew about them the first time round.‘

Johnny Speight. creator of the arch-old git Alf Garnett. bemoans the three- minute culture.

‘You don‘t need paper, you just sit there and it’s all done for you you're all dried. there‘s a water hose, a fan . . .

1 there's a button for everything. Just ': don‘t press the ladies' one.‘

The Orh's Alex Paterson has seen the

future and it is a Japanese public toilet.

‘l‘m a trained lawyer . . . and I greatly believe in law and order. But if law and

order doesn‘t work. if the citizen is left

unprotected, they must have some right to protect themselves and sometimes

that protection has to involve going out

on the attack.’

Michael Winner. director of Dirty

Weekend attd champion of vigilantes everywhere.

‘I felt like I had four elder brothers. If they were talking about football, I either had to be the person who was always changing the subject. or I had to learn about football. which didn't really seem like a profitable endeavour.’ Natalie Merchant on why she's splitting up the IO. 000 Maniacs family.

‘I took to drinking Night Nurse to stop the DTs. Got a taste for it. Bloody expensive taste. it‘s £3.15 a bottle. I got a reputation for always having a cold because i reekcd of bloody Night


Keith Chegwin. the Big Breakfast's rot-in g reporter. does a bit of subtle

product endorsement.

The List 5—18 November 1993 3