Catherine Fellows begins a regular radio preview section by rounding up the highlights on the airwaves over the next Iortnight.

I All That Ever Mattered (Radio 1) Sun 7 and 14 Nov. 7—8pm. Mark Goodier‘s four-part history of Scottish rock kicked off with the 60s. and a look at the careers of Lonnie Donegan and Lulu. to name but two. Part two - that modish decade. the 70s should be highly entertaining. if the diversity and character of the bands being covered is anything to go by. Not comfortable bedfellows really, Nazareth. Simple Minds. and. yes. the Bay City Rollers but they‘re all our boys. and we‘re proud of them. Aren‘t we?

I Costing The Earth (Radio 4) Every Sat, 5-5.25pm. As wide rangi'g as ever, Radio 4‘s environmental strand is back on air. and will. over the next six

weeks. be covering everything from the .

Amazon to Easterhouse. The residents on the Glasgow estate express their frustration at knowing how much money they could save through'simple energy conservation measures like insulation ifonly they had the money to invest in the first place. At the larger end of the scale, Costing the Earth is to look at the whole contentious issue of built-in obsolescence in consumer goods.

I Age To Age (Radio 4) Sat 6. 4.02—4.30pm. Drawing heavily on the

BBC sound archives, the first edition of . own comedy slot on what is probably

the best medium bar live for his

j modest. fumbling. somehow old—

; fashioned. version of very funny. He’s

bringing a whole fictional family into

. the studio with him for support. so the

I. show should be quite different from his ~ particularly solitary stand-up act.

a new series of this historical documentary strand looks at the recent Israel/PLO accord in the context of the political status of Israel since the First World War. Impressive exploitation of the medium, impressive journalism.

I Ordinary Angels (Radio Scotland) Mon lS-Fn' l9. 12.20—12.30pm. Radio Scotland’s daily post-Storyline ‘open‘ slot goes to California with presenter/producer Carol Wightman. She uses the five ten-minute programmes to focus on details. a series of private spaces, that could only belong to citizens of Los Angeles. There’s the bullet-ridden car that redefines the meaning of hard; the most decadent swimming pool imaginable; the fridge freezer of a carrot juice addict's dreams; the bathroom of marble and a multitude of mirrors. and finally. the walk-in wardrobe whose contents make Monika the unique nightbird he is . . .

I “I Morel Maze (Radio 4) Every Thurs. 9.05—9.45am. New series of Radio Four‘s best morning strand. the

I iiarry IIIII’s Fruit Corner (Radio 4)


Jim Kerr of Simple Minds

one that makes you see your comflakes with renewed clarity. attack them with

renewed enthusiasm the one that makes you late for work. Oh the sheer

pleasure of listening to the regular team

of sages slice through ethical questions that other mortals merely mush. like hot knives through butter.

Every Thurs, 6.30-7pm. Edinburgh Festival favourite Harry Hill gets his

I Interval: That Furrovv Thing (Radio

3) Mon 8. 8.15—8.35pm. Sandwiched

between the two halves of a live

, concert from serious-sounding

1 contemporary Austrian composers g Zender and Zimmennan, this twenty- 3 minute programme is devoted to no less

a subject than John Major's upper lip. The Spitting Image people have noticed

it. that furrow thing running up to his

nose. and he‘s not the only one whose got one. What exactly is it? Does it

have a name, a function? Or. is it just a

piece of shoddy workmanship. a hasty

f seam. as it were. between two halves of

55 The List 5—18 November 1993

the body? A portrait painter, a linguist. an anatomist and a Chinese

acupuncturist are recruited in the quest to solve one of life‘s smaller mysteries.

Vle clear the VIIS decks with a round-up of the video releases heading for the shops this fortnight.


I Bad Behaviour (15) The ever-excellent Stephen Rea stars in Les Blair’s suburban tale of London Irish folk. He and Sinead Cusack are the McCallisters. a glum couple facing mid-life crises at the hands of bent entrepreneur Philip Jackson and dodgy decorator Phil Daniels. (First Independent)


I Indecent Proposal (15) Well would you or wouldn‘t you? Modern- day dilemmas don‘t come any tougher than the one posed by this disturbingly successful box-office blockbuster. Would you be prepared to pay upwards of two quid rental fee for a night of shameful indulgence with this slick ‘sexual triangle with dollars on the side‘ tale starring Demi Moore. Robert Redford and Woody Harrelson? You might regret it for. oh. the rest of the week at least. (ClC)

I Matinee (PG) The mighty John Goodman is as reliable as ever in this cute. cult slice of apocalyptic movie nostalgia from Gremlins creator Joe Dante. Goodman plays a 8- movie mogul who livens up his schlock productions with surprise effects. and noises up dull suburbanites in the process. Warm, funny and never less than entertaining. (Guild)

I Sommershy (15) The Return Of Martin Gaerre gets a Hollywood makeover with Richard Gere as the American Civil War soldier who returns rather cuter and more considerate than the missus (Jodie Foster) remembers. Painstakingly shot. and earnestly acted. but dull as a rusty bayonet all the same. (Warner)

I Orlando (PG) A resolutely literary adaptation of Virginia Woolf ‘s allegorical fairy- tale. Tilda Swinton is the time-travelling gender- bending Everyman figure allowing director Sally Potter to have plenty of fun with period set-pieces.

It tends towards the inconclusive and indulgent in a Jarmanesque way but is more involving and watchable. (Fox) I Contlict DI Interest (18) (First Independent) , I Witchhoard: The = Return (15) (Medusa) -I Mr Baseball (15) (ClC) I School Ties (PG)


; I Fade To Black (15) (CIC)

I Used People (15) (Fox) I Iiard Promises (PG)


I Three IIInias (PG) (Buena Vista)

I Aspen Extreme (15) (Buena Vista)

I Married To It (15) (Columbia Tristar)

I Three IIearts(18) (Guild)

I TC 2000 (18) (Guild) I Barbarians At The Date (15) (Warner)

I Untamed Heart (15) (Warner)

I Shattering The Silence (15) (Odyssey)


I La Dolce Vita (15) Fellini‘s classic is packaged with a special booklet and an original Italian poster. (Electric £19.99)

I Home Alone 2 (PG) Unsurprisingly. the appalling Macauley is

family. this time in New York. He bumps into the same villains whom he tortured in the original and a predictable batch of visual gags and emetic cutesiness ensues. (Fox £12.99)

I Bob Roberts (15) Tim Robbins directs and stars as the country singing candidate on the election trail in a spoof documentary/political satire. The point is established in the first twenty minutes and somewhat laboured after that. but the songs are hilarious. particularly the libertarian rewrite of 'This Land Is Your Land‘. (Columbia Tristar £10.99) I Universal Soldier (18) (Polygram £12.99)

I Winnie The Pooh And Christmas Too (U) (Buena Vista £8.99)

I Mickey's Christmas Carol (U) (Buena Vista £8.99)

I A Vlalt Disney Christmas (U) (Buena Vista £8.99)

I Sing Along Songs - Very Merry Christmas Songs (U) (Buena Vista £8.99)

I Thunderheart ( 15) (Columbia Tristar £10.99) I Bitter Moon (18) (Columbia Tristar £10.99) I Housesitter (PG) (C1C £13.99)

I Death Becomes IIer (PG) (ClC £13.99)

I Star Trek Deep Space Nine Vols 7 and 8 (PG) (ClC £10.99 each tape)

I High Heels (18) (Columbia Tristar)

once more dumped by his I

I The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Vols 1-3 (PG) (ClC £10.99 each tape)

I The Muppet Christmas Carol (U) (Buena Vista £12.99)

I The Ingmar Bergman Collection ( 18) Four classics frotn the happy- go-lucky Swede in one box set. comprising Through A Glass Darklv. Winter Light. The Silence and The Magician (Tartan £49.95)

I Just Another Girl On The It" ( 15) (Tartan £15.99)

I Jacquot De Iiantes (PG) (Tartan £15.99)

I Man Bites Dog ( 18) A boxed set version of the grisly Belgian shocker. digitally re-mastered in an uncut widescreen version. along with a short from the same makers Pas De C4 Pour Daniel (Tartan £21.99)

I The White Sheik (U) (Connoisseur £15.99)

I lights DI Variety (PG) (Connoisseur £15.99)

I The Art Di The King’s Singers A definite must for the Christmas pressie list. Delight that twisted old auntie with this tribute to the East Anglian crooning ensemble who have made the Woolworth's bargain basket their domain. (Odyssey £10.99)

I Christmas 0n Division Street (Odyssey £7.99)