I Glasgow, gay guy, 29 stocky, rugby player-type. looking for sincere. well-built professional. for a bit of fun and more. Is this you? Photo please. Box No 214/22.

I Male SIIIIIOIII, 22 Glasgow- based, enjoys GFT, blues, 1 Belgium. beers and bodyart, seeks intelligent, humorous woman to share interests and have fun with. Box No 214/23.

I Slightly silly Glasgow guy (22) looking for similar female to indulge in stirring and thrilling conversation and cure these winter blues. lnto art. sci-f1. GFT. Tom Waits, dreaming. candles. ALA. Box No 214/24.

I Attractive. Intelligent caring. slim and sensuous. That's your fantasy that is. Mine too! Hopefully you (female 18-35) would like to discover how closely this male fits the Newman and Baddiel. Photo please. Male/female friends also sought for veggie meals, indie c1ubs/raves(l'm not too old at 32) modern art and jazz appreciation, cinema, sport. politics and new age. Box No 214/25.

I Golden hen pheasant seeks ‘coq' for ruffling her feathers. Game for town and country pursuits (40—55) wings in pristine condition for flights abroad! Photo please. Box No 214/26.

I EIIIIIIIIl'gN IIIan (35) non- scene, seeks sincere guy for discreet fun and friendship. Please reply with phone number if possible. Box No 214/27.

I French gay IIIO (from Brittany) 23, good-looking, friendly. seeks other gay males/females in Edinburgh for friendship and fun! Enjoys pubs. cinema, music, discos. conversation. reading etc. Box No 214/28.

I Professional male (31) intelligent. decent, tender and has a sense of humour. Enjoys cinema. concert, travel, countryside etc. Seeks genuine, non-smoking female for a meaningful relationship. Photo appreciated. Box No 214/29.

I lie III”. “8 work? Ever hopeful, non-smoking, Edinburgh male (28) tall, not bad-looking (clean shaven) friendly. sincere, seeks new gay friends (21-35) and possibly 1-2-1 with right person. ALA. Box No 214/30.

I Attractive. intelligent Edinburgh woman, 37, into gardening, walking. cycling. swimming. dancing, music, singing, writing. theatre. personal growth. Seeks man who’s emotionally aware. enthusiastic about life, good communicator. Box No 214/31. I Are you iernale, sporty 27—33. musical, artistic? Then write me. Box No 214/32.

I I’m gay, 24, not unattractive and a bit lonely here in Dunfermline. Could you be the Neil to my Chris, or the zig to my zag? I like Listy things. Box No 214/33.

I Three Edinburgh women attractive, fun, clever. professional, who enjoy films. food, travel, good times, seek replies from men. aged 35—45. descriptions and likes similar to above. ALA. Please include photograph. Box No 214/34.

I Separated, professional male, young 36. tall. slim, attractive(?) and overworked seeks delicious female for dinner, dancing, drinking and whatever. Little black number optional. Objective. uncomplicated. joint fun and romance. Box No 214/35.

I Male Moogoer Edinburgh. late 20s. considerate. attractive. graduate. fit, tallish. seeks similar woman. early 20s to early 30s to enjoy ceilidhs. conversation. fun, folk music. socialising. good food and outdoors with. Please write (Gaelic or English). No smokers. Box No 214/36.

I Male, 28 seeks handsome Sean Connery lookalike (thereabouts) for fun. friendship. maybe more. I‘m intelligent. attractive. enjoy

music. travel, rugby. socialising.

Edinburgh or Borders. Photo

{ appreciated. Box No 214/37.

I Male (early 30$. non-smoker and vegetarian) shiftworker/ E student-type. Recently returned

to Glasgow. Slim, fit. caring.

joined bodyclub, for similar

friends. fitness/theatre partners.

: radio. relaxation. 25—35ish. 5 Photo (shorts/glasses?) ALA. Box N0214/38.

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