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of one for Intlonal Theatre ‘, ot Clnl’s The lesson at the ': t mm“ “#3:: '0' 'l L t A good thrashing: Robert de lliro dished it out in this Boy's life ' "a. can" S are the rod and S ; So how does each side handle a I children ever ask why? Apparently not. 0“ 227 .55“ a. "I "an." ml p p : wilfully defiant child? Leach believes i Considering children‘s endless

' the may seem an 5 adults should use superiorintelligence Old-fashi0ned idea, but the 3 to outwit children, rather than resorting i

; to their superior strength. Davis.

: argument that a SmaCk unsurprisingly. differs. ‘I would tell the does nobody any harm

curiousin and keen sense of fairness, this seems astonishing.

. However to psychologist and writer

i Dr Dorothy Rowe, it figures. ‘All of us,

A { child that I‘ll count to three, and ifshe § of whatever age. are reluctant to speak ' ° ' - 3 doesn't behave she will get a smack. frankly when the person we are Sn“ bltterly dlvldes Children need to know what makes ; speaking to feels they have the right to sun, and of”: mm, parents. Gabe Stewart people angry, it‘s part of real life.‘ To 3 hit us if we say something displeasing.‘ “ck.” to, £10 and up”, cm”. holds the towels. 3 her, smacking is a valuable aid in Separating the opponents. Dr Rowe a“ Balcony "chats to, £5 to, "I. 2 training sOCial behavrour. ‘But it‘s sees perspective as all important. . “0'” “com mm company’s A important children know it‘s the i ‘Adults can have wonderful theories MIMI High": am at “I. ‘Laydees and gennelmen, welcome to behawour that‘s unwanted, not the 1 but it s how the child interprets them mm Royal, "M1540 I“ at nngsrde action in tonight's battle of the 3 child that's unloved.‘ i that counts. It follows that you have to 7.15”. 11“th "ck" comm, t‘ pressure groups. In the blue comer. Leach‘s statistics sound frightening. t take the child‘s point of VICW but that o“ 227 5511 and a" "dam" fighting for the right for parents to : ‘Childrcn who bully are most ' takes time. Smacking is a labour-savmg . “not. “employ and delegate the use of t frequently punished; violent offenders device.’ moderate and reasonable physical are often not under _ but over _ To referee Rowe. the fight between A PUNiShment"v 11“ the Way from 59m)". smacked.‘ Davis dismisses the figures pressure groups is nonsensical. :Mc st give a big hand to Mrs Anne Davrs. as distorted. ‘Qrdinary children from _ parents try to do what they feel is right SEA And in the red comer. campaigning ; loving homes, where smacking is a f for their children. For some this will

m “M “Tu” Fl“ 0' psychologist. author and founder of . small part of overall discipline don't include the judicious slap. others will

"l" w“ M3 I EPOCH (End Physical Punishment of 3 get into these surveys. And to say that exclude all forms of physical m. If ANI'IIQ 8“ CNN 1 Children), please welcome Dr Penelope : smacking leads to physical abugé is as i punishment.‘ As individuals. what WM, " LCZICh.‘ ridulous as suggesting that cuddling I “'0ka for OllC Child lllily “()l work for , fl! “CUM” t And so the smacking debate rages on. your children leads to sexual abuse,‘ ; another. she adds. "18-27 “$7.3m. TICK“! with each side believing sincerely they To Leach, the issue boils down to a 5 ‘Parents need to sort out their m m, 227 know the best way to rear the UCXI simple principle. ‘Thc [minute you i priorities. What (JO you want. 11 all “Ckwlfi “all! generation and each itching to give the admit that it's not acceptable to hit consistently obedient. well-behaved other a nose. anyone else, you have [0 question ho“! Who approved Of by other

EPOCH's campaign to make , it can be n'ght to hit Children) The adults. or an independent child who is

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smacking illegal reaches its climax in a forthcoming Glasgow conference, Don’t Hit Kids, with Dr Leach as guest speaker. But a new group, Families for Discipline, is fighting back. It's headed by Anne Davis, the Surrey Childminder who refused to accept her local authority’s ban on corporal punishment. i She agrees with the sentiment ‘Don't

i Hit Kids’. Her definition of a smack is a controlled action on the back of a

hand, leg or on the bottom. using l nothing more solid than a hand.

familiar image of harassed, shopping mother proves that children learn from example: ‘How many times (thump)

a have I told (thump) you not (thump) to ' hit (thump) your sis (thump) ter?!’

3 So how does Davis answer a child who asks why it‘s OK for mum to hit

1 him, but not for him to whack his little . brother? ‘I make it very clear to my

1 children that mummies or aunties (ie

t Childminders) are the only people who can smack. Children mustn‘t smack each other,’ she says. But don't her

often disapproved of by adults, but who is your open. trusting friend for life‘." Meanwhile the ding-dong battle continues with neither side seeming able to deliver a clean knock-out. Families for Discipline. c/o / 9 Danescourt Crescent. Sutton. Surrey. Don 't Hit Kids conference. the Pearce Institute. Govan, Glasgow. Wed 24 Nov, 9.30am—4.45pm. Contact Scottish Child. 130 St Stephen Street. Edinburgh. 220 6502. for further deatils.

78 The List 5-l8 November 1993