BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT Starring Donald Sutherland and Amy Irving as estranged father and daughter, Benefith The Doubt is yet another foray into the From Hell principle that has dominated Hollywood’s thought on domestic drama since the success of Fatal Attraction. It’s Sutherland who gets the plum role as the ultimate incarnation of paternal evil: he’s the

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Benefit Of The Doubt: “10"” “3 89""31 “'9' the kitchen table.

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I The Hawk (15 ) A Vaughan in The title might suggest it to be. Sutherland completely beyond its sell-bi daie- she, as the youngest of Yorkshire housewife and i Mugiiijit'em Seven. Sec is a seasoned enough horror actor to The odd sub-plots that are chucked three daugmcrs‘ must by mother-of-iwo begins ‘0 l Prev'cw- iniect some credibility into his role, into the mix 4'19 Slailntl 0' fiance tradition look after her §USPCCI that hf“ hUSband I Bullet In The llead (l8) and me Arizona backdrop gives a Can, karen and her kid Peter - only mother and never marry. '5 9;: Si?“ :‘lgrtknfin’n 3mm? "1112????ng 13;“ routine narrative an atmospheric serve to highlight the film’s confusion; Rather than view the 3th firetinwistaniiais em Wagcosieg atl last to the “"8" 3'" counte'ba'ancmg ""8 's the iamng between the two smo's 0' I militia: pigairivotid evidence, blown out of big screen in Scotland. A perfunctory scripting and o . . convincing psychological horrior and ofcnchammengt' where proportion by her history relentlessly tough ' denouemems 0‘ 303” Pled'cmml'ty- 'easonab'e emouonal menus "9' Tim's meals can cause an of mental illness? Solid depiction of lost Father Frank settles down, then goes (Andrew Pulver) entire spectrum of direction by DaVid innocence. it draws from a ape, You’d think The Stepfather had Benet" m The Doubt (18) “mama” passion-s in the eater, Hayman and a strong , far richer socral and never been made, H us depending on her

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Amy Irving, Graham Greene. 91 mins. From Fri 26. All llCls.

Helen Mirrcn make this his tight action thrillers an interesting extension of § while examining similar And so she is able to take a tired genre. which. . i themes of honour and out her frustrations and focuses on neither Victim betrayal.

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innocents caught in the three lifelong friends - , I marries her Sism Rosaum flak- Although it misses Beth Frank and Pm” I in order to remain close to out on some of the rely on each other as they . . her. despite her mother’s inherent tension. it is the find themselves on the r‘ . ban.

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me. o - as ione intact. . . ~ » romantic comedy from More 1W5 mOYC- the)’ arc ‘K'ss you, mum 0' I," kick your teeth 1 the pm nocmrs’ suede and The Anthony (Truly Madly dragged down by the in; yells a garrulous old Scotsman to Darling Buds instead of the metal stuff Chanmng. Laura Deeply) Minghella, in surrounding political and his visiting son. Hope, it’s not an old _ that would have been so easy to fall Esquivays screenplay. which Dillon proves moral anarchy unli! 11“ Billy Connolly stage routine or even a back on. adapted from her himself the only Credible _ "0“0‘“ 0f (“end-“mp 1"? 1 Peter Mcllougall television play, but a i Where the film really comes into its internationally successful Working'Flass leading 3"“:th beyond Weak”; serial killer spoof from the heart of own, however, are the over-the-top novel, revels in the sheer ma" 0f “‘5 gei‘m‘ml‘ and p‘fmm‘ [7,03 [he frymg pa" Hollywood. Charlie Mackenzie (Mike but embarrassingly accurate stabs at joy 01" imaginative hgnaauiiig:ciilohiirmsthe issiiigii’ialgons they go Myers, the Wayne half of Wayne’s 186k! Scottish Patriot's“)- T'“! "M9 S‘O-ry‘c"‘"g.““d “‘p‘ ""0

. . ' ~ » . . 5 . , an irrepressible sense of

woman trying nm to be . mm the fire or a vwlwng World) is a young American of Scottish 5 of Charlie s parents (played by Brenda magic that “cg beneath the : pigeonmoied by her prison camp where, in a descent who relates the 0' his FEleef and Myers lh make-up surface of cvéryday life. h t upbringing. See preview long. uncompromising past loves in a hip underground poetry , and split screen) echoes to the sound also celebrates the female I Posse (15) Much more 1 scene they are forced at club. But these aren’t elegies to i of the Bay City Rollers, while the walls spirit. as its wider theme than a black-v-white gang . sun 99"" to shoot romantic longings, more an expression i eschew traditional hangings for shows women freeing mom dressed UP With 1 5mm?" POW“ . of Charlie’s paranoia and inability to portraits of Sean Connery and Jackie themselves from domestic go’s? 3:? masons» Mario . make commitments. Because he’s iStewart. ‘All Scottish cuisine is based and Social rtiPWSSiO"

an ee es’s revisionist C 5 C i ' Western rmscses the role central passage of The (I convinced that his former girlfriends I on a dare,’ suggests Charlie as be , down “‘6 genuauom-

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Wild west and makes 3 W00 arrows the violence 3 Mafia members and emotional town butcher shop; and, while courting of the films sweet some hot political points i to escalate from the terrorists, none of his friends take him over a haggis may not become the coming. but ma, only on the way. Stylistically, relative innocence of the seriously when he says that his Ilatest trend, Mackenzie Senior’s raises it well above its

genre fans will hate it: it‘s Opening Scenes ‘0 the current inamorata is Miss X, an axe limpromptu bagplpe karaoke version of counterparts. (Alan like Sergio Leone shotfor O almost lumfvalChab'c , murderer who has done away with i‘oo Ya Think I’m Sexy’ may yet become Morrison) MTV. but a Cinema-gomg PSYC 0 Oglcal “mu” 0f 1 three husbands to date. (a staple mm at “flanked weddings. Like Water For Chocolate

the film‘s second half. -

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its loud. tncksy style. The 8P C '0" 0 ‘0 W“ l a“ Camror Marco Leonard: ,hc mew] set ice .5 f i put through the MTV cultural blender, So I Married An Axe Murderer (15) . " . '

performances by the 8 P ‘— 0 . i . Regina Tome. 110 mins.

rappers on board men», the woo trademark, and as but they are silly and amusing (Thomas Schlamme, US, 1993) Mike Fm," Fr,- ,9.. 6,0580“.

bad. either. with Big such. it is perhaps his throughout. The soundtrack also has Myers, llancy Travis, Brenda Fricker. ppm new”, Fm”, pr,- 3

Daddy Kane pretty good most meaningful work. more credibility than most, slotting in I 110 mins. From Fri 19. Glasgow: Dec,- Edinburgh

as visual echo of Robert Devastating (AM) the likes of The Boo lladleys, The La’s, Grosvenor. . Cameo

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L___._. ___ 14 The List l9 November—2 December 1993