l The Scottish wedding gets the Hollywood treatment in So I Married An Axe Murderer. Mike

Myers’ first lilm alter Wayne’s World, and

E simply packed with Caledonian gags. See

Film review.



‘We’re the Saint and Greavsie of Radio 1 except that we‘ve both got

I Desperately trying to . ,. ~ convince us they are a 'Jnogsmcycfj I . I , , . . d- I‘(Ui( CAI) (“US l "I, 16’!“ I“ H I” H)

and supp"; gunman”, show Windbags wit/t Donna McPhail In. Kinks not out the will be an lililllllt'-fi‘(’€ zone.

classics at Glasgow Concert Hall on 25 ‘l'vc always liked being with Chris "onmbflo 3“ 300k when he‘s in a good mood. because "8”"93' he's really good fun. i think it's probably true to say I'm more fascinated by Chris than Chris is fascinated by me.‘

Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant on his

I Another lab lOUfsomet fascinating other halfi

Erifiii°lf$§3$3lhiers 'Sam'iawmct" Bonda ’ers revived at cmonomgicany commd’ ‘l'm not going to run a business ever Ed' h 9 II ’T averse "'8 Boone” Beatles again. I don‘t want power or money. '" "'9 ' revive Fab Four lever at . , . . Theatre. See Theatre Edinburgh Playhouse on I ve been .1 do-er. now i m gomg to be listings. 21 “numb” s” Rock a be-ec. I‘ll say to the universe l’m "stings. here, i ve done my training. now i want

to be of use.‘

Lynn ‘Absolutely Fabulous' F ran/cs explains why she is jacked in the PR game to become a fully paid up New Age-er.

‘As far as I could see from Sharon Stone‘s love scene in Basic Instinct, they moulded her body out of tough plasticine because none of it moved. She was shagging Michael Douglas like a donkey and not an inch moved. If that had been me. there would have been things flying around and hitting me in the eye.‘

Emma 'I'hontpson complains that Hollywood films never show the wobbly bits.

‘lt’s definitely become fashionable this year. Gay men have been taking the spotlight for the last ten years. Because ofthe AIDS issue and the issue of gays in the military there's been a lot of focus on gay men. People went. lesbianism, there is something we haven‘t talked about!‘

kd lang suggests why I 993 has been the , year of lesbian ('/1l('.

’I‘Hl:gags-ii»: t F ‘l‘ Fg I A J 1k w. M rv" r I V

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