foreign language textbooks. Killing The Cat is a loosely-defined company of Glasgow-based artists; this time the music of John Irvine (who has several recent Traverse scores to his name) is the inspiration for the company’s work.

Third on the bill is a piece devised by 7:84 director lain Beckie, actor Lex Kessler and playwright Stephen Greenhorn. ‘Experimental for me,’ says

leigh Bowery in The Homosexual. which is neeitier ‘is “that's i begin a Piocess going on to further performances in london with say a designer and an actor, with

after its debut in the last Into The Blue. an obiecyive in mind and a whole lot of

Real Latin American Folk Crafts


Thurs 25 Nov - Fri 24 Dec Cumbernauld Theatre (:0



16 Victoria Street & . 5 The Grassmarket ' E D I N B U R G H

i ' v ! It's not easy heihtl aVaht'gattte- You source material around us, but no idea i < " \ don’t inst wake no one morning. do about how we’re going to put it 1 - something experimental and wait for together,’ His chosen theme is the

the critical acclaim to come rolling in. desire for human companionship, the Taking a step into the blue needs time, material drawn from sources as

care and consideration. You also need diverse as Cosmopolitan and Madame your audience to be happy to go with Bovary, the results anyone’s guess.



r ‘t A 1‘ NU S Adv 'a m d you. Tramway’s Into The Blue series, 5 ‘Everybody is in need of being H () R RI B ll [9 Wm“ "9 er a" now reaching programme tour. is an ; refreshed,’ says Reekie, ‘Teachers J L "nuance in a merry "9W shtetPtiSihg way 0t providing an i need to go on a refresher course every

. . 9 environment in which artists can head ; tour or rive years and I think directors family cm'StmaS Show' I in new directions and audiences can should do exactly the same. That . be entertained. a should range from working for other The latest Into The Blue instalment theatre companies within our own by Matthew 605mm, teatllies Sheft Pieces by three groups. 3 culture to encouraging as many & Liam Brennan work that may develop into bigger i exchanges between ourselves and the

- - - things, perhaps at Tramway or i rest of the world. From that point of "m, dime!” “1 Batman's Perhaps. like The Homosexual itorn view, Into The Blue is a very positive last June, elsewhere in the country. By thing; it gives people a platform for Tickets from £3.50 day the members of Theatre PUB work ambition and it’s a liberating format 1 as medics researching into human for audience and practitioners alike.’

(3 review of the year) with MICHAEL MARRA TRON THEATRE 12 DEC - 8 JAN 10.30pm £6 (£3.50)

TEL; 04] 552 4267 Family Ticket - £14.80 genetic abberations; give them a (Mark Fisher) 1 stage and they’ll create surrealist Into the Blue, Tramway, Thurs 2Hat comedy out of dateline adverts and 27 Nov,

______________ i OUR LIST Wedierhurszoec VCOMEDY i ,2

cumbemauld Youth Theatre - - ' BONDAGERS TIIE TEMPEST

By sue Glover from the play by William shows,’ .lon Manfrellotti ventures. ' 20 NOV - 19 Dec Shakes cam ‘The act that I do, I talk to the crowd, I . . p make fun of them, I goof on them, I

Richly atmospheric,

ive them a hard time. Is that a bi BONDAGERS is set against the 9 9

, . deal in Scotland?’ sprawling landscape 0t the 1850 5 Only if you say ‘hoots mon, och aye

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.a 5pm“ evocation Of the E stereotypes, "sue"! Pieduets 0t a seasoned television peiformer and "V95 °i mm wagers . some“! sillh sitsttit that is as writer in the States, but recognises '

bondager n. (Sc. colloq.) hired 20 November memtsss as it '5 thti'ihg- took him" the on-the-hoot nature of this fresh

at this Veat’s Fringe: Washingteh'htith laces package, relishing the chance Dave ohaoelle walker! and talker! like to feed off new crowds and his fellow é a seasoned Pier despite 0an saving performers - they all know each other

goodbye to his teens midway thtettflh well but have never worked together his run at the Assembly Ilooms. Since henna.

female farm hand, paid half men's

rate forthe sameworkdone.

“A gorgeous, nitric, lyrical production~

The Guardian . i

Z 7 November “is: shapellelhas thitttttt a TV :eat The line-up is completed by Gregg

W hlVetsa 0" 3 st stith se "i a Bogell. llis earliest claim to fame was

H'GHLAND W'NDOWS [I] u E 60 D3 fire station in Brooklyn Filming starts winning the title of Funniest Person In i. Sat 4 s Sun 5 Dec - next spring. but in the meantime Long Island in 1989. The folks in South '

. . Chanelle is back in Britain. Florida dig him too (he won their 1990 r‘

A tapestry of new writing 3 . ._

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from me High'ands & ls'ands' 11 "scanner Yottt'hasstt comiss- appgaranize on the ‘Toniryiht’ sliiow '

lane of the other three has faced the ° d n | p , "Mimi "iii" mm spotlights in Britain netore. hence {3:33; initi'h‘éi’ZJi Billing“ on

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divide. But as Chappelle found out in the comic finds himse" su pom" me '8 Decemne’ ' the summetr 3" To" hails to tie is legend on tour. Which involves? ‘liti

'I' E ‘throw in a little more exposition here involves 3000 cowboys and one very E and there.’ Think on your feet, act on sea,“ Jewish boy from New Yam, r

'0‘" "its" and one" as not "'9 humot't Compared to that, Scottish audiences

is all the fresher for it. ‘Yeah,’ drawls will be a Mean. Pmbably . . . (Craig

the ever-laconic Chapelle, ‘Edinburgh McLean)

Box OFFICE taught me how to relax. I had a lot in“, lighten up Comedy 1.0.", The

more ton than I thought I’d have’ Music Box, Edinbur h, rue 23 llov and o 2 3 b 1 5 2 8 8 1 ‘lt’s definitely gonna be a work-out,’ The Ferry, Glasgow’sWed 24 any,



Phone Box Office for details

031 228 1404 Reg Charity No: ED198458

50 The List 19 November—2 December 1993