- - I Boudoir at The 13th Note (downstairs). and Peter and Matthew of Sublime. Live . . . . PA every Saturday with a rescheduled l sundays , _ spin-'mdmgllt' Frec‘ Easy mu.5'c mm a Problem House on Sat 20. Special BIG l I Baby lo" 3' F1009 3- £1 W'lh p?“ M's“ from [7&3ch ‘0 surfed“ organ t name guest act on Sat 27 in celebration of | l0" lpm' £3 aft“ S'mon Coyle' Billy R" sa'npleri‘ this Is a superb man's from [ht Cheats Birthday. t DJ K. Steve L. and Chas. 28 Nov. Live norm. Dig those Petersand Lee flyers. I Bonner, ttpm_3t3oamt £3.50. After t PA. from Love For Sale. .Your hoststfor the evening: E.J. (that s eleven years Bennet’s replace Craig Davis ' I 33”” gpln‘lai?- Fre_e- DJ 583" Easy JOCI‘ )' la" and 0“ Palll' With the multt,tatehted Roddy Stewart. Honeymoon now in res1dence. I JoJos at Club XChange

Roddy and Stevie Ken are Bobby Banter . I Bennot’s l 1pm—2am. £1. A11 beers and l l.00pm—3.30am. £2.50. Positively


' ' . . x - 3 I I " Who have 'ust released 5k gem r on the t spirits £1! Jumping for one so early in the week. new 23rd ipttnter label Mgrtmbl: 3 I Big Kant 99p Special at Club Xchange. Dance and chart sounds. I

I can loco at The Arches. tOPmQam. l lpm—3am. 99p. All pints and spirits 99p. I Moist at The Cathouse. 10pm-2aiii. £1.

£5. The wild and wacky Loco Experience. 3 I Bows 3‘ The VOlcano- A mlSh'maSh 0f pgppy and “Udemy'type complete with ‘live' bands and ‘eccentric’ l l0-30l’m‘2303'“ 94' Everyonc's ; sounds' Plus 3" dnnks for £120.! . entertainers. is yours to be had for a tnere I favoume Von‘ Singer Continues ‘0 pad‘ I spank at {giralhdydc U'l'vmuy unlon‘ fiver! promoS before midnight. ’em in tip Partick way. 9pni—lam. Free (students and guests

I 11.. canton”. 9_30pm_zamt £3.50 ; I Bomb at The Cathouse. Studio 3. I only); A mix of retro chart favourites. (£3). £4 after “pm. Sweaty rock, 10pm—2atn. £1.50. A new hip-hop t I Shimmy Club at Bennet‘s.

i - . a 3 ' _’) 0 x a r a orientated club on two floors. Wllh early l thng- l0-30Pm ~am. f... Legendary. drunken. l l l

opening and specially cheap drinks till i I 3"l’l"°"°l°"3 at Reds- “Pm-28m £5 ? ""lxcd' (0’ Should “m. be 1"““d'UP7’l “pm. Trad Rock upstairs and (£3 students before 11.30pm). ‘Bombastic longest-running club night in town With contemporary rock downstairs. Boogie. Bubble Grooves' and all drinks i Craig Dill/IS.

I Cleopatra’s l lpm—2.30am. £6. £1“ A fine finale to your weekend I wading Pos‘ 2.“ ClcOpima.S'

I Club Xchange. “pin-3.30am. £4. Gay I Club "avana 3‘ The com" CIUb~ l lpm—z'mam' £2 (£1 mm “Cko'

club with upfront dance tunes from DJ 9-30l’m‘23m' £5 (Bl one sunday ‘1 Suave Gav.

I Cracker at Strathclyde University , Union 9pm—2am. £2. Students and guests bossanova and flamenco' w'lll dance

only. Michael David’s traditional Stttdeht lessons at the start of the evening for those night with an indie slant. Meanwhie Paul = Who want to mame . Mullholland is in Reds doing his darndest ? I Club "on". at The 13m Now (upswing)-

inonth; phone club for details. Expect the wedneSdays

usual unbeatable Havana mix of salsa. i I Bonnot’s l tom—2am, £1, 60p vodka! I Bruce’s Bonus at the Sub Club. 10pm—2ain. £2. An evening of indie. dance and soul in association with hip Virginia Galleries boutiques Twister and

to extinguish the legacy that proceeded t 8pm—midnight. Free..1ndie and alternative ' Biba Love, A11 drinks £t_ ‘Mueh

him, proclaiming the ntght a etechho free ; tunes plus ‘excellent international cheapnesst much fun} I Freedom of the City zone‘, ; bubblegums for early Mouthers'! Now I came at Circa. 7.30-11.15pm. Modem Take your drums. whistles I Divine at the Art School. llpm—late. . fealurlllgllve bands “)0” Weeks- 580 ' jive based on French LeRoc. Beginners and miles down to . £2.50.The very best in I ROCK “Slings for delalls- class for 45 minutes from 7.30pm then George Square 0“ F“ l9 psychedelte/gnrage/sout/oos tn the Vie I Fudilrultlters at Cleopatra‘s. 3 dancing tit] 11.15pm Nov. 8pm—10.30pm. to Bar. ; llpm-2.30am. £3 (£2 With ticket). . I chopper at Club Xehahge take part in a

I Dream Sequence at Rooftops (Secrets I Ital “99939 Club 8‘ Spiral,S NightClUb- l 10.30pm—3am. £3 (£2). Long established. "Oll‘POllllFal WOW-Si l0 Lounge). 10.30pm—2am. £2.50. A good lOPm—lalF- 52- A new reggae "lghl al a busy night combining garage. house. rap. Sho‘f’ lhe “061131118 b0an selection of indie-dance faves and a new lOCilllOn- ' funk, disco and pop with very cheap PUPllC °PP°§lllon ‘9 the friendly vibe. I NBC at the Sound Factory. 1 lpm—3am drink, curfew. Givmg their

I Escape-ism at the Ventura Basement. ; (no curfew). £4. Smart but casual. Stevie I cum "an"; at the October Café_ support Will be The

From 8pm, Free, A monthly trip tojazz ? Kerr and Joe the Bear with ‘Pumping . 9pm..tntdntght Free. Run by D] Jazz of Shamen playing a half dance, rare funk and underground soul Euro Dance‘ and a PA from Mukka on the Sunday with the same name at the hour set and DJs Stuart land With and Promos. First Sun 2l NOV- Cotton Promo Mexican and MCMlllan. Melkle Saturday of the month. I Pumpin’ at Sunset Boulevard. Columhtan beers and Spirits go down i and Michael Kilkie. In the I Fury at Fury Murry's, 10,30pm_2am, “pm—3.20am (no curfew). £3. Trevor A happily with two pints of sought, for a ongomg battle against the £4. lmaginatively-named and student- Reilly and Colin Tevendale. Pumpin’ fiveh curfew, the organisers orientated night, slightly less now that Stevie Kerr has I cool nonalssance at Fury Murty's. stress the need to fill out I Habitat Sunset Boulevard. deClded lo do his Pumpln' ill me sound 10.30pm-2am. From Wed 17 Nov. Gerry the ‘Freedom Of the Cll)’. “Pm-3208111 ("0 curfew). £6 (£5) FaClOVY- Campbell and Craig J. bring their pure POSlcardS that are. Michael Kilkie and Colin Tevendale with I I Rock City at The Cathouse. lOpni-2am. blend of Acid jazz to troops every currently Circulating, and ‘a hot selection of British and U5 house’_ . £1.50. Rock from the 70s to the present. Wednesday night replacing Flora] Riot. to return them completed I Matrix at The Hive. lopm_2am, £3, I E838 8pm—midnight. Free. Pre-club I Gerry sees the night. thourtshed by the to the club or shop where Students and guests, The ultimate soul and rare groove with DJ Kevano. Shim of the drums; and seeks to bong out you got them. combination. apparently. with John Lyons. , I 5" "aniline 3‘ Fury MUWY’S- ' the lyrical element of acid jazz that is I Raddy Stuart Opens Drinks promo. . 10.30pm—2am. £2.50 (£2 non-waged) often overlooked. up a new DJ supplies shop I Mo’ Jan With Attitude at The l3th Women two for the price of one. Dave on Mon 22 Nov in the Note. 8pm—midnight_ ‘Dropping science Ross ensuring punters that this is not ‘just former premises of Dub 11 like never before the eclectic Watt anOlhcr SlUdcm "lghl‘ bUl ‘3 hm busy. ' recQYdS 1" Howard Sireel brothers mix wicked jazz and funky soul funky Sunday.‘ behtnd the St Enoch

in an atmosphere not unlike sixties Soho.‘ Semm' glasggw‘ ARLngy, Apparently. tewart oun an ig t I lleils 10.30ptn—2am. £5 (students £3 mundays . Will offer a .

before 11.30pm). Relaxed. friendly and _ I The Boat Club 3‘ Fury Murry 5- comprehenstve sales and popular club night with DJ Kevin mixing . l0-30Pm‘23m- £2 (fll- NCWCk)’ BTW/“r hire SCI’ViCC IO pubS. Clubs. up the disco. house and funk. l. GUlnnCSS and Diamond While all for fl 10 professional DJs and

I Shoosh at tht's, 8pm-mtdntght. D] the accompaniment of ‘classic tunes. public alike with late Cristian with a house/ garage pre-club ' bouncy dance and 903 indlcl- New “111116 night opening Thursday. warmer. 5 for ZFD; same tnusic policy. I Fab at Red’s. 10pm—2am. £3. The Fab Friday and Saturday till

I Solar 2 at the OM. Sat 27 Nov only. i I "‘9 Boat at lhe Tuxedo PrlnCCSS; Boys play a many and varied funky and 8.30pm. Above the Shop. £3, [maginattvely named sequel to Solar. ; 9pin—2am.Free before 10.30pm With baggy soundtrack tojump along to, Bring the ‘nRisky School of featuring Twitch. Brainstorm. Terry and t flyer. £1 with student card. Immense : your granny and get in free. they say. Mixmg‘ _Wil_l be selling Jason from Pussypower, State of Flux and SlUdem night With few Ptelenllons- Battle Okay, they asked for it . . . DJs studio time to record 1)] Guy, Chill out room with lighting by the crowds on the revolvmg dance floor. I Co West at Cleopatra‘s. 1 1pm—2.30am, demos on the DAT system Pandemonium dOdge the DJ hurllng free T‘Shms at YOU £2 (£1 with ticket). or learn from the master. I The ‘l’unnol 10,3oprn_zamt £6 (£3). and tell everyone it's the first time you've I Horizontal at The volcano. Stevie Kerr,

Derek Wallace and Sir Kevin Mecay been and in no way are you a regular. 10.30pm—2.30am. £3 (£2). Jazz and rare I Spiral Tribe is sending tleadtng the party on a garage ttp' while I Crash West at Cleopatra’s. groove from the highly respected Nick DJs from its voyaging Stephen Middleton and Derek Fulton of “Pm-23081“. £2 (fl Wllh thkel); . Peacock doing his level best to spice up a sound system to guest at ' October Café fame do what they do so I Horn at The 13th Note. 8pm-midntght. Wednesday night in Partick. Edinburgh's Sativa on Fri well in room 2, Japanese techno and white trash nose. I love Boutique at the Arches. Wed 1 26 Nov. In a not-to-be

I 13.3w at the Art school. 10pm_tatet I Plant at the Volcano. 10pm-late. Dec only. Until late. Ticket prices to be missed one-off. SP23. part £2.50. Take the upstairs option on an Art 52-50. New name. same excellent Vle confirmed. Set to coincide with World of the collective

school Saturday night and receive a arid the hugest of huge tunes from top DJ Aids Day. so the Lovers pull out all the responsible for the generous helping of acid jazz. funk. dub. 3" KCV- stops treating us to a guest Spot from infamous Castlemorton ska and hip-hop. With Lindsey. Denny. I TileTllllnel llpm—2am. £2. Gay Sashatand a special fashion show free festival eighteen Louie and Andy up in the rafters. Mondays. featuring Biba Love, Cruise. Dr J ives. lchi months ago. toms the

I tinder Veltlra 8pm—midnight. Free. Tuesda s NI San. and Red or Dead. usual multi-textural

Soul. funk and garage with Kevin. y I love train at Cafe Cini. 9pm—midnight. format of Sativa at The

I The Volcano lO.30pm-2.30am. £5 (£4 I The Big Night Out at Floozy’s (below Free: Selected beers for £1. Joe Deacon Vaults. 1n addttion to

with matric card). Mellow house, garage Bonkers). 10.30pm—2am. £3 (£2). Dot and Playing the USS! in ClaSSlC $0111» funk and SW3 wipe“ live grooves and street soul with Graham Ethel bring you a mix of 70s disco, funk. Plano hOUSC- PCFCUSSIOn Emd regl’lar t Wilson and Scott McCay. hip-hop. indie and club classics at this I PM“ 53ml at The Cathouse. MCS SCOIt and Warren

I Wild at The Cotton Club. lOpm-Zam. new student-orientated night. Drinks lopm-zam- 80P- A new 805 ClUb ‘0 Pfe‘ H'Shly recommended 3“ £5. Commercial dance and pop. promos, empt the latest revival. listings for details.

The List 19 November—2 December 1993 83