' Hawkes National Concert Band Festival. i

. . Fifteen Big Bands of up to 60 players put E cant,“ 39".!" scouand ""3 tom'ght- : that entertainment programme through its " Events are listed by area and then paccs_ l

board when she foundered and went down in the Sound of Eriskay. Prices could a bit on the high side. if last week‘s sale of a bottle of 60-year-old Macallan for £15,000 is anything to go by. Christies reckon that the most expensive lot in this

alphabetically. All submissions should be . , accompanied by a contact phone number ; _l ior our inionnation. Days out compiled by & ?

Thom Dibdin, T I ANTIQUES FAIR Fri l9-Sun 2i.

1 Ham—8pm (Closes Sun at 5pm). CENTRAL 81 TAYSIDE

: Roxburghe Hotel. Charlotte Square. I Edinburgh. £2.50. The organisers of the

. " 1,; sale will be a bottle of 64-year-old Dallas I BRASS BAN” CHAMPIONSH'PS Sal sixteenth of these annual events hope that i mm» a snip 3‘ £3000- 20/Sun 2" loa'll‘épm (sum lomn‘SP'")~ there will be something to fill every shape a

Salk?“ TOW“ Hant We“ Bridge SWCL of stocking this Christmas for you happy Falk'rk- T'Ck9‘9~ 0" the door. £3 CilCh d3.“ antique hunters. Prices range from £2 for

TWO days Of bands Pumping 01" those Big a print. through £15 fora silver mustard ;


I It was originally ‘plant a tree in

Band tunes. Saturday iS'tllCJ‘OTIh Valley Spoon [0 a mere £7000 for that i M slevencty-threi: but txltl/enty years 0;: thle l

' r - x \ . I. ','~- 1“ \ s \ I y I y I ) Bra-$5 Championt‘jhlpt “"h -5 bands ‘3‘“ - Chippendale mahogany bureau bookcase . ' r“ Dun“ 3“ 3“ glmh in" I ‘u "I getting twenty minutes to perform an made in 1770. ; rhyme. The week runs from -5 November

to 5 December and this year‘s theme is Trees for All Ages. linking in with European Year of Older People and Solidarity between Generations. This is the best time to plant a tree. as it will have

-. I ' U , time over the next few months to get 24—Sun 28. Kelvrn Hall lntemattonal

3 established before sprouting out in the I l' . . . . ,. .. a Sports Arena‘ Glasgow £2 (wed)‘ £3 spring. Small trees are cheaper and easier i 7 (“1°er £4 (Fm' £6 (sat/Sun) Teams . to plant while requiring less care to make ' from a“ over the World?” Compei'w m sure they survive. in Scotland the week is these open championships for a prize

. . . being coordinated by the Scottish {‘O'mnmg st 3:5‘000' Quahfymg rounds Conservation Trust. contact them on ()786 5”" on'wcd (f—g‘BOP'II)‘ “hf”: early 479697 if no event is listed in your area. _ rounds and Wm“ finals 0" ,Fn/Sm Some listings are also given opposite in (iOam-9.30pm) and the semi-finals and the Kids geclion finals on Sat/Sun (matches start l.30pm). I I'm bianung'Mon 77 NOV Noon Free ' “mm” ammo" 98‘” Old Pentland Cemetery. on the out

, 1'303T‘Spm (Mon-Fri): 10'4'30pm Pentland Road, Lothianburn. Midlothian. 3 (530' "Spm (sun) Spnngbum Museum This event marks not only the beginning

3 Trus" Atlas Square' Ayr Street' Glasgow of National Tree Week but also man 041-557 1405. Free. Smallish exhibition ongoing local environmental projects.

‘entertainment’ programme so none of that dreary repetition of the same set for a

whole day. On Sunday the focus is a wee I

bit more symphonic. with the Boosey & I BAUMINTON CHAMPIONSHIPS Wed

._ , about Sighthill Cemetery, which opened I m 7 , r, r . , scovery Walk Sun -8 Nov. 4' _ ' if t m 1840 and W3? regarded as “Fond only 10am—4pm. Free. Ayr Gorge Woodlands. j j“ ', f . if) “a NecroPOI‘S as ‘1 2mg??? place Fairford, contact Robert Potter. 0292 ' . . i h - A Of asgow S great an g . C 61 R _l d , , , .. As the temperature drops and collars slope is the longest oi its kind in , “‘Xhlbl‘io" P’QVldSS ‘1 fflscm‘lng ’icord 0f and) demonsltgratiztynggf \f/(XXHESd Still? go up, the thought oi wide open Europe, although the title oi largest S bfgimoi‘etzgfih h includes a free mini-bus shuttle service expanses oi virgin snow springs to the artiiicial slope has just been grabbed the gum,“ .y f , 1g, '- . , g runningfrom Loudon Arms car Park In . g caused by LpldLlT’llCS and war M u.hlm , , nd Saf,w. ~q .. . k A, mind oi many a young - and not so by a new centre in Sheiiield. ,0 me stories behind disasters averted by a L ‘1 k "y - “r P‘” ”‘ 3" young - skier. Weather reports are Besides the thrill oi blades over the bravery of 10m] heroes. _ '35-,- anxiously scanned and equipment snow, there’s the thrill oi liquid I scomsu moron snow Until sun 21, ;c:¢.;.:'rr- readied in anticipation oi the time reireshment over ice to look iorward Noon—lOpm (weekdays) and lOam—lOpm if}? 3‘1; when midsummer dreams oi white to with the ever important apres-ski - (weekends). SECC. Glasgow. £5 (£2.50). .e. "F 6,1,??? "“ "x‘ . iluiiy stuii become reality with the social tile. The season never stops ' Loads 9f motors for a” In this family day v.‘ ' 2.»; ~ tirst tail of snow. The problem is there either, ii the attitude oi the 01"; Friday '9 sees the auction of 470 car _, making sure that you’re iit enough to Glasgow Ski Club is typical. it meets in ’CE‘S"‘?“°’L§§35b9f’S' 5’15“: :0 gor‘t‘hom ‘1 ,. , , ' ~ take to the pistes without ending up in the pub every Thursday night to look w owng ' you a" 0 e e - , -‘*‘--’5.’~‘.' is; '7'.» t proud owner of CLT lC (the reserve pl‘lCL . . I l . ., - . a plaster cast. _ iorward to weekends away and reilect I Shot up £700 a, the appointment of Lou ' g ,- For some though, the season never on past glories. The social side has ' Macari as Celtic manager!) but a Rangers’ gag?“ “Oat... stopped. They’ve been swishing down i become so popular that it has even fan is expected to part with £3000 for 2 with“ g ’3" those artiiicial slopes at Hillend and branched out into hill walking, making ' GER while the estimated price for ACK z, ‘7' :‘ _"“ >3 - ' ~._.~' Bellahouston all summer, moving up i the club a truly year-round aiiair. 5 IE is a mere £2000. Aucfion details from ' ‘7. from basic arallel toms and Thom Oibdin 05' 708 3202' " n u a, m k h ( ) i l s-srop PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION Sat a pa ec ng ose cysortradius . ,97/Sn28 _4 Cid GI , and step turns as they tune balance You don’t need your own equipment to i 6a” "0°" pm‘ 8 er 8" ta. . ery. Calder Glen Country Park. - - and co-ordination in the eiiort to , get onto the artiiicial slopes, ski hire ' Sumhaven Road East Kilbdde. Free. ago, -- become the perfect skiing machine. 5' is available at them all. Exhibition ofcomempomy photographs . (9.5,. _ , I 1;:- " With the iirst iall, they’re the ones . Hillend Ski Centre: 031 445 4433. i by ten local photographers. This is the - ’45. J‘- '7 who will be lit to slalom down the . Glasgow Ski Centre, Bellahouston j first time they have exhibited together as a ~ steepest oi mountains. Park: 041 427 4991. I group-

‘We’re only here to enable people to 3 Ski clubs organise weekend and day I mus” “cm” Wed 24‘ from “am- I Tm Plantino Sun 28. 100'"- get onto the real snow,’ says Patricia : trips, iorelgn holidays, Insurance and i Chnsmt '64 Bath Street. Glasgow 04! Kilpatricks Project. meet at Milngavie

l 332 8134. The last fourteen bottles of Railway Station Car Park. Find out what is": i figfhaflng’ Md” a “cue soc.“ whisky salvaged from the wreck of the SS to plant and why. then go out and get ' g ' t Polmcran are to be sold at this auction of digging! Wear old clothes and Wellies. II" 308'". 80 the Poor foowfall over Edlnburoh 3'" Club: 031 220 3121- 446 bottles of whisky. The Politician is I Woodland Management Party Sun 28 the left iew yrs hasn t been very ! Glasgow Ski Club: 041 4241893. notorious as the subject of the film Whisky Nov. 11am-3pm. Free. Drumpeliier need. It lust ShOtt of 400 metres the | Galore. She was sailing from Liverpool. Country Park. Monklands. contact Andy bound for Jamaica with a cargo of a Summers 0324 8 l3 345. Meet at the ' quarter of a million bottles of whisky on Visitors‘ Centre. l


The List l9 November—2 December I993 69