I The life And loves Of A She Devil (BBCI) IO.IO—II.IOpm. A repeat showing for the Fay Weldon - dramatisation. Julie T. Wallace stars as the plain housewife with a devilish ability to get revenge when her husband Dennis Waterman leaves her for novelist Patricia Hodge.


I The Talking Show (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. Scandinavian midget troll Sandi Toksvig presents the series on communication. with a weird assortment of guests including wings expert Claire Rayner. dub poet Benjamin Zephaniah and comic medics Struck Off And Die. I Wild Palms (BBC2) 9—9.50pm. The third episode of the futuristic drama. Harry Wyckoff (Jim Belushi) plots with the Friends to stop the Presidential aspirations of Tony Kreutzer (Robert Loggia).

I Without Walls: The Turner Prize (Channel 4) 9—lOpm. A profile of the artists shortlisted for art‘s biggest award. and coverage of the prize-giving. Outside tip: Rachel Whiteread for her spectacularly daft concrete house.

I 40 Minutes: War Artist (BBC2) 9.50-I0.30pm. A profile ofGIasgow artist Peter Howson who was the official war artist in Bosnia. where the conflict had a profound effect on him and his work.

I EX-S: High Rise And Fall (BBC i) 1025—] 1.05pm. The story of Queen Elizabeth Square. the tower-block development in The Gorbals built in the early 60s. The programme talks to people who lived in the tower blocks and records their experiences as the buildings face destruction.

I One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (BBCI) Il.IOpm-l.20am. Brad Dourif (currently twitching his way through Wild Palms) plays one of the inmates in Milos Forman’s classic adaptation of Ken Kesey’s mental hospital tale. Jack Nicholson and Louise Fletcher are the main combatants. playing a habitual violent criminal and the rigid head nurse.


I Sitting Pretty (BBCI) 8.30—9pm. A new series of the Iess-than-scintillating sitcom from the otherwise-unimpeachable John Sullivan. Diane Bull plays Annie Briggs. the former good-time girl. down on her luck and living on her parents’ chicken farm.

I Seinfeld (BBC2) 9—9.25pm. The sublime sitcom encounters strife when Elaine wants to move into a vacant apartment in Jerry’s block.

I The Buddha 0i Suburbia (BBC2) 9.25—10.30pm. The final episode of the Hanif Kureishi dramatisation finds Karim attending his uncle’s funeral before heading off to New York where he meets up with Charlie. now a superstar.

I The Almost Complete History Ill The Tvrentieth Century (Channel 4) 9.45—IOpm. Another quirky revamp of archive material, this time looking at great women of the 20th century from Golda Meir to Margaret Thatcher. via the world’s first human cannonball.

I Restless Natives (Channel 4) II.45pm—I.20am. An engagingly hopeless comedy about two Edinburgh lads who try to make some pocket money from highway robbery. but instead end up becoming a tourist attraction.


I NB (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. The arts and entertainments magazine. with Bryan Burnett and Janice Forsyth.

I The Plague: The Zero Factor (Channel 4) 9—IOpm. A major new four-part series tracing the social. political and medical history of AIDS. The first programme looks at the early identification of the disease and the disintegration of early theories about its spread.

I All in The Game (Scottish) 9-IOpm. The superior soccer drama continues. with Darren dropped from the Barcelona side to make way for star Uruguayan Hugo Barresco. but surprisingly recalled for a crunch match against Real Madrid.

I Bab D. Hesbitt (BBC2) 9—9.30pm. Mary lands a job with the lecherous Mr Friel (Andy Gray) and the threatened Rab looks for tips on how to improve his love life. ~

I it You See Cod Tell Him (BBCl) 9.40—IO.20pm. Richard Briers. Imelda Staunton and Adrian Edmondson star in the new comedy drama from Andrew Marshall and David Renwick. Christmas is approaching and Uncle Godfrey has one or two gift ideas.

I Blood And Belonging: (BBC2) 9.30—IO.20pm. Michael Ignatieff investigates the rise of nationalism in the united Germany. finding nobody who is happy with the Germany they actually have.


I Fllm 0n Four: Blonde Fist (Channel 4) IOpm—midnight. The frankly embarrassing Margi Clarke stars in brother Frank’s tacky drama about a mother on the run in New York. attempting to make some money on the female boxing circuit.

I Married With Children (Scottish) 10.45-l I. ISpm. Bud wins an evening with rock band Anthrax and packs the parents off to Florida to clear the way.


I Children In Heed (BBC 1) 7pm—2am. Sue Cook and Andi Peters (with Hazel Irvine and John Leslie in Glasgow) launch the annual fund-raiser. with a host of special programmes lined up. including an outlandish 3D version of Doctor Who which finds four of the favourite Doctors mingling with the EastEnders. Other 3D treats include an exclusive Pet Shop Boys performance. 3D glasses are available from W.H. Smith. House Of Fraser, Radio Rentals and Boots at 99p a pair. with 25p going to Children In Need.

I The living Soap (BBC2) 7.15—7.45pm. More student indulgence in the Manchester house. spied on by the BBC cameras. with Dan planning a party.

I Cheers (Channel 4) 9.30—l0pm. Carla’s dreaded old school principal visits the bar. I Have i Got News For You (BBC2) lO—IO.30pm. Ian Hislop and Paul Merton are the captains. Angus Deayton the MC. and the unlikely guests are Vitali Vitaliev and Jimmy Tarbuck.

I Clive Anderson Talks Back (Channel 4) 10.30—I 1.10pm. The naked-bonced sultan of smug interrupts another bunch of desperate guests.

I late Licence (Channel 4) 12.10—5.15am. Jack Dee and Mark


Lamarr are your hosts for another night of retrotainment. featuring everything from the Beach Boys to The Pogues In Concert. I Trial By Night (Scottish) 12.35-2.35am. Bernard Ponsonby and Kaye Adams present another late-night topical debate.


I Casualty (BBC I) 8. IO—9pm. More blood. guts and personal traumas are spilt in Holby General’s Accident and Emergency Department. with the staff coming into conflict with religious cultists.

I Perionnance: Hedda Cabler (BBC2) 8.30—IO.40pm. lbsen’s classic tale of a wife dreading her future with a husband she detests is given an Irish twist in Deborah Warner’s production. with Fiona Shaw in the title role.

I Rory Bremner - Who Else? (Channel 4) l0.05-IO.45pm. Rory Bremner and guests John Bird and John Fortune delve into the week in politics. sport and the rest.


I Movievratch (Channel 4) 6—6.30pm. The film review and gossip show returns. with punters offering opinions on Aladdin. C84 and Hard Target.

I Heartbeat (Scottish) 7.30—8.30pm. Nick Berry stars in the soft-centred Yorkshire cop series set in the 60s.

I To Play The King (BBC 1) 9.05—l0pm. The second episode of Andrew Davies’s drama finds Urquhart deciding to take firm action against the recalcitrant king.

I The Broadcast Tapes Cl Dr Peter (BBC2) 9.20—10.05pm. As part of its programming for World AIDS Day. BBC2 screen the video diary of the late Dr Peter Jepson-Young. depicting his experience of the disease and others‘ reactions to it.

I The South Bank Show (Scottish) 10.45—11.45pm. Melvyn Bragg presents the first of a two-part report into British



.. '.{ .

It Riki‘s;

I Cutting Edge: Iavy Blues (Channel 4) 9—10pm. The first of a two-part special about the Royal Navy’s own police force. who keep the servicemen in order.

I A Woman’s Guide To Adultery (Scottish) 9—10pm. A new series based on the piquant novel by Carol Clewlow. Sean Bean. Amanda Donohoe. Adrian Dunbar and Theresa Russell star as members of the bed-hopping set. Directed by David Hayman (see feature).

I Homicide: life On The Street (Channel 4) 10—1 lpm. Barry Levinson's Baltimore police series features a failed raid. and a ‘businessman’ who can shed some light on a murder investigation.


I Wild Palms (BBC2) 9—9.50pm. Jim Belushi. Angie Dickinson and Robert Loggia star in the penultimate episode of the ‘cybersoap’. Senator Kreutzer is convinced that Harry has possession of the crucial ‘GO Chip’.

I Without Walls: Kicking The Habit (Channel 4) 9-9.30pm. The fascinating story of one-hit-wonder Jeanine Deckers. aka The Sin ing Nun. See preview.

I Between e lines (BBCI)

9.25-iO.25pm. Neil Pearson stars as Det Supt Tony Clark in the acclaimed drama about the Police Complaints Investigation Bureau. He’s called in when a hit-and-run incident is believed to involve an off-duty copper.

I 40 Minutes: Cirl Friends (BBC2) 9.50—IO.30pm. A frank and funny portrait of the friendship of two independent women with a liberal outlook on life and relationships. ‘lfI feel like having five men a week. I‘ll go for it.’ says Mitzi. Good on yer. gel.

I EX-S: Pesce Y Patate (BBC I) l0.25-1I.05pm. Sub-titled 'a celebration of Scots Italians‘. this film looks at the Italian community in Scotland. and visits the small village of Barga in Tuscany. where Italo—Scots return home every summer.

I Omnibus: The Boy Next door (BBCI) ll.05*—I 1.55pm. A profile of the ex-junkie pop singer Boy George. following his route from superstar to villain. and his radical rehabilitation.


I Almost An Angel (BBC 1) 7-8.30pm. Paul Hogan and Linda Kozlowski star in a lavishly sentimental tale of a small-time villain and electronics wizard prone to religious delusions after an accident. He hitches a lift to a small town where he sets about being kind to people.

I Travelog (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. The hip travel show sends Brian Sewell to Bavaria to visit the mad castles of Ludwig II. Meanwhile polo-necked wide boy Robert Elms is in Reykjavik. which isn‘t quite far enough away. but it’s getting there.

I Sean’s Show (Channel 4)

10.35—l 1.05pm. Dublin‘s favourite miserablist finds romance with Lizzie. at the garage where he works. On past fortn. it'll end in tears and some maudlin poetry.


I ND (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. Arts and entertainments in bite-sized chunks from the dynamic duo.

I lite In The Freezer (BBC 1) 8—8.50pm. David Attenborough wraps up warm for a look at the wildlife of the Antarctic. catching up with the habits of the chinstrap penguin.

I Goodnight Sweetheart (BBC I ) 8.30—9pm. The Marks and Gran sitcom. starring Nicholas Lyndhurst as a nerdish TV repairman who discovers an alleyway into the past. He begins to find that his inside information of the war can be a liability in 1940.

I Bab C liesbitt (BBC2) 9—9.30pm. The bandaged one causes more mayhem in the everyday tale of Govan folk. when son Bumey discovers an unexpected talent for art.

I Film 0n Four: Closing Numbers (Channel 4) I0—ll.55pm. Jane Asher stars in Stephen Whittaker's film. the

centrepiece of Channel 4‘s contribution to World AIDS Day. She plays the wife of bisexual Keith (Tim Woodward) and

when she realises the truth about her husband's sexuality. comes into contact i with a world where the risk of AIDS is an I ever-present consideration.

The List I9 November—2 December l993 73