I Bisexual Glasgow male graduate (28) handsome. intelligent. not out and with a variety of interests. I'd like to hear from other straight-acting bisexual or gay guys (21-35). Photo appreciated. Discretion assured. Box No 215/27.

I Wild at heart Glaswegian torn (35) seeks pedigree queen on heat for savage nights/ snugeg mornings. Appreciates liner things in life. house trained. clever and affectionate. Will not stray. Photo‘.’ Box No 215/28.

I Transvestite living in West Highlands. aged 38. would like to contact females in Glasgow or Edinburgh for friendship and possible relationship. age open. Box No 215/29.

I Edinburgh gay guy straight- acting. very good-looking. athletic. educated but playful.

seeks non-scene. straight-acting.

handsome guy for friendship. fun and games. Photo please! Box No 215/30.

I Zesty, mobile, attractive gay man (32) seeks daytime friends for amiable lunches and daylight assignations (Edinburgh and environs). Excellent company! Chatty. informative letters welcome. particularly from clones and/or uniforms. Let’s rendezvous. Box No 215/31.

I Central Edinburgh chappie tall. slim. travelled. 39. separated. not desperate. seeks spaced. younger lady with insatiable. omnivorous appetite for l920s—60s music. Slender. volatile. voice like a violin where are you? Box No 215/32. I Female list reader required, tall. 4()ish tojoin male List reader in investigating entertainment on offer. Box No 215/33.

I Glasgow temale (19) stuck in a rut. Likes alternative music. going to clubs. pubs and

cinema. Seeking male or female

friends with similar interests who also live in Glasgow area. Box No 215/35.

I Glasgow male (33) varied interests. enjoys life. laughter. seeks gay friends who enjoy sport. music. and are fun to be with. I am sincere. honest and worth a reply! Photograph appreciated. Box No 215/36. I Fun-loving gay guy, 31 tall. blue eyes. Glasgow. seeks male to help pass cold. dark winter evenings in or out. Let’s sizzle! Box No 215/37.

I Graduate, 27 seeks part-time friend. Independent. likes literature. exercise. dance. kissing in parks at midnight. Seeks slim. independent lass. fond of frivolity. friskiness. and letter writing. Edinburgh/

3 Tayside. Box No 215/38.

I Very attractive female (Edinburgh) seeks good-looking male in need oftlc. 1 like swimming. cycling and lots more. Preferred: age late 20s or 30s. tallish. photo and phone number. Box No 215/39.

I Edinburgh-based woman 30s. strawberry blonde. vivacious. in superb condition. seeks substantial. clever. line-featured man of quality. Age immaterial. but passion and zest essential. Box No 215/40.

I Edinburgh man (26) seeks warm. sensitive guy with big gay heart. interested in art. books. love groovy music and new age. Photo appreciated. Box No 215/41.

I You hum and I’ll play Sensitive. musical female wants to make beautiful music with genuine. caring man (30s) and create an exciting new relationship. full of fun and rejuvenation. Box No 215/42.

I Tall, carnivorous, desirable single male. mid-thirties. seeks attractive. unattached. Glasgow- based. intelligent lady (non- smoker) with view to romance. then? Loves: cinema. music.

: travel. Photos exchanged? Box

No 215/43.

3 I Genuinely good-looking guy

28. slim. dark hair. blue eyes, Glasgow-based. non-scene. Into opera. concerts. films. seeks handsome. intelligent beau who reads but never replies to

personal ads. Photo essential. Box No 215/44.

I Ayrshire/ Glasgow guy 25. straight-acting. good-looking. easy-gorng. non-scene. inexperienced. seeks someone similar for discreet and meaningful relationship.

Interests: squash. cinema. opera.

Photo please. Discretion assured. Box No 215/45.

I Mill-20$ male healthy looks. dreamer. romantic. caring. introspective. intelligent. sometimes shy. sometimes lonely. sometimes pessimistic but always hopeful. seeks quietish. ‘alternative’ girl. Interests indie. GET. books. parks. psychology. Glasgow area. Box No 215/46.


THE LIST PERSONAL ADS are designed for individuals to meet other individuals.

We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement without explanation.

I We do not accept adverts which state a race. creed. colour or nationality in the person sought.

I In compliance with current legislation. ads from gay men can only be accepted if both the advertiser and person sought are over 21.

I No adverts of a sado- masochistic nature or implication are acceptable.

I No adverts offering or seeking sexual inexperience are acceptable.

I No advert specifically seeking a person with children is acceptable.

I No advert from a married person seeking an affair is acceptable.

I Circulars. promotional literature and offensive material are not forwarded where discovered. If you receive such material with your Box replies please let us know. Write. enclosing the material. to: Classified Ads at The List.

{"55 """"""""""""""""""" "1 THIS Is A SECTION I PLEASE ENSURE FORM IS COMPLETED WITH CORRECT : DISPLAY : PAYMENT ENCLOSED. : ADVERTISEMENT PERSONN- “"93991510 Per 30 Words I l (min £10). I can FOR CLASSIFIED Aos MUST REACH us or 1 It has a border a“ the My Semi-display: £7 per 10 : sscouo POST on THURSDAY A WEEK BEFORE : “mm! W “‘0 can '"C'udc words (min £14). : PUBLICATION. : W" Compm‘y "*4"- Box No: included in price. I l l 1 Rates are £4 er sin le . _ . : Print in BLOCK CAPITALS and send to: : mum" mam": RECRUITMENT Unease. #5 per 30 words I CLASSIFIED A08. The List. 14 High 31. Edinburgh. : (excl um, Minimum COURSES/TUITION (mm £5) mcl VAT. I EHl me or CLASSIFIED ADS. The List. 179 Buchanan . size 4cm. DANCE CLASSES Semi-display: £4 per 10 : St. Glasgow. G1 2J2. I gifiggfius'c Kiwis (min £8) InCIlVAT- ' ' sp ay: £4 per sing e E BOOKING FIIIIM (Not for publication) i runs is SEMI-nispuy HEALTH column cm. excl VAT. : Name ............................................................................ .. I It has a line above and ACTIVITIES Box "0: £5 EXTRA Per l Address ......................................................................... .. i below and the lineage is TRAVEL insertion. ....................................................................................... .. l centred. The minimum is ACCOMMODATION ........................................ .. Tel. I 20 words and costs £8. ANNOUNCEMENTS m Personal ads in this style. VOLUNTARY WORK Pr! ":1 {113551123 “"9 “Nd PCT box (NB 'l'elcphone Numbers count as one mcméflgig Elgmbcr‘ i s GROUPS ' I This is a lineage ad. INTRODUCTIONS

A maximum of 30 words will cost £5 only. Personal ads in this style. including Box Numbers. are £10 for 30 words.

1. All ads must be pre-paid. Cheques and POs made payable to The List Ltd.

2. Advertisers must supply full name and address (NOT for publication).

3. The List reserves the right to refuse or withdraw any advertisement at our discretion and without explanation.

5. With series bookings. alterations cannot be made and no refunds allowed on cancellations after the first insertion.

6. In compliance with current legislation. ads from gay men


Please note Lineage and Semi Display ads are inclusive of VAT.

n" DISCOUNTS can only be accepted if I 0th the advertiser and person sought ; i llneage/Semi-llisplay/ are over 21. Which Section? How many issues? Display 7- Addresses and telephone numbers are not acceptable for

2 consecutive insertions 10% publication in personal ads. enclose: £ "nui'aiumlu d 3 consecutive insertions 15% ‘nck If you wan a sem . Sp ay 3 a 4 conseCUIIV" Insertions 20% WE WELCOME CALLERS at 14 High Street (opp. John 6 consecutive Insertions 25% Knox‘s House). Edinburgh. during business hours.


The List 19 November—2 December 1993 85