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Morticia, Gomez and the rest of the Addams clan are back in residence in that Gothic monstrosity they call home. However, two years on, there are two additions to the household, in the shape of little baby Pubert (he’s got his mother’s looks and his father’s moustache) and gold-digging nanny Joan Cusack.

What we have, basically, are three

' I ,i . plot lines that would make i Rub that lamp, and your Wlsh IS a respectable half-hour rv episodes, but ; s, our command; The List reviews 1 which have been given a big budget s 1'

card shuffle to create a constantly

. . 5 all the DCW fllmS opemng m amusing cinema feature: the arrival of

Julia make a great screen couple), ‘a comically disturbing,

Scotland over the next two weeks. the baby and the associated antics ; aims way over the head of a young bad taste love affair i which take sibling rivalry to new audience, making this the perfect with death and all I Ma“... (U) Christmas only Circumstantial t depths; Cusack’s black widow’s . movie for the twisted adolescent in as things black’

pantomime. Disney style. as the studio‘s latest animated box office phenomenon opens in Scotland. In the mystical kingdom of Agrabah. street-smart thief Aladdin

falls for Princess Jasmine.

who is becoming tired of her father’s attempts to marry her off to a rich prince. However. the evil Vizier .lafar has his own desires on the Princess and the throne . . . ifonly he could lay his hands on the magic lamp (complete with wish-fulfilling Genie) of which Aladdin is now the lucky owner. Some of the songs are wonderfully boisterous. others cloyingly sweet. but there‘s more than enough here to keep children and adults alike lapping it up and begging for more. Not. perhaps. as great a ‘film’ as Beauty and the Beast. but more accessibly entertaining. Robin Williams is a spinning dervish of a Genie. stealing the show and making up for the wetness of the leads. And while some of the character animation may be a little old fashioned. itsjuxtaposition with state-of-the-art computer technology - particularly the Cave of Wonders magic carpet ride is as thrilling as anything offered by a theme-park rollercoaster. I The Hawk (IS) A Yorkshire housewife and mOther-of-two begins to suspect that her husband is the serial killer known as The Hawk. But is there


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~: ‘Noam Chomsky and the Media‘. and split into two

' respectively. 'Thought

Control in a Democratic Society' and 'Activating : Consent'. this sounds

3 get you scurrying down to ': your local cinema. And at

, central performance by

‘: foreign policy. is never


Throughout, there is a playfulness in the cruelty and a cartoon-like reassurance that nothing too nasty i can happen. lot as scary as

Conservative family values, perhaps,

Addams Family Values is a comically t disturbing, bad taste love affair with i death and all things black. (Alan : Morrison)

; Addams Family Values (PG) (Barry

1 Sonnenfeld, us, 1993) liaul Julia,

~ Anielica Huston, Christopher lloyd. 94 mins. From Fri 10 Dec: General

3 release.

i intentions for Uncle Fester and his ! money; and Pugsley and Wednesday’s i ; disruptive effect on an all-American 5 kids’ summer camp. 1

, As sequels go, this one is more or 1 less an extension of everything the

f 1 original held dear: the inverted moral é codes, the meticulously overblown 2 sets, the constant stream of off-colour j gags. Christina llicci’s stone-faced : Wednesday proved such a hit first 3 time round that her role has now been ! enlarged. iler morbid humour, coupled i with the perverse passion of Morticia and Gomez (Anielica liuston and llaul


Gianni Amelio’s award-winning feature (European Film of the Year at the 1992 Felix Awards) may not sound too promising - it’s the story of an Italian

policeman and the relationship that develops between him and two delinquent kids in his charge - but

what might have turned out a dry and over-worthy drama proves instead an

t intelligent, sensitive and moving piece

of cinema.

' Events begin on a rundown housing

; estate outside Milan, where a ten-

' Team“ and he! Young MOW!" ate Ladro de Bambini, which consciously . taken into care after her mother is echoes Lam di gicichm (gimp, : arrested for forcing her daughter into Thieves). While Athena's film does not ; prostitution. Due to be taken to a match the full tone of no Sica’s ! children’s home near Home, what crushing tragedy, it has taken a i Should be a WWW 8800'" l0” '0' : valuable stand against the flood of young policeman Antonio (Enrico Lo 50m comedy to, which "anal. é V050) mills 0|" t0 b8 a lathe! more . cinema currently seems over- 2 "309“ and Wilma"! efl'lc'llflg enthusiastic. (Andrew Pulver) 3 experience for all concerned. 3 the stoma chime“ (15) (Gianni

In its quietly understated style and Amelio, Italy, 1992) Enrico lo Verso, } fresh, unmannered acting, The Stolen : Valentina Scalici, Guiseppe debate. Lively stuff that : Children has called torth comparisons l leracitano. 112 mins. From Fri 10: isn‘t steeped in academia. with classical ltalian neo-realism - 5 Glasgow Film Theatre. From Fl’l 17: (AM) 1 suggested directly by its Italian title lll Edinburgh Filmhouse.

evidence. blown out of proportion by her history of mental illness? Solid direction by David Hayman and a strong

Helen Mirren make this an interesting extension 0 a tired genre. which focuses on neither victim nor perpetrator. but the innocean caught in the flak. Although it misses out on some of the inherent tension. it is the perfect excuse for Prime Suspect fans to get out of their armchairs and into the cinemas.

Consent (PG) Subtitled

parts labelled.

more like the kind of university lecture you'd spend all day lying in your pit to avoid rather than the thing that would

l65 minutes. its doubly daunting. However. Chomsky's intelligent analysis of the organisational structures and hidden agendas of the American news media. particularly in respect to

‘what might have turned out a dry and over- worthy drama proves instead an intelligent, sensitive and moving piece of clnema’

less than fascinating. His views are interspersed with biographical details (including his work as a linguistic pioneer) and snatches of intellectual

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