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LA FILLE DE L’AIRE i Dalle walking a more credible line - ~ Steve McQueen tried it with a between evervdav reality and mad fie

motorbike; Beatrice Dalle goes one i iaiitasii "it!" She did ill 38“! 3!th-

better and arranges a prison break i Wilma may be on the mono SI“ of

yyiui a helicopter, when ho, ioyoy 1 the law, but her own brand oi heroism

Daniel - a iriend oi her brother and an “.35 "‘9 alidience constantly on he!

escaped convict - is involved in a ; Side, particularly When '18 ConSidet

supermarket heist that ends with the f the gratuitous cruelty oi the police shooting of a policeman, Brigitte and the tact that Daniel, despite being

(none) is also sent to iaii as an no killer, iaces a term longer than that

accompiioo. ooi on oaii, she is unaoio ior murder. Dalle is better than ever, to clear his name when tragedy strikes and the helicopter climax is terrific. time aiter time; his history oi escape 9d99'0i'il'9'sefii smii- This-'3 "a!

mompis has aiso inoyoasoo his : ahead oi anything the Americans do I consecutive sentences to the , "he" lian§i0iiiii09 newspaper I ~ equivalent oi liie. However, such is her Q headlines in“! Cinema ieaimes- (AM) determination and obsessive love that .7 la We do “We (15) (Maroon i she puts in motion a Iong-tenn plan to ' Bagdadlr Fiance, 1993) Beatrice Dane. ?

5 Rarely does one laugh out loud when faced with a

airliit Daniel to ireedom, right irom ; ""9"! Fonineafl- Fiom W 3 Dec: .. .‘ . i critical overview of the undo, the noses oi mo pfison guafds_ i Glasgow: GFT. From Sun 12: Edinburgh i la We do “in. mm unemmm mm". j film medium. but I Filmhouse, ' : Jonathan Ross's The

Based on a true story irom a iew ! Incrediny Strange Film

. , , ! Book (Simon & Schuster vrolently spirals into iurther carnage i £9.99) tackles its subject

as the two men edge closer to a iinal with such a cheeky, very

g bloody conirontation. f non-PC tone that the This is really something. A taut rakoshi’s iilm builds sioyyiy and i writer‘s revved-up psycho-cop thriller that serves equally deliberate", its 83'" soqoonoos, enthusiasm is childisth well as a potent meditation on relatively iree oi incident, creating a ; ‘nfcci'ous- “titling saturating corruption in a society with proiound sense oi alienation. In “mg” "‘9 bad' “‘0 “or”

and the ugly of sidelined

"0 mitial COMIC. Japanese comedy Japan, one oi the world’s most group- , - , Stat Takes” Kiiano’s wtious'as'deaih orientated and conionnist societies “liming: ht may fa“ prey d b tie to e xists in a remarkable t ‘0 R“ Juvem'e ‘3 u a i 9 . Azuma s brand oi lone woli Schooiboy errors . : Place soniewiiem between cm" unconventionality sends out deep (Romero's Night Of The ~ 5 EaWPO'! 5 “my “3"” and 93'” 505 shock waves, while the violence this Living Dead in 3 Anionlonl. cop doios om is deopiy disturbing to Baltimore?) and a few i ‘39“, Takes” is “"103 0"“ "3'" liberal western eyes too. With razor- . d9” Pindw.“ “hm A‘l 0‘ I ca'lahanv his “9‘99"” Alum "'9 sharp cutting and an instinctive ieel 3”"m‘Ck‘ 1”“ does“

work). but his love of low-budget flicks is so genuine that it’s easy to

kind oi hard-bitten law eniorcement yo, onsoming composition, Violent t oiiicer who doesn’t think twice about Cop i3, oxoooos tho thematic sway oi

3 rooohmo a tillsliiiiit 0' planting i the iormula actioner (though the usual forgive his more self- {Widemfe ‘0 99‘ iesults- "9 5 a" 2 quotient oi gunplay and car chases is interested moments. Porn. impassrve, driven individual and very ; impeccably assomoioii) to oiioy up a exploitation. drive-in

I” muc" his own man as he Clashes culminating pictuge of "net classics. VldCO nasties - g superior oiiicers or tends to his 9 desolation. (new, Johnston) it's a very boysyeccouni

F mentally-ill sister. Investigating a ! Violent Cap (18) flakes“. mam oi: the aliure.of cmema

drugs racket that has implicated Japan, 1989) Takesm mam "aim With. quite rightly. no iellow members oi the iorce, he meets l mu, Mauro Kawakami. 103 titins. From Etltlciill’pé;gei::::ylhc ms "I u.|"a.rmh'ess human i Ffi 10: Fllfl'lhflllse. From Ffl academic categorisation Kivohiro (a chilling Hako tilt") and v 17: Glasgow Film Theatre. or pseudo-socio-political

blabbering. This is celebration of sleaze in its purest form.

One day. perhaps. when his body of work is restored to its full glory and his archive material is coherently organised. the films of Michael Powell (and his partner Emeric Pressburger) will receive the attention they deserve in his native UK. The first part of Powell's autobiography. A Life In Movies. took us up to The Red Shoes and was a literary landmark in cinema writing. Now comes the paperback edition of its companion

volume. Million-Dollar

' Movie (Mandarin £8.99).

a first-hand recollection of the master's career from the end of WW2 until just

before his death in 1990.

Joyoust told with zest

i and humour. and with

some deliciously

3 evocative travel writing as

an added bonus. this is an

? CB4

Bap: a musical scene iilled with larger-than-liie iigures, where

' exaggeration is a way oi lite and

parody is just around the corner. lnto : the ring step the homeboys oi C84,

. although this trio didn’t learn about

; liie the hard way on the streets oi , . Compton they’re clean-cut kids irom ' . a middle-class neighbourhood. But when main man Albert (Chris Rock) adopts the ‘gangsta’ persona oi MC Gusto, their single ‘Sweat Di My Balls’ goes to the top oi the charts.

Despite his Saturday Night Live background, writer/star Bock makes C34 more than an extended series oi sketches. The iilm holds a mirror up to the stereotypes oi a style oi music obsessed with its own image, parrying serious labs with cameos irom Ices Cube and T, and a host oi others. And the soundtrack’s iammin’. (AM)

:84 (18) (Tamra Davis, US, 1993) Chris ock, Allen Payne, Phil Hartman. so ' - - ~ mins. From Fri26 llov. Glasgow: MGM m: “do” w, minegigcrcil?:eni'l?l:ill108 Film Centre. Edinburgh: UCI. ; ihe lgegvels of high art. I (Alan Morrison)

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