IFFVF:$tIteeillle’IlllflSorrieofthebest in contemporary animation from around the world. including the parodic Nlerzclre Pops. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I FFVF: M m The trashed stereotypes and parodied conventions of the post-modem world. including Pictorial Heroes‘ Work. Rest and Play. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I FEW: Hebe-y, lleeven and Ilel New perceptions of the world. reflecting western culture's reappraisal of science and religion. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I FFVF: W Upfront images of sexuality from all persuasions. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I FFVF: W el Hell“! 3 Titled ‘Street of Dreams‘. this programme considers questions of cultural and national identity. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I FM: PM the East 3 ‘The Political Machine' examines aspects of the new democracies of the former Eastern Bloc. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I FM: Elm All Computer and video imagery buy video artists from across the world. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. IFFVFHIIliehFthMZ A selection of shorts from the Danish Film Institute WorkshOp. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I FFVF: lest If the Fest A final round-up of the week’s most talked about works. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I The W (15) (Andrew Davis. US. 1993) Harrison Ford. Tommy Lee Jones. Jeroen Krabbe. 130 mins. Wroneg accused of murdering his wife. Dr Richard Kimble (Ford) goes on the run. trying to track down the one- anned man who is the real killer while being hunted by a US Deputy Marshal himself. Great acting. but what could have been one of the best thrillers in recent years lacks edge-of-the-seat appeal as director Davis fails to light the fuse on a dynamite plot. Glasgow: MGMs. Edinburgh: Dominion. Borders: Roxy. All UCIs.

I Beetleaen Prefer Blender (PG) (Howard Hawks. US. 1953) Marilyn Monroe. Jane

Russell. Charles Coburn. 91 mins. Two girls from Little Rock make it big in Paris. lnconsequential comedy musical from the Anita Loos novel. made watchable by the ebullient stars and the production number 'Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend'. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I The Oil Can’t l'hlp ll (PG) (Frank Tashlin. US. 1956) Jayne Mansfield. Tom Ewell. Julie London. Fats Domino. Little Richard. 97 mins. Ewell's grasping agent grooms dumb blonde Mansfield for stardom in this classic satiric comedy on the early days of rock'n'roll marketability. Former animator Tashlin revels in any number of sight gags about his leading lady's statuesque frame and lays the basis for a type of film-making vision that remains highly influential. All this plus lots of great music. including Julie London's unforgettable original performance of Cry Me A River. A genuine Grade-A treat. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I “ll! As 81! (18) (Sidney Lumet. US. 1993) Rebecca DeMornay. Don Johnson. Stephen Lang. 107 mins. Here we are again in Jagged Edge erotic thriller territory. but with a bit more courtroom credibility thanks to the hand of Sidney Lumet behind the camera. DeMornay is the lawyer hired (and manipulated) by cocky playboy Johnson. suspected of murdering his wife. Unfortunately. it swerves from a climactic battle of wills into crass thriller cliches. Edinburgh: UCI.

I the It!!! (18) (John Woo. us. 1993) Jean- Claude Van Damme. Lance Henriksen. Yancy Butler. 95 mins. The trademark John Woo action technique survives the trip across to the US and. although the characters are more straightforward. the plot is good. Van Damme is the New Orleans drifter hired by Butler to find her down-and-out father. who has become a

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victim in a big-game hunt that uses homeless war veterans as human prey. Well above the typical American studio action movie. General release.

I TM IIIII (18) (David Hayman. UK. 1993) Helen Mirren. George Costigan. Rosemary Leach. 86 mins. Annie Marsh’s family life starts falling apart when she begins to suspect that her husband could be a serial killer known as The Hawk: but her history of mental instability makes her an unreliable source. even to herself. An interesting twist on what is becoming a tired subject. with a great central performance and solid direction from Hayman. But. as a cinema piece. it never really catches fire. Glasgow: MGM Film Centre. Edinburgh: UCI. Strathclyde: UCI Clydebank.

I W (15) (Russell Mulcahy. UK. 1986) Christopher Lambert. Beatie Edney. Sean Connery. 111 mins. A handful of immortals battle through the centuries to win a mythical prize. A curious mixture of romance in 16th century heather and car chases in present day New York. the film is an inelegant. often ludicrous. but enjoyany daffy adventure. Lambert seems more at home with the contemporary passages and only the ever wonderful Connery has the requisite style for the kitsch Scottish scenes. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I m m (PG) (Kenny Ortega. US. 1993) Bette Midler. Sarah Jessica Parker. Kathy Najimy. Omri Katz. 97 mins. Three 17th century witches are brought back to life in modem-day Salem. and go searching for young blood to keep them immortal. Katz is our hapless hero. helped out of one predicament to the next by resourceful heroine Vinessa Shaw. The story cracks along. the effects are moderate. the gags good. but it's for the younger end of the teen market. General release.

I lie-e Alene (PG) (Chris Columbus. US. 1990) Macaulay Culkin. Joe Pesci. Daniel Stern. 103 mins. Peter and Kate McCallister (Heard and O'Hara) have an eight-year-old brat and wisely - albeit accidentally leave him behind in Chicago when they go on holiday to Paris. Left to his own devices young Kevin (Culkin) has to deal with two bungling burglars (Pesci and Stern) who threaten to invade his peaceful haven. Jolly. if sadistic. scare-comedy antics produced by teenflick veteran John Hughes. Edinburgh: MGM.

I W M (U) (Duwayne Dunham. US. 1993) With the voices of Michael J. Fox. Sally Field. Don Ameche. 87 mins. Disney remake of The Incredible Journey. in which two dogs and a cat cross the Californian mountains to return to their family. More than mere anthropomorphism: the dratted animals have characteristics that would put Ghandi to shame. Under-sixes will love it. parents probably not. Glasgow: MGM Parkhead. Edinburgh: Odeon. Strathclyde: Odeons. All UCIs.

I III! LI Vle (IS) (Mamoun Bagdadi. France. 1991) Hippolyte Girardot. Rafic Ali Ahmad. Hussein Sbeity. 97 mins. A French photo- journalist. sent to cover the war in Beirut. is taken hostage by Arab terrorists. themselves the victims of the ongoing conflict. Based on the true life experiences of Roger Auque and with a Lebanese director. the film has a gritty reality that concentrates on individuals rather than the lar er issues. Glasgow: GFT.

I el MUS) (Colin Nutley. Sweden. 1992) Helena Bergstrom. Rickard Wolff. Sven Wolter. 126 mins. A rural community's suspicions are aroused when the hip grand- daughter of a deceased landowner arrives from the city with boyfriend and motorbike to take over his house. Englishman abroad Nutley effectively dissects the racism and bigotry of a small community with much humour. Glasgow:

OFT. I It The Line Of Fire ( 15) (Wolfgang Petersen.

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US. 1993) Clint Eastwood. John Malkovich. Rene Russo. 128 mins. A Secret Service veteran in the twilight of his career is haunted by the Kennedy assassination. so when a former government killer threatens the life of the curren President. he vows now ensure history won‘t repeat itself. Lavish action scenes don't detract from the film‘s crucial emotional core as Petersen delivers the best mainstream Hollywood movie in years. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I hrlochlne (12) (Regis Wargnier. France. 1992) Catherine Deneuve. Vincent Perez. Lihn Dan Pharn. 156 mins. Lush. irresistably romantic tale of a French colonial (Dcneuve) running a rubber plantation in 19305 Vietnam. who falls in love with a naval officer while the country borders on rebellion. Reminiscent of Gone With The Wind and the great epics of David Lean. its music is by Glasgow-born composer Patrick Doyle (Henry V). Strathclyde: UCl East Kilbride. I It’s A Wonderful life (PG) (Frank Capra. US. 1946) James Stewart. Donna Reed. Henry Travers. Thomas Mitchell. 129 mins. Small- town boy Stewart runs into financial difficulties and is on the brink of suicide when an elderly angel descends to earth to show him all the good his life has done for those around him. Archetypal Capra sentimentality with a superbly detailed fantasy framework and one of Stewart‘s most lovable performances. One to warm even the most glacial heart. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I m. Juan (18) (Bigas Luna. Spain. 1992) Penelope Cruz. Anna Galiena. Javier Bardem. 94 mins. ‘Jamon' equals ham; ‘una mulierjamona' equals hot hispanic babe. Put them together and you've got this mix of reprehensible depravity and tease of social significance. As it tells of the desire of a pregnant woman for the bulgingly becrotched Manuel (with weightly subplots involving various mums). you can't help feeling it's aiming at too many targets. Sex. leering and exploitation. but not necessarily a fine film. Edinburgh: Cameo. Strathclyde: UCl East Kilbride. I Jane Camplon Shorts Early work by the director of The Piano. consisting of PtlS.l'l()Ill('.\‘.s‘ Moments (13 mins). A Girl is Own Story (26 mins) and the Cannes award-winner Peel (8 mins). Shown in double bill with An Angel A! My Table. Edinburgh: Cameo. I .lurasslc Park (PG) (Steven Spielberg. LS. 1993) Sam Neill. Laura Dcrn. Jeff Goldblum. A group of scientists are invited to give their approval to a theme park filled with genetically engineered dinosaurs. but the giant reptiles are soon running amok. Unsurpassed computer effects ensure that the dinosaurs themselves are terrifyingly believable (moreso than the PG certificate would suggest). but by the halfway point. it's more or less a chase movie with superior technology. Glasgow: MGM Film Centre. Edinburgh: UCI. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr. UCI C lydebank. I Kiss Of Death (15) (Mike Leigh. UK. 1976) David Threfall. 75 mins. Youth. truth. love. lies. life and death in Oldham. Followed by a debate on the director's oeuvre hosted by lecturers Andy Medhurst and John Caughie. Glasgow: GFT. I land of the Pharoahs (U) (Howard Hawks. US. 1955) Jack Hawkins. Joan Collins. Alexis Minotis. 105 mins. lfJack Hawkins is Pharoah. then I'm the Sphinx. Risible historical epic with the obligatory cast of thousands as Hawkins attempts to build the biggest pyramid ever. despite the evil intentions of his wife. cattin played by Collins. Tack. Edinburgh: St Bride‘s. I The leopard (15) (Luchino Visconti. Italy. 1963) Burt Lancaster. Claudia Cardinale. Alain Delon. 205 mins. Characteristically lavish Visconti adapatation of Giuseppe De Lampedusa's classic novel has a splendid Burt Lancaster as the Prince of Salina reflecting moumfully on the rise of the bourgeoisie when his nephew Delon manies merchant‘s daughter Cardinale. Undeniany overlong and rather slow- moving. Visconti‘s handling of the epic final ball sequence is a further demonstration of his mastery of composition for the wide screen and his later conception of film-as-opera. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Llle 0i Brian (lSXTerry Jones. UK. 1979) Graham Chapman. Terry Jones. John C leese. Michael Palin. Eric Idle. 93 mins. The Gospel According to Monty Python offended a whole host of religious dominations upon its initial release. which rather obscured the fact that behind the controversy lay their most sustained humour to date. A host of very funny setpieces and smart cameos from all the team climaxes in a rather fetching musical crucifixion. Edinburgh: Cameo. I like Water For Chocolate (15) (Alfonso Arau. Mexico. 1991) Marco Leonardi. Lumi Cavazos. Regina Tome. 114 mins. At the end of the l9th

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century. Mexico is caught up in the Revolution. Against this backdrop. Laura Esquival‘s novel and this film adaptation by Arau depict one woman‘s struggle for freedom from tradition. A classy melodrama that flits from comedy to tragedy to culinary excess. raising the new generation of Mexican filmmaking talent to truly international levels. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I The Man Without A Face (12) (Mel Gibson. US. 1993) Mel Gibson. Nick Stahl. I-‘ay Masterson. 114 mins. A lonely boy gets the town recluse. a former teacher badly burned front a car accident. to help him with an exam resit. but local prejudices rear their heads. A delicate. emotionally balanced debut as director from Gibson. who also puts in possibly his best performance to date. The sentimentality is not overdone. and there is a tenderness to the central relationship that is more credible and fulfilling than in other American dramas. General release. I Manufacturing Consent (PG) (Peter Wintonick/Mark Achbar. US. 1992) 165 mins. Despite sounding like the kind of university lecture you’d spend all day lying in your pit to avoid Noam (‘homsky's intelligent analysis of the organisational structures and hidden agendas of the American news media. particularly in respect to foreign policy. is never less than fascinating. llis views are interspersed with biographical details (including his work as a linguistic pioneer) and snatches of intellectual debate. Lively sttlff that isn't steeped in academia. Glasgow: GFI‘.

I El Mariachi ( 18) (Robert Rodriguez. US. 1992) Carlos Gallardo. Constlela Gomez. Jaime de lloyos. 89 mins. It may have been shot for a mere $7,000. but this consistently engaging thriller with touches of comedy quickly transcends its ultra-low budget. A lone mariachi musician becomes an unwilling action hero when he is mistaken for a similarly clad hitman. A great achievement. :1 great film. Central: MacRobelt.

I Mean Streets ( 18) (Martin Scorsese. US. 1973) Harvey Keitel. Robert de Niro. David Proval. 110 mins. Tony‘s Bar is the base for four young ltalian-Alliel'icans. whose increasingly illegal activities lead to tragedy. Vividly observed character study which combines breathtaking technique with a pervasive sense of corruption. Keitel and de Niro give of their very best. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Meantime ( IS) (Mike Leigh. UK. 1982) Tim Roth. Phil Daniels. 120 mins. The futility ofjob creation schemes and unemployment as seen in one of Leigh's more overtly political moments. Worth checking for the likes of Gary Oldman in his early British TV days. Glasgow: GI-T.

I Mediterraneo (15) (Gabriele Salvator‘cs. Italy. 1992) Diego Abatantuono. Claudio Bigagli. Guiseppe Cedcrna. 90mins. A group of WW2 Italian sailors find themselves stranded in the Greek village they were supposed to be ransacking. and settle down to an idyllic life with the locals. A tribute to the kinship of the Mediterranean peoples. this 1992 ()scar winner carries sentimentality and knowing humour in equal amounts. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Much Ado About llothing (PG) (Kenneth Branagh. UK/US. 1993) Denzel Washington. Kenneth Branagh. Emma Thompson. Keanu Reeves. 111 mins. A lusty. lively version of Shakespeare‘s comedy of love and deceit. set in the sun-drenched Tuscan hills. Barbed witticisrn fly across the screen as British tllesps and American stars acquit themselves with honours. Fife: New Picture House.

I flaked (18) (Mike Leigh. UK. 1993) David 'l‘hewlis. Katrin Cartlidge. Lesley Sharp. 126 mins. Johnny. a cynical drifter. wanders around the homeless of London spouting a bitter philosophy. An episodic. bleak. but bitingly funny portrait of 90s Britain that suffers from a few characters who could only exist in a Mike Leigh world. Scenes of sexual violence may be difficult for some audience members to sit through. but the virtuoso perfonnance from Thewlis is one of the best of the year. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Of Mice And Men (PG) (Gary Sinise. US. 1992) John Malkovich. Gary Sinise. Sherilyn Penn. 111 mins. A slow-witted. gentle giant and his resourceful. protective side-kick search for work in Depression-hit America. Sinise the director marries the themes of Steinbeck's classic novel to vibrant landscapes of rural farm life. American tragedy in its purest form. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (PG) (Tim Burton. US. 1985) Pee Wee Herman. Elizabeth Daily. Mark Holton. 90mins. When his worst enemy steals his beautiful red bicycle. Pee Wee Hemtan crosses America in search of the coveted machine. and ends up having a movie made about his life! Terrific cartoonish stuff. with sight gags galore and the central character a wonderful exercise in the cruel humour ofa

18 The List 3—16 December 1993