I liiclr Wardzynslti eschews the John Hurt technique to play The Elephant Man his own way In Strathclyde Theatre Group’s production of Bernard Pomerance‘s play. See Theatre listings.

I Striking a pose can save a whale, well almost, at the Greenpeace llo Way llorway knees-up iashion show and ceilidh, at the Glasgow People‘s Palace on Friday 10 December. tickets are £5 and £3.

I Maintaining their reputations as champions oi agit-pop and the hardest to spell band on the circuit, Chanba, er . . . Chumbu, er . . . Chumbawamba otter a bit oi politics at 0M0. See Bock listings.

I Well would you let Beatrice llalle play with your chopper? lion’t' answer that. She takes to

the skies in Fille lie l’Air.

I I See Film review.



‘My lather was a PE teacher and a rugby player and he admired the choreography in West Side Story, say. as wonderful athletics. He told me. “It” I‘d known at the time they were poofs. I wouldn't have taken your mother to see it.“.‘

Neil Bartlett. who plays his (lull. 'l'rei'm; in his play Night After Night.

‘They'ye just got the record and played along to it. I suppose it‘s quite flattering in a way. But to he honest. I think it sucks. it's like we're their favourite uncles or something. and I'm not ready to he that for someone. l'ye still got too many teeth lel‘t.‘

I:'.r-I)rtninetl (ll'lltllttlt’t' Rat .S'z‘a/n'es an (itttls‘ N' Rasr‘s‘ (‘ut'et‘tttg the l’rtnrlk seminal punk single Weir Ruse '.

‘I assumed eyeryhody was unhappy. How could you he happy and he a working class person'.’ We didn't have a dictionary with the word happy in it.‘ Rab (7. Nesltitt ereatar and all round ntiserahalist lat: I’attisan an ltis Goran ttpltrt'nging.

‘I work my magic on the herbs and yegclahlcs in his garden in the Bahamas. 1 make sure that everything that goes into Lenny‘s body is pure. It comes out in the sweat and magic of what Lenny does on stage.‘

Lenny Krarit: 's ‘iganlener reveals that behind the singers talent lie equal measures at‘tns/n'ratimt and [)(‘I'S/)li'(lll(tti.

‘l‘ye had enough ol‘ this American junk invading our screens . . . I take a machine-gun to these people; the camera is the machine-gun! Enough Jurassic Park and this shit!‘

l‘renr‘h (lirer‘tur .lean-Jaeqites Beineir rages against the Hollywood ntar‘hine with his new/iltn II’S.


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