Basket cases!

What kind of Christmas will you be having this year? Will it be glugging Krug at the ancestral pile, surrounded by oak panelling and grouse moors? Or perhaps a few friends are coming round to play Pictionary and sample those cheeky wines you got a ten per cent discount on when you bought a case. Or maybe any foodie pretensions will be abandoned in favour of the telly and some plain Scottish fare, with plenty of it. Whatever you choose, you’ll be eating in style with The List Christmas scoff-fest which will arouse your appetite and titillate your tastebuds. Enjoy!

I Charlie MeNairiy

! I lime Pickle £1.35. M.M. Poonjiaji & Co pickle doesn‘t come more Indian than this. supplied by K.R. K. Continental

Food Store

I Herhes de Provence £2.90 supplied by Pierre

Wt‘tuil'e Le Mugusllt I Mandarins matured with orange liqueur in syrup £3.95 supplied by Charlie tit/(Nair 's I Cep mushroom

spaghetti sauce £1.75

' supplied by ( 'harlie

illt‘Nrtlr 's I Norfolk punch luxury

Christmas pudding £3.20.

Award-winning. totally

additive. suel. and

: everything-else-nasty free. supplied by (irassrimts I Antico urcio olio extra vergine £5.55 a litre supplied by I’ratelli Sarti I String of garlic £2.50. Imported from France ~ taste the difference! supplied by Pierre Vit'tuire Le illrtgasiit I creek olives £1.20 supplied by .S'tasis I Mozarella £1.45 supplied by l’ratel/i Sarti I Gilt wrapped French chocolates £4.30 supplied by Pierre Vietaire Le Magasin


_ I Schoko lebkuchen & Crulla Pierre Vietaire Le i this will make your I Christ stollen £1.65. £2.19. Ginger cake shapes I Charlie Mcflair’s Magasin ; spaghetti sing, supplied by Christmas fruit cake from dipped in dark chocolate. : sauvignon £4.55 supplied I Bohemia, Dos Equis Farrell,“ Sum Austria. supplied by supplied by Nastiuks by Charlie MeNair's and carta Blanca | I Authentic Mexican Charlie McNair’s I My Anari £ l .85. Greek I Creme de marrons Mexrcan beers £1.20. l ster tortiua chips £2.05 I Penne Rigate £3.20. cheese an alternative to vanillee £1.19. Sweetened £1.10 and 99p i supplied by Lupe Pintas 1kg hand made pasta. feta. and delicious B chestnut puree -- for the respectively supplied by I Pace thick & chunky supplied by l-‘ratelli Sarti crumbled over pasta with tnost sumptuous pudding ' Lupe I’intas i salsa £1.50 supplied by I Petits Fourres St chopped mint. supplied by , . serve a dollop of this with I Maple syrup £2.29 , Lupe Pintas Aubert £1.35. Little Stasis . 1.990 “99"” ""0 ‘3 vanilla ice cream. double supplied by Grassroots = I Sundried tomatoes French butter biscuits I M38030 lair 113“ t‘av'la lasso'toscano cream and crushed I Tomato'sauce £ l .50. 2 £2.50 supplied by Valmna with chocolate middles. chocolate £1.35 supplied £6.99 supplied by Valmna buncrscmch‘ supp/[ml by Not ketchup. not Ragu & C mlla . yumm. supplied by by Charlie Melt/airs

“new " the c PECKHAM'S

3 Christmas fayre Mon - 6pm gmt 5W 0} Ej'ié'iilriiiiafoifi'ifi In our ‘1 3 'lhurs 23 Dec 9am - 8pm . 9‘ i i 60 NEWINGTON ROAD Mung/fix .\ EDINBURGH EH9 lQN .

0311:4503: ‘0 TEL: 031-668 2888

98 The List 17 December l993—l3 January I994