You’ve seen the food, now iind out where to buy it. ilere is our selection or some notable delis and specialist iood shops in Glasgow and Edinburgh where you should be able to buy the items featured in The list Christmas hampers. Compiled by Catherine Fellows.

I Babu-ii 380 Byres Road. 334 7626. A brand new and very beautiful Indian delicatessen the indigo-blue walls are hung with hessian hammocks full of Bombay and Karachi mixes. colourful sweets garnished with silver leaf are stacked in symmetrical piles it is a totally different aesthetic experience from the pelI-mell charm of most spice wallahs. Babu-ji specialises in freshly prepared ‘curries-to-go'.

I Bezaleel Deli 601 Great Western Road. 334 3010. Arguably the oldest deli in the West End. Bezaleel has recently acquired new owners with big ideas. The stock is currently mostly continental. but as from January a new ‘exclusive’ range of American specialities will be gracing the shelves and by March a cafe should be open.

I Fazzi liatt 230/232 Clyde Street. 221 9411 and 65—67 Cambridge Street. 332 0941. As ever. the Fazzi shops keep Glaswegians plied with parmesan. proscuttio. and a whole load of other ltalian delicacies.

I Fratelli Sarti 133 Wellington Street. 248 2228. Tables can be hard to come by at this extremely busy Italian cafe/deli. but at least you can buy the raw ingredients that went into the delicious platefuls wafting tantalisingly under your nose. This is a mouthwatering shop. salamis dangling over a cold counter packed with gorgonzola. mascarpone. mozarella; pasta stacked high. boxes of amaretti biscuits. pannettone and a wall- fui of wine.

I Grassroots 48 Woodlands Road. 353 3278. Glasgow’s justly renowned wholefood co-operative has all the loose dried goods that you’d expect nuts. apricots. sacks of muscovado sugar -- plus a fridge full of tofu and other vegetarian fresh produce. herbs. honeys, oils, rnustards. soaps, candles. books . . .

I Continental Grocer 286 Woodlands Road. 339 4822. A treasure trove this. and continental does not mean European here: walk through the doors and you might as well have landed in Bombay. Apart from a staggering range of foodstuffs herbs, spices. fruit and vegetables. pickles, pulses. gram flour. ghee etc - you can even find such evocative items as betel nuts and henna hand-paint.

I Peckhams Central Station. 248 4012; 100 Byres Road. 357 1454; 43 Clarence Drive 357 2909. A Glasgow institution. and not surprisingly: all good things are here, from cold cabinets full of cheeses. meats. high quality pre-prepared snacks and meals to shelves stacked high with Scottish and imported luxury canned and bottled goods. wines and spirits. biscuits and cn'sps etc.

I lioots and Fruits 457 Great Western Road. 334 3530. Probably the best fruit and veg shop in town all the nuts and clementines any stocking toe could

re uire. IqStBiS 329 Byres Road. 334 2848. The only Greek deli in Glasgow. and in

Scotland so far as we know. Greek honey. wine. cheeses. pastries - and you won’t find a better selection of olives anywhere. I Ubiquitous Chip Wine Shop Ashton Lane. 334 7109. The diminutive size of this celebrated off-licence belies the fact that it has a huge selection of some very fine wines indeed. not to mention whiskies. liqueurs. beers . . .


I Ashby's Delicatessen 54 West Port. 228 2869. This relatively new deli is bright and enticing. With a good range of continental produce.

I Bonnington’s 13 Brougham Street. 228 3566 and 73 Clerk Street. 668 1055. Convenient all-purpose food stores selling good bread. coffees. cheeses. cold meats and most things you look for in a delicatessen.

I Charlie Mcilair’s 30 Forrest Road. 226 6434. At lunchtime queues stretch right out into the street pastrami. smoked cheese. turkey salad are just some of the fillings that make McNair's rolls so popular. This one is very competitively priced. particularly for loaves and cheeses.

I Crombie’s 39—41 Broughton Street. 557 0581. First and foremost a butcher. Crombie‘s also has a good delicatessen section much visited by Broughton Street folk.

I Di Piacido 36—38 High Street. 557 2286. Friendly. central ltaiian deli and lavish filled roll outlet which sells a little ofeverything. Particularly good on sun dried tomatoes. artichokes. and peppers in oil.

I liaddow’s Delicatessen 15 Roseneath Street. 228 2217. Favoured Marchmont haunt with an impressive in-house bakery hot croissants are worth getting up early on Sunday for.

I lain Mellis Cheesemonger 30 Victoria Street. 226 6215. This is a superb shop whose white-aproned proprietor sells nothing but handmade British cheeses apart from free-range eggs and some fine cheese biscuits that is. He was a cheesemaker himself for many years and ripens these beauties to peak condition himself.

I Kinnells 36 Victoria Street. 220 l 150. This speciality tea and coffee emporium outstrips most others when it comes to the weird and wonderful. Apart from varieties such as Lapsang Souchon Formosa and Chinese Gunpowder. Kinnells offers 29 flavoured teas everything from cinnamon to passion fruit. On the coffee front. the 44-strong list ranges from decaffeinated continental to the extraordinarily indulgent triple chocolate mousse flavour.

I lupe Pintos 24 Leven Street. 228 6241. Scotland‘s only Mexican deli. Lupe Pintos is a great place to have a browse and

I make a few purchases. Packed into the ' tiny premises is a wide range of Mexican

beers. tequilas. bags of tortilla chips. imported salsas. enough chillies to cause a major fire. and even the famous savoury chocolate sauce. mole. The latest arrival is a selection of fine Spanish cheese little known in Scotland.

I Macsween’s 130 Bruntsl'ield Place. 229 1216. Edinburgh‘s most famous butcher and master haggis maker.

I llastiuks 155-159 Bruntsfield Place. 229 7054. Unusually smart and spacious delicatessen. or should I say food hall. with a lengthy cold counter, jars and jars of tempting condiments. confectionery, bakery section. loose dried food dispensary and cafe.

I liature’s Gate 83 Clerk Street. 668 2067. Attractive wholefood store bursting with goodies sitting on top of a cafe restaurant that serves home-cooked. all- vegetarian. Middle Eastern food. The

shop sells a full range of herb teas. dried cereals. fruit. nuts and so on. as well as falafels. baklava and other regional delicacies served downstairs.

I Peter Green 37 AIR Warrender Park Road. 229 5925. lfanybody can fulfil your alcohol needs. Peter Green can. Not only does it have an extensive and expertly chosen range of wines. many of which are exclusive to it. but there is always a gentleman on hand to advise you in the most courteous way imaginable.

I Pierre Victoire le Magasin (>1 Frederick Street. 225 9010. New, and totally. seductively French. You will be greeted in that language. but do not be intimidated Francois will help you to almond croissants. moutard de Dijon. strings ofshallots and French onions. Not only will you come away with wonderful food; a visit to this shop is like going on holiday.

I Roots Wholeloods 60 Newington Road. 668 2888. Combines vegetarian food and ingredients with a range of cruelty-free beauty products and food supplements. For Christmas the shop is stocking a comprehensive range of vegetarian mince pies. Christmas pudding and other traditional trimmings.

I Rowlands 42 Howe Street. 225 3711. A small delicatessen with a small. but very carefully selected stock. Cheeses are a speciality. as are unusually imaginative filled rolls and home-made soups, salads - etc to go.

I Valvona & Crolla ltd l9 iilm Road. 556 6066. ‘The finest delicatessen in Scotland' the Contini family say it themselves. but there are few who would argue. The sheer size of the place allows for an incredible selection of. for example. olive oils and balsamic Vinegars; there is a fresh fruit and veg section, and. at the back of the shop. enough wine to fill the average off- hcence.

I Victor Hugo 26/27 Melville Terrace. 667 1827. A fine deli this. with a marked Austrian/German and Eastern European

, flavour. This means plenty of pickled

vegetables and delicious jams. but Victor Hugo also sells fantastic mature Scottish farmhouse cheddar that rivals pannesan.


list writers offer their personal highlights oi the year.


I Film Jamon, Jamon; El Mariachi: Much Ado About Nothing.

I Band Dylan, at the Fleadh, Finsbury Park. The Guardian accused his voice of beingrasping and thin beside Van Morrison’s - for God’s sake, what did they expect?

I LP Not exactly this year’s happening thing either. l’m afraid. it’s by Kiko Venenio, i picked it up in Spain and it's mellow.

I Theatre Show The Soiree (Yvette Bozsik); The Woman in a Tree on the Hill; I 080 Original Gravity.

I Art Exhibition Intimate Lives. Fotofeis at City Art Centre. Edinburgh.

I W Show Radio 4.

I W Soap The Archers. but not for much longer if Susan Carter doesn’t stop whingeing.

I Book Another Good Loving Blues by Arthur Flowers.

I Sporting Highlight Pass l was searching for a magnanimous gesture from a politician, but couldn’t remember one.

I Festive Plans Family. feasts. and walks along the Welsh coast by day;

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