Never Mind The

In— iBBSt Show

I) Cracker

72) Have I Got News For You

3 3) Absolutely Fabulous

' Granada's superb drama series with ; Robbie Coltrane was a well-deserved . 'winner. with the runners-up both 2) M11150" HOCIOF _ shifting down a place from last year. ., i or "15"} ){OUI 0W" lOCHI- A "HISSWC What. no Wild palms? I . Bill [Jones degree ol disagreement on where you

Emmalhomson sup your pints, which is probably a A. L. Kennedy Rolf Harris

Baroness Thatcher may have departed from Number 10 three years ago. but that doesn‘t mean you have to stop hating her does it?

I) The Halt/Delmonica's

good thing.


: 1) Pierre Victoire 2) Le Sept/Florentin‘s Cheap. good and French has proved a hell of a formula with Pierre Levicky, .‘ : w although again your selections were as 1

'f 1) Paul Merton diverse as your appetites.


I The lugubrious dolphin-lm'ing Us! 3 cover star grabs the title from last year's l) England not qualifying for the World Cup

winner Jo Brand. with a host of also-ran laugh merchants following close behind. Graham Taylor's flops romped away

with a bitty category. although the picture of national gloating was somewhat muddied by those who voted for the England rugby side’s victory over the All-Blacks.


I) The Piano 2) Reservoir Dogs 3) Jurassic Park Jane Campion's finger-loppin‘ tale of passion in New Zealand grabbed the List Oscar by a landslide. with Quentin Tarantino and Steven Spielberg‘s . h H _ contrasting flesh-rippers getting in the - r 1) Minimum. lhumm frame. ; worSt Show , “l JUlm Mall" - 3) Peter Lilley Spot a certain political trend here'.’

l) Neighbours

2) The Gladiators

: 3) Nocl‘s House Party ' l The bottom well and truly drops out of 5 the Australian soap market. with l Saturday eveing light entertainment

3 meeting a similarly hostile response. Mr

3 Blobby you are not wanted round these

: parts.


a l) Brookside

l2) Coronation Street

3) EastEnders

An identical result to last year. Sadly -the Street following seems to be 'dwindling. while the miserable

'Cockneys only just held off the worst lehallenge of Casualty. I) Damage Ad

2:) Sliver/The Baby ()f Macon

Jeremy Irons’s fleshy fumbling didn't i) chig make the earth move, with Peter :2) [goddingmm Greenaway and Sharon Stone‘s visceral 3:) Bacardi/[m 3m Offerings also gelling [he lhumbS'dOWD- The wonderful Boddingtons campaign : ‘made a concerted push. but couldn‘t beat the jean people. Irn Bru grelinquishes its title and slips to third.

I)The Mambo

2) Club X

3) Pure/Fury Murry's 3 Latin a-gogo swung your hips on a

regular basis. with gay and techno i

1 nights offering their own attractions in ;

5 both cities. 1

15 The List l7 December l993~ l 3 January I994