I) Bjork: Debut

2) Crowded House: Together Alone 3:) kd lang: Even Cowgirls Get The Blues/Guru: JazzmattaU/The Oyster Band: Holy Bandits.

What a disparate bunch you are! Icelandic ice-chanteuse Bjork stole first place. lighting offchallenges from last year‘s winner kd lung and another I993 contender Crowded House. Also- rans included just about everybody.

I) U2 2) Neil Young SECC 3:) Velvet Underground/Nanci Griffith/kd lang/lndigo Girls

Zooropa lived up to its hype after all. with the ‘Godfather Of Grunge‘ also offering value for money.

Scottish act

I) Horse 2) Silencers

They didn’t make a huge impression UK wide but there remains a strong local following for Horse (who have been adept at mustering their vote in the past) and The Silencers. The

H oaks

Our loyal postman’s language has been turning blue with the sackload of poll forms he’s been delivering over the last couple of weeks. Our highly- trained team of analysts have collated the results, and the 1993 story unfolds as follows . . .

with the closer to home figurative work of Howson at the McLellan Galleries. The CCA's Waking Dream was just out of the frame.


l=) lain Banks/Alasdair Gray 3) Ian McEwan

Scots shared the first slot on the strength of well-received new books in I993.

runners-up betray a fatal split in the folkie vote. with Runrig. Wolfstone and Capercaillie all suffering.


i I) Sunset Song 2) Les Miserables 3:) Metropolis/Legend Of St Julian Tag‘s version of the Graz‘sic Gibbon classic earned plaudits all round. while this year’s blockbuster musical also scored respectably.


l=) Sharon Stone/kd lang

Sexual preference divided fairly sharply with this one (the third category kd lang has appeared in). Runners-up included four Scans . (Bean. Hughes. Young and Connery). ' Kirsty Wark and Angus Dcayton.

I) Jurassic Park

Dinosaur mania reached excessive scales. and was sufficient to even dwarf the frenzy over Thatcher‘s , memoirs. Michael Jackson‘s kid troubles. U2 and Wild l’ulms.

V ART EXHIBITION f 1:) Russian Avant-Garde/Peter Howson I 3) Niki De Saint Phalle I Contrasting exhibitions topped the poll with adventurous Russians at the National Gallery of Modern Art vying


Hey. guess what. nobody cares much for the idea of extra taxes and gave a firm thumbs-down to the idea ofa clubs curfew. Your tedious topics of conversation (‘Ncw Age crystal yoghurt weaving‘. ‘saving whales'. ‘me and my flatmate on why we don‘t have men‘) sounded rather exciting to us. but we have dull lives. Mind you. there was somebody who complained about : 'journos taking the piss out of Runrig'. l C'est la vie. That was I993 that was . . . Start making your selections for 1994 with our next issue on January I3. Cl I Results were lovineg compiled by Gavin Bower. to whom respect is due.

The List l7 December l993—l3 January I99417