When we get around to giving away a ringbinder for cataloguing back issues of The List, the quiz will suddenly become much easier. Until then, you‘ll have to use those little grey cells. as Poirot would have


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L._- . 18'l'be List l7 |)ecernber l‘I‘H l3 January [WW

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I 2 Glasgow's licensing board

I 5 How did the lbsen characters

I 4 For Norman Cook and Paul

I 1 What do the island-hopping Dr Johnson and a criminal psychologist have in common?

put the boot in. and another lilmjoined Monty Python‘s The Life ofBriun on the banned list. What was it caHed?

I 3 Where did we meet the men I 12 Naturally the soundtrack with bras'.’ i was plundered from the 60s. ' l but in which year was Oliver Stone's futuristic techno- thriller ll"'il(l Palms set?

I 13 Which Scot made his own bike and pedalled it to a world rccord'.’

I 14 Name the Glasgow artist who spent time in Bosnia.


l'leaton there was lite alter 'l'he Housemartins. but how did ex- drummer llugh Whittaker extend his lil‘teen minutes ol~ l'ame‘.’

Halvard Solness and l-lilde Wangel come to appear in lIel/o.’ magazine?

I 6 Which brown dog bit hard with his explosive debut. but turned romantic later in the year when he took the backseat writer's role'.’

I 7 Which authors won this year‘s biggie literature awards. the Nobel Him for Literature and the Bookcr'.’

I 8 Billy Liar took the train to the 'l‘raverse. Who was the actor'.’

I 15 What was the name of Michael Douglas‘ character (and matching car registration) in I'll/ling Down?

I 9 How did American rockers Ken Stringl‘ellow and Jon Auer lind themselves big stars over

[h I ., I 15 To which legendarv e stunt ier. -

Scottish boxer did 'l‘om I10 Alter the lainotis shower .\lc(}ratl1 PU." "mum? scene in l’syc/m. Sharon Stone moved the steamy action to a bath. But what exactly is a ‘sliver‘l’ I18 'l‘he Brits picked up a few baubles on the international lilm t'estival circuit. Name a) the Oscar-winning actress and b) the actor who won the Palmc l)'()r.

I 17 Name The lliml’s new slaphead presenter.

I 19 Murals by a Scottish artist were seen for the first time in 35 years in an lidinburgh church during the summer. Name her.

I 20 'l‘hey tried to make chess sexy this year. Which media- l saturated rock icon lined l himsell up to challenge l Kasparov alter he had clinically

dispatched Nigel Short?

I11 What product did 'l‘V‘s ‘Mr Sex‘ Angus Deayton endorse?