I 21 Which was the first country Scotland played at football after Craig Brown was officially appointed manager?

I 22 Which Belgian-born actress, who died this year, played a Frenchwoman in Gigi and a Cockney in My Fair Lady?

I 23 Two extreme nationalist organisations advocated repatriation of English people living in Scotland. Name either one.

I 24 Name either of the two Glasgow artists selected for the Aperto at the Venice Biennale?

I 32 After fifteen years in the business, this singer finally hit the heights as a solo artist in 1993, only to be sued by members of his first band for £200,000 in allegedly unpaid royalties. Who is he?

I 33 It was the year for Brooksidcrs treading the boards

I 25 Which movies featured a) UB40’s ‘I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You’ b) The Proclaimers’ ‘l’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) and c) The La’s’ ‘There She Goes’?

I 26 Who was the Liverpool scut who had a big-style flop at the Fringe?

I 27 Which horse won the Grand National. but didn’t really?

I 28 This was the year a solicitor was sent down for attempted rape while wearing only Highland dress cuffs and a green condom. Which Scottish MP with as much dress sense

fuelled the ‘date rape’ debate with some controversial remarks?

I 29 Name the actors who played vampires in a) Innocent Blood b) Brant Stoker's Dracula and C) Tale of a Vampire.

I 30 Who got the horn on the M8 as part of the motorway art project?

I 31 Memories of what were the subject ofJohn Updike’s latest novel?

in Scottish theatre. Name the two actors or their soap characters that appeared at the Citizen’s and Traverse respectively.

I 34 Billy Connolly gave a

memorable performance as a Glasgow gangster whose safe- blowing activities were drowned out by an Orange Walk. What was the Big Yin’s character called?

I 35 Which Edinburgh gallery

won at Prudential Award for the Arts?

I 36 What was the vital ingredient for recreating long-extinct dinosaurs in the monster hit Jmassic Park?

I 37 Which film classic links The Arches in Glasgow and disco king Giorgio Moroder?

I 38 How many ‘Tall and True’ tales were there in Alasdair Gray’s latest collection?

I 39 Where and when did Tom

5 I 40 Polygon published his first

i I 41 Hiding extra unlisted tracks

Hanks and Meg Ryan agree to i meet in Sleepless in Scull/e?

novel and Granta ranked him in its list of the twenty best British writers. Name the author.

at the end of (’Ds was this year’s i cool rock star giggle. Guns N' Roses raised hackles by sneaking an extra song by a i convicted murderer onto the end i of their covers album. The Spaghetti Incident. Name the cult criminal.

I 42 Which real-life husband and wife duos a) shared a ride from England to Scotland b) carried out a barbed courtship in the hills of 'l‘uscany and c) played a bimbo mistress and suave tutor in the remake of a l‘)5() Oscar- ! winning comedy?

I 43 Name the crime writer who moonlights as a TV arts hack ? j (()r is it the other way round?)

I 44 No one could prevent this sarf London duo poking fun at two black American rockers. The band’s name. please.

I 45 Which author's research did not include visiting Prague. the city which was the setting for her latest novel?

I 46 What was unusual about the . witches in the Tron/Dundee ' Rep production of Macbeth which played Mayl’est‘.’ ;

I 47 Vikram Seth’s whopping 1349-page doorstep xl Suitable Boy was conspiCUous by its absence on the Booker shortlist. What was his earlier verse- novel called?

l I 48 The 19th century poet. James Thomson. was the i subject of a book by which ! Scottish author published this i year? i

3 something of a planet-head.

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I 49 How many Edinburgh book festivals have there been?

I 50 What brought Sir Ian McKellen to Glasgow?

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