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A Hls'rom or Scomsu MOTOR Vii [It'll N’l:\\'L l~‘:\("lt RT George Oliver

A remarkable blend of seventeenth-century Scottish portraits and later depictions of the kingdom is presented in this highly illustrated The strange story of motor car manufacture in volume, based on the Scottish engravings Scotland, told by a life-long car enthusiast and drawings of John Slezer. The justly famous with the aid of many illustrations. Tales of views of towns, castles, cathedrals and abbeys innovative engineering, disputed patents, are presented in their original form, together with dubious investments, hard work and some comparative shots, later reworkings and dedication are revealed as the scene shifts other, little-known, drawings.

) ‘_‘ ') 3 )1‘)’; o.“ . . . frt m modest \\( rksht is l( grindit st XMKRM LIBRARY 0'. S( OIL/“D

purpose-biiilt factories. June 1993 276X219mm

But all enterprises had one thing in I 16 pages. mm. in bhck & White

common. sooneror later they failed. In his ISBN 0 l I 494245 5 Casebound £14.95 controversial final chapter, the author

7ives his own considered view as to whv thev did. . , . 3’ ' :praf‘Botanzc garden (Edinburgfi

C31.,\s(;ow ML'si-tLMs

v L L ' November 1993 2-16xl89mm Cakndar 11” O l 12 Rages 1”“5 1" (“1‘31" and blaCk & Whit“ A delightful large-format calendar showing a .S P T L ‘- ° . - . T . I, , ISBN 0 l I 493171 3 l ‘lPUb‘l‘k {‘9' )3 different scene from Edinburgh’s famous Royal ’" " Botanic Ca rden for each month of the year.

Treasures oftfie National'LiEraQ/ qf‘SL‘otl‘and' Every photograph is in full colour and reproduced kfi’figky [’TIRHI'T'L;,\|, [)mm' on fine quality glossy paper. An ideal gift.

A sumptuous display of bibliographic treasures ROY-M BUT/WK GARDEN l:l)I\BL:R(;H

. I. from the extensive historic collections of Al‘ng 1993_ 420w?)an 7L]\S\O$ Scotland’s premier library illustrates this ISBN 0 N 493162 4 L993 “W VAT 0? h \7 beautiful perpetual diary. There are maps and

SCOTENM charts, illustrated manuscripts and rare and .

y. i intriguing books in a diary format that P combines elegance with ease of use. \\ O

«M\ . ' _ ~"‘ ' H . , _ H . $9 . The HMSO Bookshop m NA I l0.\:\l. lemm or St or LAM) \\.;\®e / Edinburgh is open ' July l993 l98x2l ()mm \\ /” - Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm ]28 Pages inns in colour \\\X ./ y ,1”, 0 Telephone orders: 031-228 4181 ISBN () 1] 494236 6 9‘ s- 1 , x 0 Fax orders: 031-229 2734

Casebound £9.95 0 Maiorcreditcards accepted

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