I PORTFOLIO GALLERY 43 C andlemaker I sun-"s" "Anon"- WEBY 0': Row. 220 191 I. Tue—Sat noon—5.30pm. MODEM Am Belford Road. 556 892'-

Portiolio Selection Until Thurs 23 Dec. Mon-3i" mam-5pm: 3"“ 3-5pm [Pl- Owen Logan. .lane Brettle. Pat Macdonald cafc- (Closed 5‘“ 25‘M0” 27 and F“ 31

and Calum Colvin among others are DCC‘MO" 3 Jan)-

.1 featured in a group show of photographers The gallery‘s Jusuy renowned cafe '5 open who have all shown in this award-winning M‘m‘s‘“ '0'30f‘m‘4-309m; 5"" gaucm 2.30-4.20pm. Entry to the permanent . QUEEN’S “All Clerk Street. 668 3456 collection is free. and features works by / Daily loam_6pm and lam on Picasso. Matisse. Mondrian and 20th performance nigh” century Scottish artists. Norman Adam Until Fri 24 Dec. Recent 100 Years 0' "New A" um” I Feb' T0 watercolours of the West Highlands. CD'IICidC “'"h the PUinCmiO" 0f the I ROYAL BOTAHIC GAROEH lnverleith C0110“: Caialogut "‘9 gallery has been ROW. 553 717 |_ Daily l()am_4pm_ hung with works from the permanent lnverleith House and other exhibition COHCCUO'i- From 1890 ‘0 [he Prescm and venues open daily loam_3.3()pm. Cafe. 1 from Picasso to Callum lnnes. the [D]. Now featuring Henry MOOrc's exhibition unveils a sizeable chunk of the

Reclining Figure: Hum] I979. on loan gallery‘s hugc common-

from the Henry Moore Foundation. I scams" “Immu- PORTRAIT (Closed Sat 25 Dec and Sat 1 Jan). 5 GALLERY QUCC" SIFCCI. 556 893'-

rne Banksias Until 30 Jan. Celia Rosser"s Mon-Sat “lam-5pm: Sun 3-5pm ID]- highly-acclaimed life-size botanical Cafe. (Closed Sat 25-M0n 27 and Fri 3|

illustrations of one of Australia's most DCC‘MOP 3 m”?- . ' exotic flowcm ; Scotland s bonnlest and beastliest I l l

seed of Memory Um” 30 Jim. paintings I monarchs. politicians. writers and artists. ' '5. 9~ by Aboriginal women which show how i; The A" 0' "'9 Bagueireowpe UN” 29 they have incorporated Western ! Jan. Invented by Lows Jacques Mande - . ..¢..: .

Daguerre in I839. the first photographic

approaches into their highly individual '6 ‘. . . U

'C.' o... "3

work ; process involved making a single image \

I ROYAL MUSEUM or: SCOTLAND ; on a specially treated copper plate. This § ' I . \ .3-

Chambm 5"ch 325 7534_ Mon_5m : exhibition includes British.Furopean and l . \‘ ' e a l0am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm. Cafe. [D]. "yawn" CXE‘TP'?‘ Oi ""malurc ? 2% ¢~. \ Ks:

(Closed Sat 25—Sun 26 Dec and Sat 1 . '9 “Gum‘s "1 I ‘c “"9" ' ' i t

Jan). I SCOTTISH UHITEO SERVICES MUSEUM i an. ' U nesign pure: purely nanish Um” H Feb. Edinburgh Castle. 225 7534. Mon—Sat ., ~ 0

Direct from the Design Centre in : 9_'301""‘5-30P”.‘§ 5”” I I9'lif5-3OPIII- o ’00 k l n Copenhagen. an exhibition of Danish : I‘rccv bl" mm ‘5 3" {Idling-"0" Charge for l '0'- o.’ ~' /

design classics including Lego. the casuc' , “2'2. .6 I \ o Rosendahl. Bom Bonfils and Bang and ‘. For you! fieedom and mm” Palm" ' . or S O Glut-son hH—L ; Scotland and the Second World War . 9 the Striped J3, tapesmes Um” 6 Feb ; Many Polish soldiers came to Scotland in l

the 40s and this is an exhibition of uniforms. insignia and equipment. as well 3 ' as drawings. prints and other personal material. i ' I STILLS GALLERY 105 High Street. 557 ; ll40. Tue—Sat Ham—5.30pm. (Closed Fri g 24 Dec—Tue 4 Jan). Second Hatllre Until 15 Jan. A fascinating - show by five Finnish photographers who ' challenge our perception of landscape and environment. and comment on the notion of idealised beaut . f I THE TORRAHCE GALLERY 29b Dundas ; Street. 556 6366. Mon—Fri Ham—6pm; Sat lO.30am—4pm. , Christmas Exhibition Until Sat 8 .lan. " . From oil painting to welded sculpture. a I varied exhibition of new work. I WASPS STUOIO Patriot Hall. I Stockbn'dge. Daily Ham—4pm.

Knitwear and needlepoint designer wizard Kaffe Fassett‘s large quartet of tapestries based on his own paintings of a l9th century temple jar.

Tic particrpa Ion

‘V I

"' f - , '7 Group Exhibition Until Sun 19 Dec. A vast ' I ROYAL OBSERVATORY VISITORS show of interesting and varied work by CEHTRE Blackford Hill. 668 8405. artists such as Demetra Browning. Henry Mon—Fri noon—5.30pm: Kondracki and Moyna Flannigan.

. weekends/holidays noon—5.30pm. [D]. I WEST GRAHTOH COMMUNITY - £l.5() (75p). (Closed Sat 25 Dec and Sat l WORKSHOP TRUST l Granton Mains

Jan). Avenue. West Granton. 552 0485. The Universe Exhibition Up-to-date Mon—Fri IOam—9pm. (Closed Thurs 23 information on the Big Bang and - Dec—Tue 4 Jan). everything else you ever wanted to know _ Steve Hood Until 26 Jan. First show in about the Universe. brand new gallery space. the Prentice Historical Exhibition Introduction to the 1 Centre. by young local artist. The show work of The Royal Observatory and ; includes some large oil paintings and modern astronomy. plus two original ' sketches of the West Granton estate. f telescope towers and the best view of ' 1 Edinburgh from the rooftop terrace and T viewin telesco e. ' '- I novit scomsn ACADEMY The ; St'rllng Mound. 225 6671. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm: . COWAUE CENTRE BALI-E." COWBHC Sun Z—Spm, Street. 0786 46544 I. Mon—Fri S.A.A.C. Until Fri l7 Dec. Work from the 7 '()3"“5P"‘- (cm-“Cd MO" 7-7-1110 28 Dec Scottish Artists and Craftsmen association 7 and MO" 3-TUC 4 1110i including the sculpture Paper 'lim-er by Femand lagers GUNS UN” Sun 9 Jim- Masaji Kashio. From Leger‘s book Cirque 37 lithographs . I SCOTTISH GALLERY l6 Dundas Street. : 0f CYCHS‘S‘ Clown-5. dancmg horses and i 558 1200. Mon—Fri l()am—6pm; Sat . flCTObalS- lOam—4 m. George iielfln Sat 8 Jan—2 Feb. New l "W750

paintings plus jewelleryby Mark Powell. i I SWAHSOH GALLERY Thurso Library. The Twelve 0818 0' ChllStmaS Unlll Fri | Davidson‘s Lane. 0847 66357. Mon—Wed 24 Dec. New work by gallery artists such j l—Spm; Fri l—8pm and Sat IOam-lpm.

as Jack Knox. David Miche and Ann ' Alter Ego Until Mon 3 Jan. Self portraits

Oram. on this traditional theme. Also 9 in print and other media by 26 young

general exhibition of glass. ceramics. 2 Scottish artists including Ken Currie. Lys

jewellery and pottery from £l0. Hansen and Neil MacPherson. J

The List l7 December l993—l3 January I994 71