Nayy pilot whose stay with pal Anthony

a "P w . Qumn is complicated by Quinn's wife

* r , Madeleine Stowe. A deadly love triangle - ~ results. Directed by Tony Scott. but not in

the True Romance league.

I Sean’s Show (Channel 4)

l0.35-l l.05pm. Sean and Barry are in

hospital with very different memories of

what happened at Sean‘s dinner party.

I FILM: Gardens or Stone (BBCZ)

ll.3()pm—l.25aiti. A little-known Coppola

film looking at military life in the States

during Vietnam. James Caan plays a

combat veteran. training recruits for

ceremonial duties at military funerals.

who is inspired by the arrival of an

outspoken new recruit.

I Heavy Petting (Channel 4)

ll.35piii—laiii. Obie Benz‘s irreverent

documentary looks at attitudes to sex in


A selection 01 television highlights,

listed by day, in chronological order. Television listings compiled by Toni



I All Or llothing At All (Scottish) 9—iOpm. The final part of the drama starring Hugh Laurie as the hapless Leo. now looking at losses of £5 million and trying one last gamble to keep himself out of jail.

I Cheers (Channel 4) ‘).3()—l()piii. Woody . . - . the 50s and early ()Os. with bizarre

_is missing his girlfriend. so Sam and I Julie (Channel 4) l.30-2piii. A new gtlllribuiionis) frogiéhe likes William Diane spring a surprise from Indiana. . ., __ American comedy series for all the family “"008 ‘3‘ 3“ YT'JC 1"“ ~ and“! I Have I Got News For You (BBCZ) éftisgglchc'iolm' (yeuuch) starring Julie Andrews as a chhard-

lO—l0.30pm. Angus Deayton. Ian Hislop mher gear); in you.d c‘xpcct from fi‘led singing star who gets married and moves

and Paul Merton are joined by Maureen Dahl {to ted b Nicom Roe to rural Arizona. Continues daily.

Lipman and political journalist Lesley l ry p y g' I Between The lines (BBC I)

_ I H8 (Scottish) 7—7.30 m. The arts and ?‘3O_IOjZQIZm'LT:c.pnaI cp'SOde or. the entertainments magazin’e. with Bryan

and tormenting a young orphan (Jason firrc‘n‘ mm: .m . .Ony dc‘lark (NF'I Burnett and Janice Forsyth. I Fisher). Jtfi'tg‘) g!“ ‘g‘g "EV"; “"1 gall“! I Xmas In New York: The Babe Business E I Bernard And The Genie (BBCl) .0 x'hagin'aéwoggm‘gufi‘u‘ié Ehggghas (Channel 4) 9- l ()ptn. Dan Boyd's candid E 7.30_8040pm. "you thought Robin Ba" (Channel 4) 10—.“ ()5 m g ‘If 81 I‘d film looks at the business of modelling. Williams was the first wisecracking lamp- Ru crmodcl and mncriéqquhi 'y‘ it" y and how their lifestyle mirrors the spirit of dweller' Cheek 0m Lenny Henry‘s truthsveslite RUP'IUI hos‘ts‘a has New York‘ performance as the stroppy genie in this Vi‘m‘c! ‘g I w?” ;_‘ H ‘1'! I Hollywood Women (Scottish) 9-l0pm. excellent comedy from two years ago. y pt " ' I guts“ “m 0 m‘ Stars including Roseanne Arnold. Anne

. . . B ' t. It ' ' ' i ' i a - coming to the aid (or otherWIse) of l mh‘l Km‘ NW m“ md Archer and Margot Kidder talk about their

lovelorn Alan Cumming. fears of violence. . I Vivien Stanshall: The Early Years . I Screen Two. The Trial (BBC2) (BBC2) I 0. “H 0.30pm. A suitably I llali c. llesliitt (BBC2) 9—9.3()pm. The

E Wm fig: ‘3 8.30—9.40pm. Kyle Macl.achlan and . . . . final episode of the current series finds Anthony Hopkins star in the Harold Skewed. pmtm'.‘ 0' the great hl'gl's‘h Rab languishing in a police cell shared t ., i, . .3, . Pimepgcriptcd adaptation of Kama“ eccentric and former. Bonzo Dog Band with the surly Timothy Spa" ' . "I w “I . . leader. narrated by himself. See preview. HIM. E '

8 0 (Channel 4) classic tale of paranom and state . H's. The Third cm” (BBC I) I - mPIfe III The 3"" (BBC 1)

2. . '.t' .D ' ' ' .. .5. . . . . z was...” A salacious Showbiz Chat and music. 8.40—10. lSpm. The regal John Goodman 'nusumor Mam Hedderw'ch' “mm or the by the Japanese in a I’OW'CillilS in I Late licence (Channel 4) stars in an otherwise sub-standard .Ka‘ic Mor‘ig‘ 5“"in for Chlvldgilh Shanghai during the war is adapted by 12. l0—5.20am. Tube alumni Jools Holland comedy When the entire Royal Family is I xma: In 5: Yom' o (Chanml Tom Stoppard and given an epic quality and P8013 Yams host 3" evening 0f '“USIC' wiped out in a freak accident. the only 4) “'0‘ ‘l l” Pm' Laum P‘kc repom by Steven Spielberg‘s direction.

; Anjelica Huston is the leader of a group of

Abdela- l witches congregating in a Cornish hotel. i

orientated programming. culminating in a heir is a sleazy Lag Vegas piano may”, from me meets 0f "‘9 Largcoco" PIPPI" Uiiderstandably. the less edifying aspects repeat showing of U2's Zoo 7V. who finds he has to play the king. 0" the human drama“ [hm 53”" the Cu)" of Ballard’s story are glossed over. but it‘s I Mme Sm“ "I (Scottish) ()4 1pm. Regular updates throughout the week. See . .. .- , - , preView. The first part ofthe latest enme thriller . me scams" Am "abate (Scottish)

- . ' Helen Mirren as DCl Jane I Casualty (BBCl) 8—8.50pm. “16 “WES ' Holby team cope with a case of 8mm, Tenntson. She s been transferred to the

. - - Soho Vice 8 uad. but her first case still . . demcm‘ar ‘1 Pmem'uny fatal bcc'sung and [umg out to a homicide invcmgmion should have a national theatre. With guests a love-struck astr chef in another . ' ' ' . . . . . - 2

P y Pan two tomorrow. Sec prevww. including Kenny lreland. JoyCe McMill in

eventful 50 minutes. , g and Michael Bo d. I Anna: “am mg” (BBC2 ) I FILM. love At first Bite. (Channel 4) . Hm: “maco'Yd (BBQ) 8pm_l, 303m A whole evening devmed IO—l l.45pm..A daft vampire drama WIII’I H m m_l “am More Fellini in [hig to the symbiotic relationship between George “ammo” as the WM“! peek- seiiii-gutobio ra hical tale of ills Rimini radio and TV with assorted programmes "10168"? heading for New york m some“ and romanceg lapcd a nine: the snippets and cross-media trickery. For the of “mm” "load sum" St Jam“ background or; Fiscistgpolitics. full effect tune in sitnultaneously to Radio I FILM: Straight Out (If Brooklyn 4. See preview. ' (Channel 4) ll.35piii-l.l0am. Matty I FILM: Planes, Trains And Automobiles Rich's low-budget film is a hip gritty (lBlBCCl) 9d|()-tl0.40p:t.l Steve Marti: and gudy of'liiigzr-city frugtratio‘n. starrang

o ii an y s ar in a i arious come y eorge . om as a itter oser w 0 about an executive trying desperately to 3? duo plans a robbery to escape his dead-end

gh take their blunt wit to the festive season. jub'

, ., , . , Bah humbug. 23:33:: (1%": Wm“? “PM” by m" I FILM: Scrooged (sec l) 9.30.) 1.05pm. WEDNESDAY 22 I FILM: Slaves or New York (Channel 4)

1 1.30pm— l2.30am. Janice Forsyth hosts a discusssion about whether Scotland

. Hth “'8 Janna" "an (Scottish) Bill Murray stars in the modem reworking I HLM; crocodfle our.qu (BBCl) lilpiii—12.?0aiii. Getting Merchant-ivory 9.354 '20an Kevin Khnc‘ Marv of the Dickens talesplaying tight-fisted ; 7_8_30pm, paui Hogan ,5 (he genial croc- to direct Tania Janownz s episodic tale of Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Susan TV. nemork Chwf Hank cross who '3 baShcr I“ '0‘)“ “n "‘6 “was or New .aSpmng hipsters was aqmm’s dcc's'on' Sarandon head me cast in a confused "ISIIFdlbYllhf’ three ghflhl‘.‘ all“ 11 York in a warm. ifover-faliiiliar. action The result is an entertaining flop. played drama that does!” know whether it wants particu ar y eyiiiea spot of festive comedy. - as a comedy of manners rather than the to be a crime thriller or as“ comedy. explomuon- I Out There: Capercaillie (Scottish) pointed social satire Janownz s book . . . . . I Homicide: lite (in The Street (Channel 7—7 10 A n v t sh win for the hinted at. Kline is the brilliant and attractive . -~ p'"' “p” 0 g detective m .d . k . 4) 10-1 lpm- Bayhss and Pcmblcton a rofile of the folk/rock fusionists. I Married With Children (Scottish) .. gne to trac down a New . . , _ . P . . York serial kitten '"Vcsngfuc [he SUddC" deal“ or a POI“:c ; I Travelog (Channel 4) 8.30-9pm. Pete 10.40—l l.35pili. A Christmas special. dog. Whllc Glurdc'l" C‘mlmllplulcS i McCarthy extols the delig’:;s of Hambuig. subtitled [13' A Bum/vii! Life. with Al felll'emem- 5 and investigates the ‘twinning‘ of his attempting to make a fast buck for the I FILM: l3 333“ BBC?) home town Warrington with Crema in festive season. I FILM: The ladyliilleis (Channel 4) l 1.30pm-l.20ain. I‘elllni's Oscar-winning nonhcm Italy, I FILM: Prini’s Honour (BBCZ) 3.30—5. l0pm. Alec Guinness stars in film stars his Wife Giuletta Masiiia as a l I Seinfeld (BBCZ) 9—9.25pm. Neurotic ll.35pm— 1 .45am. Jack Nicholson and Alexander MaCkendTICk'S CIILSSIC blaCk P‘mS‘ml 8i” PlIt ‘0 Work as 1' Circus ClOW" George is convinced he‘s about to have a Kathleen Turner feature in John Huston‘s comedy about a gang of crooks whose by a ruthless street entertainer. hem mack black comedy about a jaded hitman who perfect crime doesn't anticipate the the I FILM: Carry On lioctor (BBCl) I Stark (BBC2) 9,25—10.20pm. The final falls in love with the beautiful lrene obstacle of their elderly landlady. l l.35pm—l . 10am. The first of the usual episode of Ben Elton‘s cc()-drama finds Walker. unaware that she is also a hired I MIMI“. (Channel 4) 6-6.3(inn. plethora of holiday Curry (his to look 0U! our heroes in the clutches of ruthless assassin, with ajob close to his heart . . . Johnny Vaughan hosts the film rewew for and set the video accordingly. This Aussie tycoon Sly Morgan. How will they I Erasure In Concert (BBCl) Show If?!“ SOUIhflmPlOD- Where "10"“ features a" the [file great SIMS. including escape and save the world? Or will they? I l.55pm— l .45am. Vince Clarke and Andy under discussion include Robin Hood Kenneth Connor. Sid James and Kenneth I FILM: Revenge (BBC l) Bell strut their stuff on their Men In Tights and American Heart. Williams. lOpm—midnight. Kevin Costner is the 'Phantasmagorical Entertainment Tour‘.

86 The List I7 December I993—l3 January I994